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Republic of the Philippines

University of Science and Technology of Southern

Formerly Mindanao University of Science and Technology
CM Recto Avenue Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City
Tel. Nos.: (088) 856-1738 / 856-1739; Tel. Fax: (088) 856-

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Chris Jhon J. Catayas Sofia C. Naelga
Subject: Handicarft


I. Learning Objectives
At the end of 1 hour 90% of the BSED TLE 4th year students are
expected to:
a. choose two suitable soda plastic bottle.
b. gather supplies needed.
c. Prepare the bottles.
d. cut the base of each bottle off using the sharp instrument of
e. using a thick needle, work your way around the bottle bases
poking holes in at each point directed to the bottle.
f. attach the zipper with stitches.
g. check that the purse shuts neatly and evenly.
h. put your creative design to come up beautiful coin purse.

II. Learning Content


III. Instructional Materials


2 Soda plastic bottles Scissor
1 Zipper Needle
1 thread (color compliment to bottles) Glue Gun
Glue steak
IV. Learning Procedure
Teachers Activity Students Activity
A. Daily Routine
- Greetings
Good Morning Class! How are you We are fine sir and we ate our breakfast,
today? Have you eaten your breakfast? how about you sir?

Very Good. I am also fine and definitely


- Prayer
Please rise for our opening prayer, and (Prayer Leader prays )
prayer leader please lead us now for a

- Arranging of Chairs
Please Arrange your chairs properly. (Students arranging their chairs) Done
- Picking up of Garbage
and pick up pieces of papers and garbage (Students picking up garbage and pieces
and throw them in the garbage can of papers) Done Sir

- Checking of Attendance
I will check your attendance. If I will state (Students names will be called) Present
your last name, please say Present

(The teacher will call the names of the


- Review of Previous Topic

Okay. Do you remember what we did last We discussed about Paper Crafts Sir.
meeting? Anyone?

(The teacher reviews the previous topic)

B. Lesson Proper
- Anticipatory Set (Motivation)
Activity: Name Me! (Guess Game)

Instruction: The teacher will prepare 4

sets(5 pairs/set) each groups are assigned
to different station. Each station has
different question to answer after 10
seconds, Each groups are need to proceed
to other 3 station. After answering 4 station
we will check if your answers are correct.
The group who got the highest score will
received a prize.
Ok class. Did you understand the Yes sir!

Okay so group 1 proceed to station 1,

group2 to station 2 and so on...

Good! So lets start. Are you ready? Ready!

Great! Lets begin. 1-2-3-Go!

(The students will now be playing the

game. The team who will successfully
answer all the four questions will win the
game .)

- Analysis Yes Sir!

What a fun game it was! Did everyone
enjoy it?
Sir, the questions talks about the different
Good. Now I would like to ask you craft that we can create using plastic
about your observation about the bottles.
questions. Anyone?
Yes sir.
Good observation!. Plastic bottles are
some materials that we usually found in the
garbage, at home , or anywhere. Because
others didnt throw their garbage in the
appropriate place. Im i right?
With the help of recycling the materials
So how do you think is the best way for
us to help our mother earth from global
warming or from dying, because of lack of
discipline not just to ourselves but also to
the environment?

Very good!

So thats why our activity for this

morning is creating a craft using recycled
materials. We will be making Coin Purse
using soda plastic bottles.
Yes sir!
Are you guys excited?
- Abstraction& Application

At this moment class, I would like to ask

your cooperation and I want you to listen,
because Im gonna teach to you the
procedure then later on the same group will
create their own coin purse and your output
will be graded according to the criteria that
I've prepared.
Yes Sir!
Are you guys ready?
( Students will stand and go to their
Okay! Before i will start, please stand up groups)
quietly then go to your respective group.

