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91.Which one of the following can be used as a permanent cure for ADA deficiency?
a)bone marrow transplantation on detection of disorder in adults
b)enzyme replacement therapy at any point in life.
c)both a and b
d)gene therapy at early embryonic stages

92.The first transgenic plants is

a)Potato b)Tomato c)Tobacco d)Maize

93.E.Coli is used for the production of

a)Rifampcin b)LH c)Ecdyson d)Interferon

94.Introduction of food plants developed by genetic engineering Is not desirable because

a)Economy of developing countries may suffer
b)These products are less tasty as compared to the already existing products
c)This method is costly
d)There is danger of introduction of viruses and toxins with introduced crop

95.Which one of the following has found extensive use in genetic engineering work in plants?
a)Bacillus thuringiensis b)Agrobacterium tumaeficians
c)Clostridium septicum d)Xanthomonas citri

96.Ti plasmid is often used for making transgenic plants. This plasmid is found in
a)Yeast as a 2mm plasmid b)Azotobacter c)Rhizobium d)Agrobacterium

97.The cultivation of Bt-cotton has been much in the news. PrefixBt means
a)Barium treatedcotton seeds
b)Bigger thread variety of cotton with better tensile strength
c)Produced by biotechnologyusing restriction enzymes and ligase
d)Carrying an endotoxins gene from Bacillus thuringiensis

98.An example of gene therapy is

a)Production of injectable hepatitis-B vaccine
b)Production of vaccine in food crops such as potatoes which can be seen
c)Introduction of gene for adenosine deaminase in persons suffering from severe combined
d)Production of test-tube babies by artificial insemination and implantation of fertilized eggs

99.Bacteria Pseudomonas is useful because of its ability to

a)transfer genes from one plant to another
b)Decompose a variety of organic compounds
c)Fix atmospheric nitrogen in the soil
d)produce a wide variety of antibiotics

100.Bacillus thuringiensis strains have been used for designing novel

a)Bioinsecticidal plants
b)Bio-mineralisation process
d)Bio-metallurgical techniques

101.Which one of the following is a correct statement?

a)Bt in Bt cotton indicates that it is a genetically modified organism produced through bio-technology
b)Somatic hybridization involves the fusion of two complete plant cells carrying desired genes.
c)The anticoagulant hirudin is being produced from transgenic Brassica napus seeds
d)Flavr savr variety of tomato has enhanced the production of ethylene which improves its taste

102.Golden rice is a promising transgenic crop. When released for cultivation, it will help in
a)alleviation of vitamin A deficiency
b)pest resistance
c)herbicide tolerance
d)production of petrol like fuel from rice

103.Agrobacterium tumaeficians contains a large plasmid, which induces tumor in plants. It is termed
a)Ti plasmid b)Ri plasmid c)Recombinant plasmid d)Shine-Dalgarno sequence

104.Transgenic crops are modified through genetic engineering to develop natural resistane to insect
pests. Which one is a transgenic plant?
a)Tobacco and Cotton b)Tomato and rice c)Maize and sugarcane d)Tomato and Wheat

105.Genetically engineered human insulin is called

a)Humulin b)Haematin c)Hybridoma d)Hybrid

106.Tobacco plants resistant to nematode have been developed by the introduction of DNA that
a)Both sense and anti-sense RNA
b)a particular hormone
c)an antifeedant
d)a toxic protein

107.The first clinical therapy was given for treating

a)Diabetes mellitus b)Chicken pox c)Rheumatoid arthritis d)Adenosine deaminase

108.Whcih of the following Bt crops is being grown in India by the farmers?

a)cotton b)Brinjal c)Soybean d)Maize

109.Who is responsible for obtaining interferons through recombinant DNA technology

a)A.R.Bounting b)Eli Lily c)Charles Weissman d)A.Tiselius

110.Select the incorrect statement

a)RNAi silencing takes place in all eukaryotic organisms as a method of cellular defense
b)RNAi requires silencing of mRNA by binding of complementary ssDNA molecule
c)Complementary nucleic acid could be from mobile genetic elements
d)Ti plasmid with nematode specific genes has been used in RNAi

111.Which gene controls the transcription of Chain A and B required for humulin synthesis in E.Coli
a)beta-lactamase b)beta-galactase c)polygalacturonase d)chitinase

