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4 Grammar & vocabulary revision 4

Countable and uncountable nouns much, many and a lot of/lots of
1 Complete the text with a, an or . 5 Choose the correct word.
There arent many/much people at the cinema.
There are good things and bad things about living in
a big city. You can go to a museum or watch 1 Hes drinking much/a lot of water.
1 artist painting in 2 street. You can 2 There isnt much/a lot of ham on this pizza.
walk in 3 park or sit and watch people go by. 3 Weve got many/a lot of sweets for the party.
In a big city 4 public transport is often very 4 He hasnt got many/much crisps.
good. However, 5 crime can be 6 5 Theres a lot of/much rice.
problem. 7 traffic causes 8
pollution. 9 noise is another type of pollution 6 Look at Dans shopping list. Complete the
in the city. And, if people cant see 10 bin on sentences with much, many or a lot of / lots of.
the street, they often drop 11 rubbish on the
rice (3 kg) 2 apples
2 Use the words in bold from exercise 1. Write vegetables (100 g) 4 oranges
them in the correct column of the table.
crisps (10 bags) salad (50 g)
Countable Uncountable
Dan wants to buy a lot of rice and 1
vegetables. He doesnt want to buy 2
salad or 3 apples. He wants to buy
4 crisps, but he doesnt want to buy
5 oranges.

too, too much, too many and (not) enough

3 Match the verbs 15 with the nouns af to make 7 Complete the article with too, too much, too
sentences. many or enough.
b Theres a any books.
A national report in the UK says that teenage girls dont
1 There arent b some food.
eat enough healthy food. They eat 1
2 There isnt c any water. junk food, and 2 snacks, like crisps and
3 Theres d any crisps. cakes. Only 7% of girls eat 3 fruit and
4 There are e some pasta. vegetables. They also drink 4 sugary
5 There arent f some sweets. drinks, and they eat 5 chocolate. The food
they eat is 6 unhealthy, and this means
4 Jane has a very healthy diet. Look at the table that lots of teenage girls are 7 tired to
and write ve sentences about her diet. Use the concentrate at school.
afrmative and negative forms of the verbs eat
and drink, and some or any. Indenite pronouns
1 fish tt 4 burgers 8 Complete the sentences with something or
2 ice cream 5 vegetables ttt anything.
3 water ttt 6 cola I want something to eat.
1 We havent got to drink.
Jane eats some sh.
2 Theyve got to read.
1 She .
3 Is there to do here?
2 She .
4 Ive got to write.
3 She .
5 Has he got to wear?
4 She .
6 Id like to drink.
5 She .

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4 Grammar & vocabulary revision 4
9 Complete the sentences with the indenite Vocabulary
pronouns in the box. Use each pronoun two
Food and drink
11 Complete the sentences with a food or drink.
anything anywhere somewhere nobody
Pizza and p asta are popular Italian
somebody nowhere something anyone
1 Salmon and tuna are f .
There isnt anything in the fridge. 2 C is usually yellow or white. It is
1 is eating my sandwich! popular in sandwiches.
2 can see the picture its too small. 3 People often eat n as a healthy
3 Theres to play tennis in our town. snack. They are small and brown.
4 I want to drink. 4 You use a lot of e s to make an
5 Is there near here that sells CDs? omelette!
6 Theres to do in the evenings here. 5 We eat a lot of i in the summer.
7 I cant find my phone but I know its Its perfect for a hot day!
in my bedroom! 6 The main food in paella is r .
8 Does want to go to the cinema?
12 Complete the table with the words in the box.
9 I dont want to eat. Im not hungry.
10 has got my dictionary. beans beef ham crisps orange
11 I cant walk. Theres in my shoe. cod juice milk potato pineapple
12 A Where are you going? sweets tuna
B interesting.
13 Im hungry, but theres to eat. Drinks Fish
14 I cant find my pen .
15 likes that film its boring.
16 Why dont we go nice on Sunday?
17 Ben hasnt got any friends at school. He doesnt Meat Snacks
like !

10 Complete the dialogue with the words in the box.

Vegetables Fruit
anything (x2) any a lot of (x2)
too many too (x2) much
too much something many

Mel Are you doing anything interesting? Health and lifestyle

Billy Not really. Im just watching The Simpsons.
13 Write the adjectives in the correct column:
Mel Are there 1 films on tonight? positive or negative.
Billy Yes, there are 2 films on, but
there arent 3 good ones. dangerous attractive unfit healthy
Mel I dont usually watch films on TV. responsible overweight fit weak
Billy Why not? tired energetic
Mel Because there are 4
advertisements, so the films end
positive negative
5 late and Im 6 tired.
Billy Yeah, I know. I dont watch 7 attractive
TV during the week because Ive got
8 homework to do!
Mel Well, why dont we go to the cinema this
weekend? There are 9 good films
on so Im sure theres 10 to see.
Billy Good idea, but I dont want to see
11 romantic!

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