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OS startup disk instruction

1. OS Startup-disk
(1). Prepare tool:
(A) Windows 7 OS or above PC
(B) 8G or above U disk (better support USB3.0)
(C) UlreaISO software and WINPE_X86-ntfs.ISO files (check files I sent you)

Check pictures as below:

(2). Install UltraISO software (uiso 9_cn.exe), check pictures as below:

(3). Finished install. Then open UltraISO, inset 8G U disk. (Noted: need as administrator to
open this file). After open it, click Files-Open, will pop-up windows then choice Winpefiles.
(Winpe files as path), check as below,
(4). Finished load Winpe files, click start Written to the hard disk imagecheck as below,
(5). The choice and click Written to the hard disk image, then pop-up windows, in HDD
choice U disk which one you inset, writing mode choice USB-HDD+, choice Create a
boot partition, then click wrint, check picture as below

(6) After written, close and exit UltraISO software, and then use the startup U-disk in Win7 or
above PC to format U disk, U-disk re-name WINPE, U disk files format should be NTFS,
check as below,
Note: Can not use XP OS PC to format Udisk, as XP OS have not NTFS option
U disk files format should be NTFS, as U disk default FAT32 not support bigger 4G copy
(7). After formatted, It mean U disk made. And then you can copy the OS files and upgrade
difference OS.

2. OS U-disk copy files and deploy

1. Copy all files from USB2 to OS startup disk , USB 2 include below contents,
2. images files have been sent to you
3. BIOS refresh, BIOS if need sync with OS, then copy BIOS.rom to U disk
\images\BIOS . If not then dont need to copy BIOS files. In the same time revised Main.cmd
order parameter, Main.cmd file path to U disk\Scripts\Main.cmd

3. If BIOS need sync with OS, then follow the instruction, revise the parameter. Deault
BIOS=0 revise to BIOS=1 is ok.
Noted: Before BIOS with OS sync
(1) Make sure BIOS files and device hardware are same
(2) Make sure the battery have 50% above power.

(5) Complete copy files from USB2 to U disk, OS files and test tool package TEST-TOOL are
finished copy. So far finished U-disk copy files and deploy

4. OS deploy ( upgrade OS)

1. prepare tool
(1) Made OS U disk
(2) USB keyboard, HUN, OTG cable
(3) iMart device Windows 8 OS
2. Connect Windows8 device, OTG cable, HUB, USB keyboard, U disk. And then open
the unit, continue to click keyboard ESC button, until entry BIOS interface, then
choice Boot Manager, check as below,
3. After entry Boot Manager, choice USB device corresponding, check as below,

4. Upgrade OS running under WINPE, it will running auto, and if meet error, end upgrade
and then wait to confirm.

5. To this step, upgrade is finished, wait the device to restart then can upgrade next device. If
choice BIOS and OS sync refresh, unit will auto burn in U disk / images/ BIOS, check as
below, if not sync, will not appreat this point.

After 100% finished upgrade, once unit restart then can take out and upgrade next device.

6. After upgrade, device will restart for several time, its normal thing, After complete upgrade,
default entry Audit mode ( factory mode), entry factory mode will have every function test
tool, include OA3 and Key tool package.