112.Transgenic Brassica napus has been used for the synthesis of

a)Hirudin b)Heparin c)Polygalacturonase d)Cry protein

113.Which gene encode the protein to control bollworm infection in cotton plants?
a)Cry IIAb b)Cry I Ac c)Both a and b d)Ampr

114.Whch is incorrect with respect to GM food?

a)It contains the protein produced by the transgene in question
b)GM food contains antibiotic resistance gene itself
c)The enzyme produced by antibiotic resistance gene will not cause allergies
d)The bacteria in gut of humans could take by antibiotics resistance genes

115.Golden rice a transgenic variety of rice is principally rather than normal rice in
a)Cry IAb b)Hirudin c)TPA d)Beta-carotene

116.Round up ready soyabean is

a)insect resistant
b)herbicide resistant
c)Pest resistant
d)fungal resistant

117.__ has successfully helped forensic science in the search of criminals

a)Gene therapy b)tissue culture c)DNA fingerprinting d)ELISA

118.Male sterile plants are Brassica napus are produced to

a)produce large number of progeny
b)produce plants with disease resistance
c)eliminate the problem of manual emasculation
d)produce high yielding varieties

119.Genetic Engineering Approval Committee is for

a)make decisions regarding the validity of GM research
b)Safety of introducing GM organisms for public services
c) both a and b
d)providing patent to the plants

120.The new Basmati variety has actually derived from

a)American farmers b)England farmers c)Indian farmers d)Andhra farmers only

121.In a polynucleotide chain of dsDNA, the sequence of nucleotides is AGCTTCGAAGCT

how many hydrogen bonds are present in the dsDNA?
a)12 b)24 c)36 d)30

122.What was unique in Griffths experiment?

a)DNA was found to be the genetic material
b)RNA was found to be the genetic material
c)Something from dead organisms could change the living cells
d)Viruses can live in bacteria

123.___ is an information molecule, that cods for all the metabolic processes of life
a)DNA b)RNA c)Protein d)Lipid

124.In the nucleosomes the dsDNA appear in

a)highly folded manner b)Coiled manner c)Linear manner d)Circular manner

125.Hydrogen bonds in a base pair is formed between

a)sugar of one nucleotide to the nitrogen base of another nucleotide
b)Nitrogen base of one nucleotide to the phosphate of another nucleotide
c)Phosphate of one nucleotide to the sugar of another nucleotide
d)between two nitrogen bases

126.In a single stranded DNA, which one of the following is absent

a)Phosphodiester bond b)Glycosidic bond c)Hydrogen bonds d)None of these
127.In reverse transcription
a)RNA is formed RNA
b)RNA is formed DNA
c)RNA is formed Protein
d)DNA is formed RNA

128.Number of Nitrogen atoms present in Adenine

a)1 b)2 c)3 d)4

129.5-methyl uracil is a
a)Pyrimidine of DNA b)Pyrimidine of RNA c)Sugar in DNA d)Sugar in RNA

130.A dsDNA with 5 spirals contains 50% adenines in each spiral. How many guanines are present
a)50 b)100 c)15 d)25

131.Transfer of a copy of plasmid is transferred from one bacterium to another bacterium, is observed
a)Salmonella typhimureum b)Diplococcus pneumoniae
c)E.coli d)Streptococcus pneumoniae

132.Burst size is observed in

a)Reproduction of bacteria
b)Replication of bacteria
c)Nutrition in bacteria
d)Respiration in bacteria

133.Enzymes involved in the formation of rDNA

a)Helicases b)DNA polymerases c)Primases d)DNA ligases

134.Simple stirred bioreactor is used to

a)prepare the rDNA
b)selection of best transformed cell
c)obtaining foreign gene product
d)All of these

135.Beeta galacotosidase is used in the

a)formation of rDNA
b)selection of best rDNA
c)cutting of vector DNA
d)Isolation of desired gene


91.C 92.A 93.C 94.C 95.D 96.C 97.C 98.C 99.C 100.B
101.D 102.B 103.D 104.B 105.D 106.A 107.D 108.B 109.C 110.D
111.A 112.B 113.D 114.C 115.B 116.C 117.A 118.C 119.B 120.B
121.D 122.B 123.D 124.B 125.C 126.C 127.D 128.B 129.B 130.C
131.D 132.C 133.D 134.B 135.D