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1. what are the tables impacted while creating a new employee.

2. In people screen, what are the mendatory field require to create an employee.

3. what are the base table of HRMS and where perticular imformation get store.

4. Process and what are the impact on base table while- Rehiring an employee or
terminating an employee.

5. How you will create BG and KFF(mandatory KFFs) & DFF, about value sets and what
is flexfild identifier.

6. About EIT and SIT and difference between them and how you will register both.

7. What is bursting file do in XML publisher Report.

8. What are the ways to create an XML pub Report with setps.

9. Absence Management Setup and what are the fast formula used in Absence
management/ tables as well.

10. Perofrmance Management setup and table structure/ what are the appriasal
document status like ongoing,completed etc.

11. what are the API used in HRMS and what are mendatory parameter for APIs.

12. what is object version number, p_validate and what is the use.

13. Payroll basic tables and what is costing and payroll setup.

14. payroll run process and what is the use of element link.

15. you created an element and that element should attach to all employee, what you
will do.

16. Questions osn Fast Formulas.

17. They can ask you a scenario where you have to pay some element to employees
like loan process.

18. diff b/w view and materialized view. diff b/w delete & truncate. diff b/w rowid
and rownum.
19. How you can make procedure private inside package.

20. About SQL* loader. diff between conversion and interface.

21. If you tell them that you have worked on conversion and interfaces, then they
will ask you question accordingly.