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Lesson Plan Template

Lesson Plan - Template

Name of Student Teacher ______Hiya____________ School ____Ishbiillyah primary school____

Date & Duration of lesson Number of Students Grade & Age

24 student First grade
45 minute Age 6 - 7
Personal Learning Aims:
By the end of the lesson the students will be able to:
Add numbers from 1 to 9 by using objects.

Subject Strand: numbers

Learning Outcomes (refer to ADEC document) Resources
Learning Outcome: (ADEC) flashcards
Students will be able to
-Use addition with one-digit numbers. Activity 1 Activity 2
cubes printed fish pool and
small fishes for each

Activity 3 Activity 4
small papers with student book, cubes
questions, board,
Gifts for the group who get more points.
Supporting activities based on grouping considerations ( See ADEC document)
Opening: Time: ______10 minutes_______
(consider prior learning, motivation, overview and the presentation of the learning outcome)
Check the students understanding of numbers by showing them the numbers flashcards and ask them to count
with me.
After that I will ask 2 students to come in front of the class and two more girls so they will be in two group,
then I will ask the rest of the class how many students are all? And we will write the equation on the board.

Practice Activities (use groupings as required) Time:___30 minutes_______

Describe the activities and what the students will be doing. Consider differentiated activities.

Activity 1 (whole class) Activity 2 (groups)

twos group will have a printed small pool with
As a whole class I will demonstrate the addition addition questions and small fishes. So they
concept and practice it with the whole class by giving will add then represent the answer by sticking
each student 9 pieces of cubes.
the fishes. And two groups will have the same
theme of the activity but they will have a pool
board and they have the equations written in
the fish also the answers written in fishes so
they have to find the correct fish that represent
the answer and stick it.

Activity 3 (groups competition) Activity 4 ( answer the book)

I will hang on the whiteboard different addition I will answer the first two questions and the
questions in closed papers. Each time a group will students will complete the rest.
choose a color then read the question and answer it. If
the answer is correct they will get a point.

Closing/ Conclusion: Time: _5 minutes ___

Consider a review of what the students did during the practice activities and ensure that all
students are assessed for learning.
I will write a challenge question on the board.
After that I will end up the class by praising and give the gifts for the winner group.
The Process of the Lesson
Teaching Strategies Check understanding
formal & informal feedbacks The cubes have contributed in
cubes delivering the information
easier and clearer and helped
the la students to add in easy
Classroom Management Praising: if a student is Praising: it really worked with
Strategies misbehaving I praise a well me, so I will use it in every class.
behaving student to get her
attention and stop what she's Reward system: it was effective
doing to get the praising. and motivated the students
Reward system because its colorful and
group leaders: one of the represent the girls personalities,
responsibilities of group leader so they were trying to behave
is to keep the group calm. well and make an effort in order
to get the points to decorate
the girl reward system.

Group leaders: they really

helped me in managing their
behavior because they find it
something big and valuable to
be a group leader, so they did
their job perfectly.
Transitions count down: I count down in Count down: I think it was not
the las 10 seconds of the very effective and can be
activity, so they know that time dispensed with.
will finish now and work faster.
Ring the bell: to stop the The bell: it was really an
students from what they are effective method of stopping
doing. the children's and the more
importance that it save my
Assessment Strategies In competition it showed me
competition that they achieved the learning
challenge question outcome so it was helpful for
observe them me in order to know who
understand the concept and
who need more practice.
As well as the challenge
question at the end aided me to
determine the level of thinking
that they are in and it showed
me that they can move to the
next steps or more difficult
questions. Also when I
observed them while they are
answering the book questions I
realized that they use different
strategies in order to get the
answer, for example I saw one
who draw instead of using
Recommendations / future personal targets / areas of focus
the lesson was perfect and the students were motivated because there was hands on activities and
different learning styles, which motivate them more is the groups competition which really
encouraged even the LA students to participate and do their best in order to win and get the gifts.
If will teach the same lesson in the future of course I will change things to improve it. One of the
things that I will develop is to create in-pairs activities also I want to focus on LA students more
and provide them with appropriate learning tool that they prefer and can deal with it easily.