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565 Spyglass Ct., Waukee, IA 50263 | (216)374-4820 | enclark@iastate.edu

Software Engineer, GPA 3.88 Graduation: May 2018
Iowa State University, Ames, IA 50011 Deans List
github.com/enclark https://www.linkedin.com/in/clarkerican
Spotify Mood Analyzer, Spring 2017
Experimented with Angular2 and created a website that given a user id computed the "mood" of a given playlist
using the Spotify API
Magic: The Gathering Life Counter Swift App, Summer 2017
Connected the Android App with a similar Swift app using Socket.io on a Node.js backend to experiment with
the networking side of Swift and iOS
Robot Server and GUI, Spring 2016
Implemented a Web app with Angular and Node.js to communicate with and control a robot via Bluetooth
Study Buddy, Spring 2016
Worked with a small group to create an application to enable students to find other students in their classes,
collaborate and study
Programmed the NodeJS backend and created a class to facilitate network calls in a modular fashion
Implemented Socket.io for real-time communication between multiple students
Magic: The Gathering Life Counter Android App, 3rd place winner at HackISU, Fall 2015
Created an Android Application to keep track of life in Magic: The Gathering (MTG) and gained experience with
APIs by adding features to enable trade by paying friends and querying for the price of a card
LinkedIn, Performance Engineering Intern, Summer 2017
Create new features to facilitate video debugging and write scripts in Pig Latin to run on Hadoop to process
data and extract metrics about video playback and creation
Iowa State University, Teachers Assistant for Computer Science 311 and 227, September 2015 - Present
Assisted students in the process of learning the fundamentals of Object Oriented Programming and Algorithms
Practiced reading and deciphering code that is not always syntactically or logically correct and learned new
programming techniques and algorithms
Kingland Systems, Software Engineering Intern, Summer 2016
Designed and implemented password storage, secure data transfer, session identification, and encryption
solutions, while adapting to existing codebase and working alongside a legacy code base
EAFIT University, Student in Medellin, Colombia, Summer 2015
Initiated independent travel to learn Spanish while adapting to a new culture


HackerRank 65 Percentile in Algorithms CSE Club - Webmaster
University Honors Program Deans List Fall 2014-Spring 2016
Software Engineering Student Advisory Committee
Proficient Intermediate
Java MEAN Stack
Threads, Servers, RESTful Python
Javascript Apache Pig Latin
Spanish Android Development