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Department of Teacher Education & Learning Sciences

Elementary Education Program

Pre-Observation Form

Directions: This form is to be completed prior to every lesson that will be observed by the mentor
teacher or university supervisor. It is to be submitted no later than 3 business days prior to the actual
observation along with your lesson plans.

Name: Maddie Eriksson Date: 11/6/2017

1. What is the topic of your lesson?

The unit being taught is biographies. More specifically, my lesson focuses around
note taking and citing sources from which information was found.

2. Why are you teaching this lesson? What is your rationale for teaching it?
I am teaching this lesson because I feel that it accurately incorporates both social
studies and language arts into one unit. Biographies are works of nonfiction
writing that refer to a person, either living or dead. Students need to be able to
understand both how to read and write a biography, as well as cite the
information that goes along with any research.

3. What is your Teaching Behavior Focus? Why did you choose this?
My teaching behavior focus is deliberate modeling. When demonstrating to the
class how to take notes, I will need to be very distinct and careful in what I write
and how I write it. Rather than speeding through the process, I need to take my
time and keep students engaged by asking them questions.

4. Why did you design your instruction in this lesson the way that you did? Why did
you choose this way of teaching the lesson (e.g., Was the idea from a methods
course? From your mentor teacher? Another source?)
I designed this lesson with the help of my mentor teacher and our grade level
team. We felt that modeling first was a simple and beneficial way to show
students how to properly read, take notes and cite sources. Students will be able
to really see the process up close.

5. As you are thinking through this lesson, what do you believe will be the most
challenging part of this lesson for you when you teach it? Why?
I think this lesson could be challenging in regards to the proper note taking. As a
college student, I am used to scribbling down information fast in shorthand, then
rewriting later if needed. The students need a clear example of how to take notes
correctly and clearly. This means that I will need to make sure that I am writing in
full sentences and taking the time to think before I write. Explaining to students
the concept of plagiarism could also definitely be a challenge, as well as ensuring
that the students realize the importance of not plagiarizing.
6. How will you know if your learning outcomes for the students are met
I will be able to observe student activity during individual work. I will also be able
to ask questions and see the notes that they are writing down in their packets
as a form of formative assessment.

7. How will your classroom management support the learning outcomes?

I believe my classroom management will support the learning outcome by
focusing on expectations. Based on prior experience in this classroom, I believe
that by establishing clear expectations that are supported by all students,
students will be respectful of each other and each others property.

8. List 1-3 areas which you would like for your observer to pay particular attention.
Why do you want your observer to focus on these areas?
Please observe my communication skills with the students, mostly focusing on
my question answering. I feel as though I can get frazzled if I do not have the
utmost confidence in my answer or myself so I need to be sure that I am fully
answering student questions and not dismissing them.

9. Is there anything else you would like your observer to know before the