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Functional Behavior Assessment for N.

G Observation 1-2-3

Antecedent: Behavior: Consequences:

The special The student kept saying he wanted The teacher told the
education teacher to write his word sorts on the Smart student that they can
was trying to turn Board. While working with this student, work on the Smart Board
on the Smart Board he would refuse to do his word sorts at tomorrow. The teacher
because it was not the table. He would also get off task by additionally redirected
working properly. trying to engage with the practicum the student to get back
teacher in off topic conversations to working on his word
and fidgeting with any materials sorts.
that are placed in front of him such
as pencils, paper, and flashcards.

The word sort cards The student was playing with the cards The teacher took away
were laid out in front on the desk instead of listening to the the word sorts from the
of the student on the teacher. He was clearly more focused on student and gave him
desk he was doing his what was in front of him than what the each word individually
work at. There was also teacher was saying. It was apparent the instead throughout
other materials as well student was off task and distracted. teaching.
on the table for later use.

The teacher asked The teacher was giving directions and The teacher took away
the student to the student was not listening. He was the alphabet list so he
write the words playing with the list the special would not find it
on the lines provided education teacher provided him. to be distracting. The
on his worksheet. The The student was distracted from teacher also gave
special education the instructions that he was given. explicit directions
teacher gave the He did not write any spelling words as to the expectations
student a list of letters because he was preoccupied with of what he needed to
from a to z showing playing with the alphabet list. do to complete his
how to write proper spelling list.
capital and lowercase
letters in the alphabet.