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Weekly Reflection #7

Ross Montgomery
Teacher Dispositions

Reflection is an important part of the process in becoming an educator. My

journey to become an educator has been a long road to professionalism. Identifying

my professional behaviors begins with attendance and promptness. My attendance

has been good other than two classes in which I was ill. In both of my absences took

responsibility in contacting my professor as well as my coordinating mentor

teacher. I arrived for class on time or before for every class period ready to

participate in discussion and with prepared materials. I dress to convey

professionalism, as well, use professional language and conduct with students,

teachers, and peers. I have demonstrated creativity, resourcefulness and

participation in the classroom. My mentor teacher challenged me to teach my first

lesson on my second day of observation, which excitedly I took. This shows

ownership, excitement, and willing to jump in feet first. I have been dependable

with group work as is apparent our group assessment project. This semester I have

taken ownership for my actions, behaviors, and learning. This is evident in my

practicum classroom as well as seminar. I have approached the classroom with an

honest and an integral open mind. One of my personal strengths and which I feel

very comfortable in the classroom is my code of ethical behavior and integrity.

Honesty is principal in my life and the best way to exude this is by modeling. This

semester has been a crucial learning experience in and out of the classroom. I have

been given constructive criticisms in which I have learned from. This comes in the

form of feedback on lesson plans and weekly reflections. It is important to uses

professional resources like peer teachers to gain insights and ideas for teaching.

This also allows for growth with new concepts and designs for activities for lessons.

Another area in which I am comfortable with and have demonstrated proficiency is

as an effective communicator. I have demonstrated an understanding of audience

and purpose, as well used appropriate technology in the classroom. Throughout the

semester I have demonstrated responsibility and ownership for my learning,

participating in extracurricular events such as parent teacher conferences, guided

museum tours, and working with youth teaching art. Along with this I have

displayed cultural and social responsibility towards all learners. I have worked with

an ESL and IEP students. Within my lesson planning I have addressed how to reach

all learners, those below and above proficiency. I have expressed my passion

towards education and modeled professional practices. I am committed to be a life-

long learner and to be sensitive and aware of policies and professional practices. I

think of my main strengths is my ethical behavior and integrity. One area in which I

want to focus on next semester during student teaching is improving my own

performance. I really want to focus on this because I feel that it will benefit me

immensely. I am hoping that my personal teaching dispositions will be noticed next

semester and my effort and growth will be evident.