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Its been an amazing semester. This class has helped me understand the writings of the
cooperate world and has better prepared me for internship and joining the workforce full time.
Through the semester individual and text book assignments were completed a long side my
group projects.
Almost every assignment required me to research and understand each type of documents
I had to complete. I either looked up examples from the book or online. I even used UNC-
Charlottes database to find articles to find information for a paper, which I had never done
before. Expanding my horizon of information and improving my research skills. Even when
making the e-portfolio, I had to put more research into it. Ive only made one portfolio before
this and that was for an English class that had a strict order for how it needed to look it and what
needed to go in.
While using my research skills, I had to use critical thinking skills to figure out what
information was needed to be conveyed to either the audience or my employer. This took
planning and a lot of backtracking. It was easier to keep a theme going and use information
gathered from group assignments and used them in individual assignments. Luckily, the textbook
assignments helped a lot through the semester. They served as a base model of how each
assignment should look like or feel. Also, now that the semester will be over soon, I have
assignments that can help me format future documents.
Due to me using a lot of backtracking and keeping a theme, it leads to how I wrote almost
every assignment this semester and how I set up my e-portfolio. I used ACME as the center point
of all my assignments which was a creative process. It allowed me to create a fictional
workspace that had different divisions all around America and even space. From there, it made
writing memos or other business documents easy, as they allow follow similar formatting. From
there, I chose to display assignments that showed off the business I had made while also showing
what I had learned. In the end, I wanted to show everything I was proud of.
Through the semester, I used a lot of rhetorical knowledge and critical reading. A lot of
assignments required me to use rhetorical knowledge. The assignments needed me to use
information I had gained from past assignments and did not tell me outright. Every assignment
that required me to edit a document also required critical reading. I had to analyze the text and
interpret the purpose of the text before editing them. I had to keep the same purpose of the
document while either changing the tone, formality, or design or the document. For the e-
portfolio, I had to use critical reflection. I had to use critical reflection to pick the assignments I
decided to show on the portfolio and then explain why. Now its being shown here in the letter,
as I reflect over what had happen this semester.
This class has been a great learning experience with a great teacher. I feel like I have
learned a lot semester about business writing and how to work in a team. Thank you Professor
Intawiwat for such an experience.
ATTRIBUTE MYSELF Rasheed Tyler Milin Allen
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