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Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1: Tell me a little bit about yourself.

Answer 1: I recently graduated from New Mexico State University with a Master's degree in

Communication Disorders. On top of balancing school and a part time job, I was actively

involved in organizations directly beneficial to my degree. These include Delta Zeta Sorority,

who's philanthropy is speech and hearing, and the National Student Speech Language Hearing

Association. My schooling prepared me with all the essential knowledge to succeed at a job like

the one I'm interviewing for today, in a field that I am passionate about wholeheartedly

dedicating my life to.

Question 2: Why do you want this job?

Answer 2: I want this job because while in school I fell in love with my speech language

pathology classes and knew automatically that this job, without a doubt, was my absolute

purpose. The ability to communicate, whether it be your wants, your needs, or your emotions, is

unquestionably essential to someone's life. I want to help those that struggle with speech,

language, or hearing in order to better their overall quality of life. While I know that some

patients may only be assisted to a certain extent, and that some may not ever be able to improve,

the opportunity to work with them is still a commendation in itself, as not only are they learning

from me but I am also learning from them.


Question 3: Why should we hire you?

Answer 3: You should hire me because I am motivated, hardworking, ethical, and am dedicated

to this position and everything that comes with it. I work well with people and would have no

problem working with the patient as well as the patient's family, the doctors, nurses, physical

therapists, and anyone else who may also be working with the patient. I'm also aware of the fact

that not only am I representing myself as a professional when working with the patient, but I am

also representing this company. With this being said, not only do I look forward to growing

alongside the patient, but I look forward to growing alongside the company as well.


Question 4: If I was hired, how could this company help me grow overall as a professional as

well as a person?

Answer 4: The desired answer from the employer would be that the company is not one that is

purely interested in the patient's money for services, but instead is actually committed to hiring a

professional who can aid in the patient's therapy. I also want to work for a company that keeps

the employees interests in mind as well, and can expose me to situations and patients who will

allow me to grow in terms of my career, but also at how in how I view my life as a whole. I want

a company that allows for professional but comfortable settings for the patient rather than just

simply professional.


Question 5: How does this company define and measure success?

Answer 5: Again, if the company I was interviewing for defined their success as just the money

made off of the business, it would definitely be an option that I'd rule out. While it is

understandable that the company may define some of their success on revenue being that they
are a business, I would also like to know that I'm working for a company that takes their patient's

satisfaction with the company into their overall success. I want to essentially work for a company

that shares my same passion as far as helping others.