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First of all, let us say thanks to Allah SWT, which has given guidance and blessing
to us. Our shalawat and greeting are aways delivered on our great Prophet Muhammad
SAW, which has brought us from darkness to brighter.

The honorable to the juries of this competition, and to all my beloved brothers and
sisters who attend at this time.

Syeikh Musthafa Al-Ghalayaini said, its meaning, INNAFI YADISY-

Actually the ethnic group destiny is at the hand of young generation and life of them is at
young generation foot (progress and the resignment of ethnic group is up to the young

Happy audience
At this time, permit me to say my speech in front of you all, with tittle :
Adolescent Way of Thinking Construction.

Ladies and gentleman

Young man problem is importance problem beginning from mature until transition
period. If they have the aim so their spirit is bubble over, easily influenced by
surrounding environments that sometimes disagree with Islamic religion guidance, even
though aso can fall to make crime or criminal. Therefore, the attention that we must
emphasize is giving guidance and supervision with increase construction for them
moreover filling their transtition period times with somethings which are positive matters
and useful, such as being said by Moslem leader Asy-SyafiI, its meaning, For the sake
of Allah, young man life should base on science and godfearing, when both arent found
so their life are meaningless.

By seeing explanation that clearly young man generation must be aimed in two
matters :
1. Science including general science and religion one.
2. Pios to Allah that includes belief, religious service, and noble character.

To overcome less laudable things, we must build and guide young man with noble
education and behavior like physical education, craft, and the others.

The education environment is three kinds :

1. Education in family
2. Formal education that is at school
3. Education in society
Happy audience
Education at the family environment is parents rensposibility. They with effection
also give advice and good example. Second education environment is education
environment at school and that is known by the public. While third education
environment is association in society moreover among young man group themselves that
have very big influence. Therefore, they must be given a good instruction namely we
fulfill them up with sport field or we fulfill them up with essential things dont break
tenet of religion like course, religious proselytizing, and the others.

And as parents, me must detect need and our child character. Furthermore we
channelize them to useful things until not to fall in moral decadence. So good instruction
or advice are needed very much, so that they are like young man mentioned in surah Al-
RIDNAAHUM HUD : They were youths who believed in their Lord and we advanced
them in guidance.

Happy my brothers and sisters

Very clearly if young man in their daily take hold of importance rule in the middle
of society and nation generation, like wise word said, Boy today is future leader.

And I suggest and confirm one more to the rising generation, Lets key up to
look for the science as material or capital at call appointed and performed as a leader.

Happy audience
That is all speech that I can deliver. Ideally what I have said is gainful for us.
I am sorry if I had a mistake. Thanks for your attention.

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.