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Oracle 18c Autonomous DB Cloud Analytics DB practice is gearing up

Analytics Database Practice that supports Wipro solution delivery functions for ADM Database
solutions and services across Relational, NoSQL and Open Source platforms, is now gearing up to
support the upcoming Oracle Database 18c Worlds first Autonomous Database on Cloud.

This version was unveiled by Larry Ellison, the Oracle Chairman of the Board and CTO, at Oracle
Open World 2017 at San Francisco, California on Oct 2, 2017.

About Oracle Database 18c

Oracle Database 18c, the next generation of the industry-leading database, eliminates human labor,
human error, and manual performance tuning. Through applied Machine Learning, this Autonomous
Database Cloud will deliver self-driving, self-tuning, self-recovering, and self-scaling administration
without human intervention resulting in streamlined operations, more efficient consumption of
resources, and higher security and reliability.

The official release of Oracle 18c is expected in June 2018.

Highlights of Oracle Database 18c


Low Latency Memory Lookups

Non Volatile Memory Support
In-Memory Column Store Improvements


Integration with Active Directory

Per PDB Key storage
Password-less schema creation


Per-PDB Switchover
Transportable Backups
Snapshot Carousel
Faster Upgrades

Data Warehouse & Big Data

Automatic propagation of nologged data to standby

Polymorphic Table Functions
Alter Table Merge Partition Online
Approximate Query Improvements

Customer Benefits
Cost Reduction: Reduces the cost involved for performance tuning and database
Automation: No human intervention or error and reduces labor cost
Eliminates Downtime: Ensures nonstop access to your data

Given the above benefits, we anticipate new opportunities in the space of Oracle DB Platform
transformation (Migration/ Upgrade/ Consolidation/ Development).

We will leverage our partnership with Oracle corporation for competency building, solution
validation and joint go-to-market based on Wipros Enterprise partnership with Oracle.

Know more and hear more.

Watch out for more on this emerging trend and to hear on how we are building on our competency.

For any queries, please reach out to:

sailaja.raju@wipro.com (Analytics DB & DWA Practice Group Head)

santosh.ubale2@wipro.com (Oracle Practice Head, Analytics DB Practice)

For more information, write to us at marketing.analytics@wipro.com