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ƒ Voters in Westchester County will see new

optical scan voting machines at their

polling places this year in the September
Primary Election and November General

ƒ These machines will replace the old lever


ƒ Voting on the ImageCast is a simple

Verify Your Registration

ƒ Check in with the

Election Inspectors
at the correct
election district

ƒ Sign your name in

the poll roster book
Verify Your Registration
ƒ If your name is not in the poll roster book
you may be at the wrong election district or
polling place

ƒ Ask the inspectors to look up your name in

the AskED handheld computer or your
address in the street directory
Receive Your Paper Ballot
Once you have signed the poll roster book,
th iinspectors
the t will
ill h
d you:
ƒ appre
ballot containing
all candidates and
ƒ a privacy sleeve
ƒ a card showing
your election
Proceed to Privacy Booth
ƒ The inspectors will
direct you to a
privacy booth where
you can fill in your
choices on the ballot

ƒ Use the marking pen

g for a Candidate
ƒTo vote for a
did t fill iin
the square
completely in the
box with your
candidate choice

ƒDO NOT use a

√ or an X
Voting for a Write-

ƒ To do a write in,
at the bottom of
the race you
wish to write in,
simply print the
candidate s
g For a Proposition

To vote on a
proposition, fill
in the square
completely for
either YES or

p will be p
printed on the reverse
side of the ballot
If You Make a Mistake
ƒ If you make a mistake
mistake, DO NOT try to erase
the mark.

ƒ Return the ballot to the Election Inspectors

at the sign
g in table and request
q a new ballot.
Review Your Ballot
ƒ Once you have finished marking your ballot
review it to make sure it is voted the way
you want

ƒ After you have reviewed your ballot, place it

in the privacy sleeve

ƒ An inspector will show you to the voting

machine where you will scan your ballot
Scanning Your Ballot
ƒHand the card showing
your Election District to the
Election Inspector at the
voting machine
ƒThe inspector will verify
that you are at the correct
Before youo insert your
o r
ballot, the LCD screen must
Scanning Your Ballot

ƒ You may now insert

the Ballot into the
scanner in any
Privacy Sleeve
direction or with either
side facing up

ƒDO NOT try to put the privacy sleeve into the

scanner. The system
y automaticallyy draws the
ballot from the privacy sleeve into the unit
g Your Ballot
ƒ If the ballot is completed correctly the
following messages will appear:
Under Vote

ƒ An under vote means that you have not

entered a vote for all of the contests offered
on the ballot

ƒ In this event, your ballot will be accepted “as

Error Messages
ƒ There are certain situations in which a ballot
is not accepted by the scanner

ƒ The ImageCast will notify you with a series

of short, audible beeps combined with a
warning message on the screen

ƒ There are three possible error messages

Blank Ballot Error Message

ƒ A blank ballot
message is
displayed when
the scanner does
not detect any
voter choices on
the ballot
Blank Ballot Error Message
ƒ The blank ballot warning is provided to alert
you, in case you have accidentally omitted
making any selections

ƒ A blank ballot message gives you the option

to return the ballot and receive a
replacement, or cast the ballot “as
as is”
Over Vote Ballot Error Message
ƒ An over voted ballot
warning occurs when the
sca e detects tthat
at you
have selected more than
the allowed number of
candidates for the contests
ƒ Just like the blank ballot,
you can choose to have the
ballot returned and receive
a replacement ballot, or
elect to have the ballot cast
“as is”
Over Vote Ballot Error Message
ƒ If you choose to cast the ballot ‘as is’, the
system accepts and counts this ballot only
for the selections that are allowed
ƒ If you vote for more than the allowed
number of candidates for an office,, none of
the votes for that office will count
ƒ If you vote
t for
f the
th same candidate
did t on two
different party lines, only the first one will
Misread Ballot Error Message
ƒ A misread message
displays when the system
does not recognize all of
the features on the ballot
certain essential ballot
identification marks are
not found, or the scanner
cannot properly read your
ballot selections
Misread Ballot Error Message
ƒ Some of the reasons for a misread ballot
mayy include a physically
p y y damagedg ballot,
such as one that is torn or folded. This
could also occur if ballot has been marked,
b t iis nott completely
but l t l fill
d iin, or h
has stray
marks which might cause the ballot to be
ƒ An ambiguous
g ballot means that the
scanner has detected a mark that is unclear
and that the system cannot be certain of
your voting
ti selection
l ti iintent
t t
Misread Ballot Error Message
ƒ A misread ballot could also happen if the
ballot was inserted into the machine

ƒ A misread ballot is automatically returned

ƒ If you receive a misread ballot error

message, re-
re-insert the ballot
Misread Ballot Error Message
ƒ If the ballot again generates a misread ballot
message due to an ambiguous mark, you
could choose to go back to the privacy
b th area tto remarkk the
booth th bballot
ll t accordingly
di l
ƒ If the ballot repeatedly generates a misread
ballot warning message, return your ballot to
the Inspector to receive a replacement
Replacement Ballots

ƒ If you want a replacement ballot, press the

Return button. The ballot is returned to you.
Place it back into the privacy sleeve

ƒ You will then be directed to return the ballot

to the Inspector who initially provided this
ballot to you in order to have this ballot
spoiled and receive a replacement ballot
Replacement Ballots
ƒ If you choose to have the scanner accept
‘as-is’, press the CAST button
the ballot ‘as-
ƒ Please note that after the ballot is cast, you
cannot receive a replacement ballot
ƒ When the CAST option is selected, the
system accepts and counts this ballot and
automatically places it into the secure ballot

ƒ Congratulations, you have successfully

voted on the new ImageCast
g Optical
p Scan Westchester County Board of Elections

Voting Machine

ƒ Return the privacy folder to the election

inspector at the voting machine