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TO: Mrs. Lisa Ramirez

FROM: Kailah Longsworth
DATE: 13th October, 2017
SUBJECT: Collaboration Memo

Teamwork is the ability to work as a group toward a common vision even if that vision
becomes blurry at times

In this collaboration, I realized that individuals coming from different schools with
different ideas will butt head either in the beginning of the group being put together, or
in the middle of the project when time and progress is of importance. A collaboration is
a group of individuals coming together with the purpose of completing or creating one

Challenge/Lesson learnt from this Collaboration

Communication is an important factor in any project whether individual or in a group;

however, it is a factor that many often overlook. Team ATLAS fell into this trap at the
start of our collaboration; furthermore, the way we dealt with this miscommunication is
what makes us a group. We miscommunicated some more because we could not agree
amongst ourselves; then, one group member confessed the real reason for our
disagreements and that we should overlook this mishap and start from the beginning
and work as a team.

For upcoming projects whether presently or in the future, I will remind myself and my
peers that there is no I in the word team.

Organization/Rate of Collaboration

The group leader of team ATLAS organized the various tasks in the group fairly. We
decided that the group leader would be the one to create and finalized the final work
being submitted; we established that we needed to include our information and research
and get them back to the group leader on time. If the question was asked who did the
most work in the group, I would say the group leader.
Mr. Louis Bargos - He took information that we gave to him, and he put them
together into the final project that was submitted to the lecturer despite the
obstacles thrown at him. He took on the final step in this project and showed how
well he can manage.
Ms. Iselma she used her experiences in graphic design as well as being a part
of the non-profit organization to contribute information; and the updated
versions of the flyer and brochure.
Luwana & Kailah we went out in the field (visit the organization) and gather
information for the brochures and the flyer. We edited and add information
where necessary in the research proposal.
As a group, we discussed the cause of our problem, and settled it; this progress for me is
success. It is not how we begun but rather the progress we made with each other whilst
accomplishing and completing the project/goals.