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The research has been successfully conducted with consideration of identified limitations.

With combined logical, objective and subjective observations and studies, we do conclude that

our business is feasible with identified limitations.

Considering our marketing feasibility, we gain 87% acceptance by organizations and

89% by households. The result of the sample size survey shows that the proposed business,

indeed, has a viable market. Limitations are, again, taken into consideration. The time and the

respondents are two limitations needed to be considered. Time is limited to conduct a thorough

study to cover all areas of the research as logically and subjectively comprehended by the

researchers. The respondents as well, limit the logical success as all of them might not represent

the entire population as surveys are subjectively distributed on the market scope, of course, 5%

margin of error has been provided considering the complexity of the study questionnaire.

However, the market study has proven that the Alano Resort has a share in the market. With the

plans and concept visualized, the resort is able to compete with businesses of the same industry.

The management incorporated with the proposed type of business is feasible as the

structure is based on the number of amenities, the management operation with consideration of

the established internal control and the market demand. The simplicity of the structure makes it

flexible as it stands as a sole proprietorship establishment considering that one person, the

manager, has the final authority all over the operation. Also, limitations arise. It should be taken

into consideration that management structure is not consistent all throughout the annual operation

for additional labor force is added when peak seasons identified on the survey sheet arrive.

Practicality-wise, no constant management structure on this type of business is seen considering

609 | P a g e
the nature of the business. The structure changes as the business adjusts with recommended

expansion and as aspects affecting the business and the industry it belongs arise, giving the

business a substantial amount of change. Nevertheless, operational costs of the management

being built do not exceed the operational income; thus, the management can operate with


Properties and equipment seen to be constructed and purchased are feasible to achieve the

operation and the kind of product and services the resort desired to offer its market. As

subjectively comprehended by the researchers, the kind of inputs purchased are proportionate to

its cost making the price reasonable with consideration to the quality described on the product

description. The internal control presented on the technical aspect relates to the management

structure shown on the management aspect. The technical aspect is limited to the researchers

comprehension and identification into what are the inputs needed to deliver the services and

products defined.

With the marketing study conducted where revenue is based, and management and

technical studies standing as bases of related estimates of expense, the financial study offers a

positive result. Income is indeed generated. It is foreseen that the investor can have its investment

back within 15 years and 11 months. The figures on the statements are only estimates basing on

marketing, management and technical aspects. It is limited on the related studies aforementioned;

changes on the aspects then may directly affect the approximation on the financial research.

Another consideration on financial study is the logical subjectivity the researchers applied on the

study. Notwithstanding the identified limitations, it is concluded that the business when

constructed, will surely create profit close to what is forecasted.

With no doubt, the construction of the business will contribute to the socioeconomic

development of the place. It does not only add up on the tourism industry but also positively
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affect the locality and the nearby places for it provides jobs and additional landmark on the area

inviting more economic activities that would possibly augment the societys existing prosperity.

The business is still feasible with consideration of the utmost limitation of the business

which is the overall practicality provided that the aspects of the study has proven its feasibility

with the best available data the researchers can acquire. Practically, the business itself needs more

time of comprehension, large amount of investment, and sensible construction and procurement

as identified by the future aspects affecting the business.


Customers patronage has been the business desire. Maintaining a consistently high

demand is crucial for this kind of business. Therefore, recommendations and suggestions have

been raised to cater customers fluctuating demand. Moreover, part of resorts plan of expansion is

having a more effective marketing strategy and with regards to operations, the cost-leadership

principle should be applied.

Swimming Pool

Additional water slides and recreational activities in response to the demand

Build a swimming pool at the back of the room accommodations

Host parties like foam party, paint party and the like

Friday night discotheque.

A stage for performers for entertainment purposes

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Bistro House

Additional dishes in our menu such as sea foods and vegetables dishes. People will

enjoythese especially those who love sea foods and those who are vegetarian.

During peak seasons promos are offered to attract customers to avail our services. We

also want to develop food of the month and have a catering business.

Build a bar that offers liquor, beverages wine and other drinks so that there will be a

place to go for those who love to drink

Recreational Activities

Zip line

Sky biking

Obstacle courses

Room Accommodation

Laundry services for a minimal fee

DVD rentals for deluxe rooms

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