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Selection of bearings

Function of bearings:
Support the loads exerted on the
Locate the shaft in position
Type of bearings:

Sliding contact bearings

Rolling contact bearings

Sliding contact bearings

Hydraulic oil

Hydrodynamic Hydrostatic
bearings bearings
Rolling contact bearings:

Ball bearings
Single row ball bearing
Double row ball bearing
Self alignment ball bearing
Angular contact ball bearing
Thrust ball bearing
Roller contact bearings
Taper roller bearing
Straight roller bearing
Conical roller bearing
Concave roller bearing
Thrust roller bearing
Needle bearings
Ball bearing

Roller bearing
Spherical roller
thrust bearing
Radial tapered
roller bearing Ball
thrust Roller thrust
bearing bearing
Classification of bearing load
The loading on bearings can be
classified into three groups:

Solely radial loading

Solely axial loading

Combined radial and axial loading

The Bearing series

Extra Light Medium Heavy

Standardisation of ball bearings :

Series Designation
Light : 200
Medium: 300 Bearing type
Bore diameter

Heavy : 400 Series number

Main parts of a typical ball bearing
Ball Ball retainer

Inner ring

Outer ring
Selection of ball bearings:

The bearing must be of the series best suited

to the installation, in regard to both:
capacity and
The type of bearing selected must be suitable
for the type of imposed load,
thrust or
The size of the bearing must be such as to give
the required length of service with sufficient
Selection of ball bearing
Bearings have to resist some combination of
radial and thrust loads.
Combined load must be reduced to an equivalent
radial load
In general the equivalent load Fe may be computed
by the equation:
Fe XF r YF a

Type of bearing Y X

Deep groove 1

Angular contact

Self aligning
Selection of ball bearing
Experiments have shown that the life of a
ball bearing is a function of the load it
Cd 3
. Ln = ( )
Cd: dynamic specific capacity of bearing.
Ln: Life of bearing in millions of revolution.
Fe : Equivalent load
The above equation can be rewritten as
C d = Fe L n
Bearing life
Life in working
Class of machine hours
Instruments and apparatus that are used only seldom. Demonstration apparatus,
mechanisms for operating sliding doors
2 Aircraft engines 1000 - 2000

Machines used for short periods or intermittently and whose brake down would not
have serious consequences; hand tools, lifting tackles in workshops, hand operated
3 4000 - 8000
machines, generally agricultural machines, cranes in erecting shops, domestic
Machines working intermittently and where breakdown would have serious
4 consequences. Auxiliary machines in power stations, conveyor plant for flow 8000 - 12000
production, lifts cranes for piece goods; machine tools used infrequently
Machine for use 8 hours per day and fully utilized: stationary electric motors, general
5 12000 - 20000
purpose gear units.
Machine for use 8 hours per day and fully utilized: machines for engineering industry
6 20000 - 30000
generally: cranes for bulk goods, ventilating fans, countershafts
Machines for continuous use 24 hours per day: Separators, compressors, pumps, mine
7 hoist, stationary electric machines, machines in continuous operations on board naval 40000 - 60000
Machines required to work with high degree of reliability 24 hours per day: pulp and
8 paper machinery; public power plants, mine pumps, pumps in water works, machinery 100000 - 200000
in continuous operation on board merchant ships
Factor of safety
factor, life
Safety factor, life of 5 to 10 years
Load of 10 to 20
conditions years

Intermittent 10 hours per day Continuous Continuous

Steady load 0.5 ----- 1 1.5 2 3

Light shock 1 ------- 2 2.5 3 4
Moderate 2 ------- 3 3.5 4 5
Severe shock 3-------- 4 4.5 5 6
Over-all dimensions of radial ball bearings
SAE Bore of inner race (d) Outside diameter D mm Width B (mm)
Bearing 200 300 400 200 300 400
Number mm in
series series series series series series

Installation of ball bearings:
The shaft must be designed to take
the inner ring (race)., see fig. (6.7)
A suitable mounting must be
designed for the outer ring (race).
Lubrication must be provided for the
Methods of sealing the lubricant and
preventing penetration of foreign
matter must be provided.
Fastening ball bearing to a shaft
A shaft is supported by two bearings. One of the
bearings carries a radial load of 1200 lb and an axial
load of 600 lb with minor shocks. The shaft runs at
230 rpm and operates 10 hours per day for 5 days per
week. Select a suitable ball bearing with a service life
of 2 years if the diameter of the shaft can be varied
between 3 11 65 and 3 12 inch.

Fr = 1200 lb
Fa = 500 lb
Minor shock
Speed = 230 rpm
Operating hours =10/day
Working days = 5/week
Years = 2
Factor of safety = 2.5
Fe = XFr+ Yfa Safety
factor, life
Load = 1.5 X 1200Safety+factor,
1 X 600 life of 5 to 10 years
of 10 to 20
= 2100 lb
conditions years
Service lifeType
(Ln)of bearing10 hours per
Intermittent Y day Continuous
X Continuous

Steady load 0.5 -----

Deep 1
groove 1.5 1 2 3
Ln =
Light shock 1 -------contact
Angular 2 2.5 3 4
Moderate 2 -------
Self 3
aligning 3.5 4 5
Severe shock 3-------- 4 4.5 5 6
3 15<d< 3 1 inch
16 2

101.01<d<88.9 mm
From tables
Select deep grove ball bearing

SAE219 with dynamic capacity 17600

Bore diameter = 95 mm



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