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Hogan 1

Austin Hogan

Prof. Intawiwat

ENGL 2116

20 November, 2017

Social Medias Advancess

Abstract: The use of social media has grown tremendously through the years. It has become a

daily thing for to check there Facebook, Twitter or Instagram when ever they have the chance.

With this idea of immediate attention through social media. Businesses use this to their

advantage to help sell products and grow their business.

Social media is a form of electronic communication through which users create online

communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content(Webster's 2017).

The big thing about social media is the communication aspect. Social media like Facebook,

Instagram, Twitter, etc has changed the way we communicate with the world today. Speciality

talking about how this has shaped today's business world. So how has it changed the world of

business? Could social media also hurt businesses as well? What are the main sites that cause a

massive role in the business world?

Social network sites have the potential to fundamentally change the character of our

social lives, both on an interpersonal and a community level. Changes in interaction patterns and

social connections are already evident among young people, who are the heaviest users of these

sites(Chang). Social media is a huge part of todays society, we see people on their phones all

the time and it is so easily accessible. Statista shows on September, 2017 instagram had an
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average of 500 million daily users(Statista 2017). This makes it extremely easy for businesses to

advertise their products. It also brings up the idea of how easy it is to start up a business as well.

An example is if I was a new company, and my company was a local business that makes

cupcakes. So how could I let people know about my business. I can use Snapchat and post a

story about my new business, or I could use Instagram and post it there and anyone local in the

city can see the story. Social media makes it extremely easy to advertise your business. Before

social media was a huge marketing site, business used commercials, billboards, signs and

newspapers. This made it harder for people to expand people's knowledge of their business. Now

all they have to do is post it on a social media site.

Since social media has changed the business world in a good way is there any downsides

to it? If there is pros there is always cons. Since everyone is on their phones for the majority of

the day. People will we the new product or they could either see yea that product is bad. The app

called Yelp is known for its reviews not necessarily on products but on local restaurants. This

app has the power to ruin the impressions of other about that restaurant. Example if Im visiting

California for the first time and I want to find a restaurant I can look on Yelp and see the ratings.

What if there is a restaurant that has a bad review people will immediately see that and that will

drive the customer away. This app has the power to make business fail and it doesnt have to be a

majority of people. Wilson warns that social media can create "bad customers" because it builds

a guilt-free, relatively anonymous environment with no accountability(Barbara). Another

example is when there was a McDstories disaster on facebook and twitter. It started with one

person sharing negative comments on Twitter about McDonalds and this soon was seen was

shared across platforms and seen everywhere. This ended up decrease their sells but since its
Hogan 3

McDonalds it didnt really affect them. If this would of been a small local business this wouldve

ruined their career.

Since there are so many social media apps which really change the game for the

businesses? Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are massive contributors to releasing products,

showing off what the product can do, and also if people like the product they have the ability to

share it with other friends. Snapchat is another good way of advertising your business they give

you the option of making your own emblem and stories and they will show up if youre in that

location. The last one is Yelp it can change the opinions of others with just a few reviews on the

restaurant. This will either help or break the business.

In conclusion there are more benefits than downsides to social media and its impact to the

business world. It has expanded our knowledge of products and businesses we didnt know of. It

has also helped us expand their business since we share everything we see. There is downsides

though but it's easy to avoid, just be causes of what you do in your business. So with these social

apps helping businesses what does the future have to hold for us in the use of social media?
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