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Following is the link to the "Guest Column" written by Mike Collins which was printed

in the Thursday, August 26, 2010 edition of The Annapolis Capital-Gazette

Newspapers, http://www.hometownannapolis.com/news/opn/2010/08/26-33/Guest-
Mike Collins is entitled to his own opinion. He is NOT ENTITLED TO HIS OWN
Mr. Collins' Guest Column included a statement, "I expect I will be the target of abuse
for writing this. Thomann, who describes herself as a conservative who happens to be a
Republican, routinely attacks those she disagrees with as RINOs (Republicans in Name
I believe Mr. Collins' words amply describe him; thus I have no need to. I do, however,
believe that Mr. Collins has omitted a very relevant item from his attack piece. The
editors of The Capital were careful to note, "The writer is a member of the Republican
Central Committee representing District 30."
Mr. Collins was elected to the Anne Arundel Republican Central Committee in 2006. (He
was defeated in his simultaneous run for the House of Delegates that year. I had been a
supporter of Mr. Collins for both races.) It wasn't long before many people began to see
the real Mike Collins -- not the candidate Collins -- but the true Mike Collins. In what
was a relatively short period of time, other (also elected) members of the Central
Committee went to him and asked him to resign as Chairman. Mr. Collins fought this
suggestion and soon what had been a quiet undercurrent of concern became public
During this time, Mr. Collins sent an e-mail to me (Joyce Thomann) asking me to step up
and come to his defense. In my response to him, I DECLINED, and suggested that he
RESIGN HIS POSITION and end what was becoming a public outing of what should
have remained an internal problem. A September 7, 2007 Baltimore Sun article noted
"This week's gathering, which had to be moved to a larger venue to accommodate the
expected crowd, promised political theater and did not disappoint. The result was just as
promised: By a vote of 10-2, chairman Mike Collins was ousted." (FYI, the District 30
Central Committee members were: Mike Collins (who recused himself), Robin Bissett
(who voted FOR his continuance as Chairman) and Debbie Belcher (one of the 10
members to cast a Vote of No Confidence). Mr. Collins was forced to turn the Chairman's
gavel to the Committee's Vice Chairman, Mr. Jerry Walker. Mr. Collins fought hard to
retain his Chairmanship and although ousted by a strong majority of the Committee
members, he refused to resign his seat and remained in a position where he might keep
better "track" of everything.
I noted earlier that the editors of The Capital were careful to note that "The writer is a
member of the Republican Central Committee representing District 30." Did Mr. Collins
have an axe to grind or revenge to seek regarding two of the three women who are
running for election to the Anne Arundel County Republican Central Committee in
District 30? Or was he merely speaking as a concerned citizen as he would like everyone
to believe?
Mr. Collins has been very artful in crafting his Guest Editorial in that he uses quotes
which could lead the reader to believe that they were quotes of the persons mentioned in
his Guest Editorial -- when in fact, that is not true.
In his article, Mr. Collins notes: "And of course, we all know Joyce "Obama is Hitler"
Thomann, who brought nationwide notoriety to Anne Arundel County Republicans last
Although the "Obama is Hitler" is attributed to me, in fact, that is Mr. Collins'
description/statement. Not mine. Once again, Mike Collins is entitled to his own
opinion -- but NOT to his own set of "facts".
It is no secret that I stirred up the hornet's nest of the Obama protectors -- the Huffington
Post, MSNBC's Keith Olberman, and other "Progressive" liberals were quick to condemn
me for simply telling what everyone would soon come to learn was the truth. My e-mail
account was "treated" to some absolutely filthy attacks. However, I also received an
enormous outpouring of support, understanding and agreement with what I said from
across the Country as well as from Maryland. At the August 12, 2009 meeting, the
members of RWAAC -- all of whom had been notified in well in advance the subject
matter to be covered in the meeting -- voted unanimously in support of my message.
Following is what I actually wrote:
Obama and Hitler have a great deal in common in my view. Obama and Hitler use the
“blitzkrieg” method to overwhelm their enemies. FAST, CARPET BOMBING intent on
destruction. Hitler’s blitzkrieg bombing destroyed many European cities – quickly and
effectively. Obama is systematically destroying the American economy and with it
AMERICA. First the banking/investment industry, next private enterprise (GM and
Chrysler) and now HEALTH CARE. And he is working on grabbing more of the
American economy with his environmental extremism!
Even a cursory reading would show that my comparison was to the commonality of the
TACTICS of the two men. NOT to the two men as individuals.
