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North American University

Education Department
M.Ed. in Educational Leadership & M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Name: Bahar Baydere Date: November 11, 2017

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The plan should guide the LEAs use of education technology for the next three

Starting date: September 20, 2017

Ending date: June 30, 2020
Grades: K thru 12

Brooklyn Amity School

Contact Info: 3867 Shore Parkway,
Brooklyn NY 11235
P: (718) 891-6100 | F: (718) 891-6841
For more information: amityschool.org/

The technology plan here has been designed to meet the needs of the students,
who acquire basic knowledge in areas they are lacking. This plan was put
together by the Principal, teachers, parents and members of the community. This
plan will focus on the students acquiring the basic technology skills, such as
choosing and accessing the appropriate technology for their needs. Developing
or enhancing keyboarding skills. Using technology effectively, safely, and
efficiently. Last but not least, enhance or develop research skills using Web
Design, Photoshop, and Java Programming.
Amity School is located in a newly renovated hotel building near the Bay in
Sheepshead Bay. The school also has a dormitory for the High School girls. It is
an independent private school that was established in 1999.
Administration: 5
Faculty: 34
Support Services: 14
Total: 53
Student Gender Ratio:
Male: 69
Female: 187
Total: 250
Student Race Ratio
Asian: 14
African American: 26
White: 216
Total: 256

Technology used: Photoshop, Java Programming, Web Design, and Internet.

Describe how a variety of stakeholders from within the LEA and the community-
at-large participated in the planning process.
The stakeholders consists of the Principal, Dean of Students, Admissions
Officer, Computer Teachers, Parents, and some Community Members.
These stakeholders came together and organized the perfect plan for the
students needs. They put a plan together on what software would benefit
the students needs, what software and computers to purchase, and who
will have access to these.
Summarize the relevant research and describe how it supports the plan's
curricular and professional development goals.
As the world evolves so must the people and the technology we need to better
adapt. These can range from touch screen phones to computers to video
games. Everything is changing for the better, and the important factor here is to
teach the students the knowledge they need in order to use technology in the
most appropriate way.

Describe and cite the relevant research that supports the plans outcomes
Using technology in the school will overall benefit the students throughout
their school experience and continue to their adulthood in the work field.

Describe the connection between the research and the plans goals.
With effective usage of technology, teachers will be able to deliver personalized,
and effective lessons, this would allow the students to learn at their own pace,
without missing out on any work. The students will become technologically
skilled with the usage of the software provided for them. This way, the students
will be skilled enough to apply everything they learned in the future to their

Describe information gathered from site visits, including best practices.

Aside from empowering students, the benefits of improving communication
between parents, students, and teachers are is outstanding. Through applying
the technological skills they have mastered in school, they can carry on these
skills to their personal life and their business life. The students function
positively, and eagerly without the help of the teacher. They are able to
communicate with each other when working on group assignments. this
practice will further them in their career when they need to work in group


The Plan must establish clear goals and realistic strategy for using
telecommunications and information technology to improve education services.
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe teachers' current access to instructional technology and current use of

digital tools.

What technology is currently available to all teachers?

The internet, and multimedia applications are available for the teachers, as well as a
database. Computers, printers, laptops are some of the hardware that is available
for the teachers.

How does technology assist with student assessment?

The assessment of the students is assisted by keeping a track on their
progress, and this can be passed on to the next grade so that the new
teacher can have hardcopy of the students assessment.
Describe students' current access to instructional technology and current use of
digital tools. Include a description about the LEA policy, practices, and/or
replacement policy that ensures equitable technology access for all students.

Is technology currently available to all students?

Internet, software, as well as hardware for technology purposes are available
for usage. Every student has access to all the technology on school and off
school premises.

Do all student groups have equal and appropriate access to the available
The students all have adequate time and resources for Technology. hey have
been each given a username and a password and a link to the needed

Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for using
technology to improve teaching and learning. Describe how these goals align to
the LEA's curricular goals that are supported by other plans. Describe how the
LEA's budget (LCAP) supports these goals, and whether future funding
proposals or partnerships may be needed for successful implementation.

How will your curricular goals and needs influence your technology
The goals and needs of the students are pretty much the same, according to
their needs, the school will provide the students with technology that will
ensure their growth in areas they are lacking. If they have no skills in typing,
then one of the technology focus would be to implement a class that teacher
the basic training of typing. The same goes for using technology to do
research. If the student doesn't know how to do research using technology,
then a class will be available or required to sharpen their skills.

How will technology be used to create more powerful learning

experiences to improve student academic achievement?

Through enough practice with technology, the students will be more align
with the demand of technology within their career. Basically, practice makes
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, to address
Internet Safety and the appropriate and ethical use of technology in the

How will teachers be trained to deliver Internet safety and ethical use
Teachers will be trained through mandatory monthly workshops,
bi-monthly seminars to keep up with the evolving technology, and there will
be focus groups as well.