Alright, I think we are good to go. Here are

the steps that we are going to do:

1. Choose two suitable PET soda

bottles, 17 fl oz or 12 liter (0.1 US
gal).Use clear ones for a basic,
go-with-anything look or feel free
to use a colored bottle if it's likely
to match your usual clothes.
Things to consider when choosing
the bottles:

2. Gather the other supplies.The

supplies needed are listed below.
When purchasing the items,
consider how you'll decorate the
purse as this will impact what you
purchase or find from the craft box.
There are lots of possibilities such

What design are you going to

If a personality design. Look for a
design suites your personality

3. Prep the bottles.Empty and clean the

bottles by filling with warm water and
sloshing around a little mild dish
detergent. This will lift off any sticky
soda residue. Allow the bottle to dry,
tipped on its side for a few hours.

4. Cut the base of each bottle off using

the sharp instrument of choice.Hold
the bottle on its side on a non-slip
surface (such as a silicon mat).
Keeping your precious fingers well
out of the way, cut or saw off the
base of each bottle. Cut more rather
than less, as you can always shape
it down but you can't add more back
once cut. Try to cut each base the
same height; you might need to
mark each bottle to manage this
evenly. Take care when cutting! Trim
off any rough edges or jagged
pieces using sharp scissors. A nail
file is handy to smooth rough parts
that won't improve with cutting.
5. Create a paper pattern guide to aid
the zipper stitching.To do this
Measure the circumference of the
cut base to check that the zipper is
the right length (it should be if you
used the measurements in this
tutorialif not, get a different zipper
that will fit).

6. Using a thick needle, work your way

around the bottle bases poking holes
in at each point directed by the
paper plastic bottle.If this is tough on
your hands, you can hold the needle
with a small pair of jewelry pliers or
wear lightweight leather gloves to
stop chafing. A thimble can also be
helpful for the powerful shove that
you'll need to give the needle
through the plastic each hole. Once
completed, pull away the paper
patterns. The bottle bases are now
ready to have the zipper stitched in
7. Attach the zipper with
stitches.Although this may seem like
a daunting task, the prepared holes
will actually make it a lot easier than
faster than you might expect. To do

Unzip the zipper.

Assess how comfortable it feels
to work with the zipper free or
whether you need it to be
supported (in the same fashion
as pinning fabric pre-sewing). If
you find the zipper difficult to
hold while stitching at the same
time, consider attaching the
zipper in place around each
base using adhesive tape. Be
sure that no part of the zipper
has wrinkled thoughyou want
a smooth finish
Thread the same needle used to
poke the holes through the
plastic. Embroidery floss is
probably the best pick for this,
although you could use woolen
yarn, twine, etc. provided it fits
through the holes and needle's
Start sewing 7.5"/3 centimeter
(1.2 in) from the start of the
zipper. Sew around the first
bottom, then do the same for
the next bottle base.
Overlap the fabric end of the
zipper on each bottle base.
Measure the circumferen
8. Check that the purse shuts neatly
and evenly.Once you're happy with
it, you have the option of decorating
it (see suggestions above).
Otherwise, it's good to go as is.
9. Finished
(The students may ask questions for
Any questions? clarifications)

V. Assessment
Teachers Activity Students Activity
Now, if there are no more questions, its Okay sir.
your turn to try making coin purse by
following the procedure i presented. Work
as group and help each other. Dont forget
to decide a design because best output
deserves best grade!.

Now any representative to get your (Representative will come in front and get
materials here in front their materials.)

Your performance in doing the task will be

graded using this rubric:


Cleanliness of the 20
Cooperation 50
Uniqueness of the
Ability to follow 30

VI. Assignment

Teachers Activity Students Activity

For your assignment, I want you to
research about the different Christmas
ornaments using plastic bottles. Encode it
in a Short Bond Paper and submit it first
thing on our next meeting. Do you have No sir.

If none, I will now dismiss you. Lets

have our closing prayer.

(A student will lead the class for the (Prayer)

closing prayer.)

Good bye class. See you next meeting. Good bye sir!

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