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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Name: Kubra Sisek Date: 11/30/2017

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The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three

Start Date: 8/22/2018

End Date: 5/24/2021
LEA Title: Harmony School of Business
Grade: 6-12
Contact information:
Harmony School of Business
8080 W President George Bush Hwy, Dallas, TX 75252
Phone number: (214) 321-0100
Overview of the LEA: A modest bunch of instructive organizations and
school locale have started to implant persistent advancement in their work. A
progressively common marvel is for areas or schools to contract third-party, for-
profit expert companiescreate individualized enhancement plans, give personalized
proficient advancement, or to lead them through a specific prepare of change.

Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the LEA and the
community-at-large participated in the planning process.
Location: Harmony School of Business is located in Dallas. The school has a soccer
field, basketball court, two cafeterias, gym, and 25 classrooms.
Arranging an effective student to computer ratio. Maintain the Education Specification
to reflect the technology needs in the classroom. Integrate technology resources into
the District curriculum to improve academic achievement of all students. Provide
technology resources to students, parents and teachers through expanded remote
access. Provide all staff with continuous opportunities for training in integration and
use of technology.
Technology Planning Committee;
School Principal
School Teachers
IT Manager
Students data (STAAR, EOC, NWEA MAP)

Major curricular and expert improvement results that are upheld by look into.

The curriculum identifies the standards and clearly defines the expectations of the
learner. Through clear expectations, teaching should challenge students to solve
relevant problems that help them interpret the world around them in ways that build
21st century skills. By participating in the teaching process, students build upon each
others intelligences and skills and are held accountable to one another along the way.
Students do not learn skills in isolation but in a meaningful context that is relevant to
the discipline. By helping students connect what they are learning to real-world
problems, students take more ownership of the learning process and are encouraged
to participate in the management of the learning process.
Depict the association between the examination and the arrangement's

The association between the exploration and the arrangement's objectives is that the
innovation makes conceivable to more learning assets than the conventional
classroom direction. On-request learning is presently inside achieve, supporting
discovering such is reality long and broad.

Depict data accumulated from site visits, including best practices.

Teachers and administrators in HPS utilize technology to assist in assessing student

learning. Formal and informal assessments are necessary to provide the clearest
picture of both the quality of teaching and the quality of learning that has taken place.
A variety of technologies give teachers and administrators current data that can be
analyzed. SkyWard, Curriculum Central, and principal dashboards allow quick access
to data that greatly enhances instructional planning and differentiation of instruction for
students. All students in HPS are afforded the same opportunities to invest great effort
and become smarter. These technologies help reveal the levels of achievement
students gain as a result of those efforts.
The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

What innovation is as of now accessible to all instructors?

PCs, Chromebook, Printers, Projectors, SMART boards, IPad, Mimio Pads, TI Nspire
Calculators, Security camera are accessible to all instructors. All of those innovations
are accessible to use amid class, at break time and noon break for instructional
settings: amass work, singular word, introductions, and so forth.

How is innovation as of now being utilized by instructors and chairmen

to advance successful classroom direction and school administration?

Professional development remains one of the prime areas for improvement and
increased attention. Our focus on teaching and learning environment redesign puts a
premium on professional development in the area of educational technology. Our goal
is to increase teacher technology skill ratings and translate the improved ratings into
educational innovations using technology. Instructors are being prepared to utilization
of cloud information administrations, SMART board incorporation, Google docs,
Microsoft office, trade email server and online assets that help the new rudimentary
arithmetic reception. Additionally, eBooks and online assets are actualized in the
lesson designs.

Is innovation right now accessible to all understudies?

All implementations are available to all understudies. They can customize and use
innovations amid class. It is additionally accessible for use after school upon ask.
Upper review level understudies can utilize PC lab for their examination, introductions
assignments. Kindergarteners can utilize iPads as per plan, 6-12 grades approach
Chromebooks in the classrooms. Online access to all assets are accessible to all
understudies both at home and in school.

What substitution cycle has been incorporated with the arrangement; and
what subsidizing is expected to help the substitution approach?

Programming's ought to be upgraded annually since of its attestation; PCs are to

be revived like clockwork. Projectors are to be moved up to divider mounted
projectors. Advancement plan anticipates to presenting iPads for 6-12. Subsidizing
is beneath adjustment of region organization.
What are the LEA's educational programs objectives and plans for
helping understudies to meet substance principles and exhibit school
and profession preparation?