How and when will teachers and/or librarians help students

acquire Internet safety skills?
The teacher and librarians will encourage students to use the
internet within a proper way through ongoing lessons, practices,
and examples. This should be implemented at the beginning
school year, and a follow up throughout the following semester.


The Plan must have a professional development strategy to ensure that staff
understands how to use these new technologies to improve education services
(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Summary of the teachers' and administrators' current technology proficiency and

integration skills and needs for professional development.

How does your LEA regularly assess teachers and administrators

personal technology proficiency skills?
Teachers are regularly assessed through keeping records of their
skills. Supervision, keeping data, classroom performance are also
other ways of assessing the teachers.

Do teachers have the classroom management strategies to work with the

amount of technology actually available in the classrooms?
The teachers know that they need to have the students actively engage
and/or participate. They're also aware that they need to choose applications
that works well along with their lessons. They are well aware of which
technology to use accordingly to their lesson plans.
Describe goals and an implementation plan, with annual activities, for providing
professional development opportunities based on your LEA needs assessment
data and the Curriculum Component of the plan.

What professional learning will be available so teachers and

administrators can make informed decisions using data to meet individual
student academic needs?
Through required workshops, teachers and administrators can effectively
address the needs of the students academically. They can use data to guide
their decisions, through annual state assessments, district and school
assessments, classroom performance data. through using these, the
teachers and administrators can identify the pattern of the students

What professional learning will be available so teachers and

administrators can effectively use technology to assist with student
Seminars and focus groups will be available for the teachers and the
administrators so that they can efficiently and effectively use technology to
help the success of assessing their students.


The Plan must include an assessment of the telecommunication services,
hardware, software, asset management, and other services that will be needed to
improve education services.

(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the existing hardware, Internet access, electronic learning resources,

technical support, and asset management already in the LEA that will be used to
support the Curriculum and Professional Development Components of the plan.
Where are electronic resources located: classrooms, library/media
centers, orcomputer labs?
The school is equipped with the latest technology. From entering the school
building, the visitors come across a huge screen that gives information on
the latest events. Each classroom is equipped with at least 10 computers
and 10 printers. Internet is available throughout the building, so no matter
where you go within the building, you will have access to the internet.
Do all staff members have e-mail accounts? Do students have access to
Everyone in the school is required to have an e-mail account. At the
beginning of the school year, everyone is given an e-mail account, and they
are expected to use this account when trying to access each other. Whether
it's trying to get in touch with a teacher, student, staff, or parent, everyone
has access to connect.

Describe the technology hardware, electronic learning resources, networking and

telecommunications infrastructure, physical plant modifications, technical
support, and asset management needed by the LEA's teachers, students, and
administrators to support the activities in the Curriculum and Professional
Development components of the plan.

How will mobile devices be physically secured when not in use, and who
will be the person(s) responsible for ensuring devices are secured?

In order to secure privacy, each person will have their own password. The
mobile devices will be kept in the main office when not in use. The secretary
will be responsible for safekeeping the mobile devices.

How will parents and community members be able to access school

information from home computers?

In order to access information the members of the community and parents

can log on to the school website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Any
information they are looking for will be available for them online, or through a
phone call. They can write an e-mail, leave a text or voice message on the


The plan must include an evaluation process that enables the school to monitor
progress toward the specific goals and make mid-course corrections in response
to new developments and opportunities as they arise.

(Answer at least 2 questions for each subsection below)

Describe the process for evaluating the plan's overall progress and impact on
teaching and learning.
How will the LEA know whether implementation of this plan has made
a positive impact on teaching and learning?

In order to find out if this plan has worked or not, we first have to look
at the level of the students when they first started, then monitor their
progress within the year they continued the program. The students
feedback is obviously the most important aspect of finding out if this
program benefits the students or not. Even if they don't achieve the
benefits to the fullest extent, only achieving even half can be
considered as a success.

Who will participate in the monitoring and evaluation process?

Some of the stakeholders will be in charge of overseeing the evaluation of

the process. This will include the principal, technology instructor, and the

Describe the schedule for evaluating the effect of plan implementation, including
a description of the process and frequency of communicating evaluation results
to tech plan stakeholders.
How will teachers, parents, and other stakeholders provide suggestions
and opinions in the evaluation process?

In order to grow, we need input from our stakeholders. Through focus

groups, surveys, feedbacks, and meetings, teachers, and parents, and
stakeholders can give their opinions on what is working and what's not
working. Through good communication among these individuals the process
of evaluation will be a success.

How often will data be collected and summarized? Who is responsible?

The collection of the data will occur every month and analyzed before the
scheduled meetings with the stakeholders. Since the teachers are keeping a
record from the beginning of the school year, it will not be hard to compare
and contrast between the collected data. Teachers will be responsible for
the collection and summarization of the data, if they need help, they can
reach out for support from the Technology Instructor.