LEAs instructive modules objective makes

open entryways for educates to arrangement, make, group up, awaken and draw
in understudies into the unused calling. Nowadays, specialists utilize the Web reliably,
websites, wikis for different purposes, for illustration, see into, facilitated exertion,
correspondence. Thus understudies should to get to know advancement, so they
would be set up to me more profitable afterward in their school life and livelihood.

By what means will innovation be utilized to make all the more intense
learning encounters to enhance understudy scholarly accomplishment?

Arranging, coordinating, examining, joining up, utilizing evaluation are

all development based works out that engage all the
more competent learning experiences. They
don't fair upgrade understudies' educational achievements, however also construct up
their essential considering, complex basic considering, and self-coordinated learning.

What LEA board arrangements will be or have been produced to execute

Internet security guideline?

Campus principals and understudies at the campus will know about Internet Use
strategies. LEA board arrangements offers fitting on the web conduct, for example,
association by means of long range informal communication, visit rooms. Every
understudy will be educated to Internet wellbeing direction.

What materials will be utilized to educate understudies about Internet

security, including how to utilize advances to ensure themselves and
their protection on the web?

Implement campus wide wireless networks that support both administrative and
instructional uses and enable anytime/anywhere access to data and instructional
resources. Ensure that security and data encryption are enforced for those Web Use
Procedures will be instructed to all understudies. Sheltered, common and legitimate
online exercises for kids can be gotten to through electronic gadgets at school.
Materials about shielding kids from tricks, cybercrimes, online predators will be
secured. Develop and institute policies, procedures and tools to control and allow a
student and staff BYOD initiative. Networks and system security should be developed
with a BYOD future in mind. Staff to support such an environment should be trained
and in place.


The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

How does your LEA frequently survey instructors' and executives' close
to home innovation capability aptitudes?

The District will use evaluation methods as varied as state and national test scores,
benchmarks for technology proficiencies, quantified measures of infrastructure
performance and availability, improvement in proficiency levels, and surveys.
Empirical evidence will be the heart of the evaluation, though subjective analysis
deriving from observation will have a place as well. The most complete picture of the
current state of technology expertise and use will also require campus surveys,
teacher input, and parent, student and community feedback.

What do instructors and directors consider as their requirements for

proficient improvement?

Professional development remains one of the prime areas for improvement and
increased attention. Our focus on teaching and learning environment redesign puts a
premium on professional development in the area of educational technology. Our goal
is to increase teacher technology skill ratings and translate the improved ratings into
educational innovations using technology.

What proficient realizing will be accessible so educators and chairmen

can settle on educated choices utilizing information to meet individual
understudy scholarly needs?

Understudies' record keeping and appraisals, electronic reviewing programming,

enlistment programming will be accessible to meet individual understudy scholarly
needs. Dialect programming for non-local speakers will be accessible. Variable based
math and online math testing will be available. Instructors and executives can convey
through email and phone about understudy's scholastic achievement.

What proficient realizing will be accessible so educators and directors

can adequately utilize innovation to help with understudy evaluation?

Continuous inputs and grades can enable understudies to manage the figuring out
how to process. Analysts guarantee that if the innovation is utilized appropriately than
it gives significant approach to convey more customized learning in a savvy way.
Booking adaptability, course content, elective instruction decisions and media will be
accessible for instructors and directors to help with understudy appraisal.
The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services,
hardware, software, asset management, and other services that will be needed
to improve education services.

(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

What innovation get to do guardians have at home? What advances do

guardians lean toward for home/school correspondence?

What equipment/framework right now exists at each school site?

Each Campuses are provided with PCs, portable PCs, screens, printers, SMART
Boards, Chromebooks, iPads, and so forth.

What innovations will instructors and executives need to effectively

actualize the arrangement's objectives and benchmarks?

The yearly assessments should be exact. The instructors and chairmen think of the
arrangement that presents need and objectives such as: video cameras, printers,
scanners should be exactly gained by this specific merchant or and so on.

What rising advances could be utilized to actualize the arrangement's



The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in
response to new developments and opportunities as they arise.

(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Who will manage the information gathering, investigation, and program

adjustment process?
The development counseling gather will direct the data gathering and gives
the strategies for assembly the objective put forward. The development panel's
delegates are official, board president, board portion, financing support master, IT
chief, and so on.
Who will take an interest in the observing and assessment process?

How frequently will information be gathered and condensed? Who is


How frequently will the status of plan execution be accounted for to the
LEA administrator and the partners?
In spite of the reality that this development plan has been aiming for a long period of
time. Its status and utilization of the arrange will be assessed annually.