This past February, 2010, President Obama himself said, "I've been working the Congress
pretty hard." Since the time of my original June 20, 2009 statement, Obama, Pelosi and
Reid have forced down the throats of Americans: A massive health care bill; a
government take-over of all student loans; a government take-over of Wall Street -- and
this is not counting his two enormous budget bills in 2009; two TARP bail-outs; the
stimulus bill (with another one lurking now in the wings); proposed government control
of the Internet; Cap and Trade -- all coupled with breath-taking deficit spending and
borrowing -- and the list goes on, and on, and on and on.
Have the policies and enormously intrusive and expensive legislation been pushed
through the Congress with "blitzkrieg like speed"? Although President Obama did not
mention the word "blitzkrieg" he did admit that "I've been working the Congress pretty
Are these policies and their attendant out-of-control spending which President Barack
Hussein Obama and his lieutenants been pushing "systematically destroying the
American economy"? There are a lot of very smart people who think so.
As I stated more than a year ago, I believe now as I believed then that the massive
spending being directed by President Obama would be as destructive to the future well-
being -- indeed even to the very survival of the United States -- as was the blitzkrieg
bombing of European cities by Hitler in World War II. Thanks to the generosity and the
defense provided by the United States of America, Europe survived and prospered. If we
allow the United States to fall from within -- who will come to our rescue?
Can we save America from total collapse under the weight of these massive spending
programs and the out-of-control deficit? Can we save America from the total
implementation of the Cloward-Piven strategy? Can we save America from falling to the
"final solution"? The answer to that question won't be known until the election returns
begin to roll in on November 2, 2010.
Mr. Collins, may be surprised to know that Historians (along with Delegate Don Dwyer
and the wonderful people who continue to teach at the Institute On the Constitution)
Declaration of Independence (July 1776); the Articles of Confederation (drafted in
1777, ratified in 1781) and the Constitution of the United States of America (1789).
All THREE of these Documents were drafted and signed by men who received their
inspiration and moral compass from THE BIBLE! It is a historic FACT that everyone
who is considered among the "Founding Fathers" was a RELIGIOUS PERSON
I believe I can speak for the other District 30 Team mates. We DO STRONGLY
BELIEVE that the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States
of America have made America the "Shining City on the Hill" spoken of by early
pilgrims and President Ronald Wilson Reagan, the beacon of freedom throughout the
world. We will work hard to RESTORE and then continue that legacy of a Constitutional
Republic which has been left to all of us.
Each of us is a Christian woman who tries to "Do unto others as we would have them do
unto us."
Each of us have been actively involved in our community in very positive ways -- beyond
our political activities.
Mr. Collins may find solace in dragging out a long past ridiculous charge, "All Catholics
are pagan idolaters who will burn in hell." in order to establish himself as a victim, but
there are too many of us who know better -- and we are Christians and Jews. The Mother
of Debbie Belcher and her brother Delegate Don Dwyer died at the young age of 48. She
was Catholic and I'm sure that everyone who knew and loved her are certain that she IS
I received the most wonderful part of my education at St. Mary of the Wasatch in Salt
Lake City, Utah -- a private CATHOLIC girls school. It has been years since I heard of
anyone stupid or bigoted enough to make the charge that still lives so heavily in Mr.
Collins' world.
Mr. Collins attacks Delegate Don Dwyer a number of times in his Guest Editorial. One of
his more ludicrous charges -- the Maryland Legislature reacted to Delegate Dwyer's raffle
of a Bushmaster rifle and thereby set gun rights back! (The Maryland Legislature which
FOR MORE THAN A CENTURY needs no excuse to look for ways to disarm the
average Marylander!)
To make the threat as Mr. Collins does that "the self-appointed gate-keepers of
Christian-political values may provoke a backlash that sets the faith community even
further, especially in state regulation of parochial schools and home-schooling" seems to
me to be the be un-Constitutional and downright un-American! The Maryland Legislature
already has a history of fighting against Charter Schools, public funds going to Christian
Schools, and has already attempted to put in crippling regulations with the obvious goal
to end home-schooling.
The Central Committee members are elected in the Primary! If you too believe the
Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are just fine as
they are and want those who we elect to abide by them, I hope you will vote to elect
three CONSERVATIVE CHRISTIAN WOMEN to the Anne Arundel County
Republican Central Committee. I ask that you vote for Debbie Belcher, Ginny
Meerman and Joyce Thomann.
Ginny Meerman got it right in a Facebook posting when she answered her own
question, "What Does it Mean to be a Republican?" Ginny Meerman's answer:
"GOD, COUNTRY, LIBERTY!" These three words adequately summarize our
Republican values. Do they summarize yours?
In a letter written in response to Mike Collins' Guest Editorial Debbie Belcher said: "I do
not consider myself one of the "gate-keepers of Christian-political values." (A charge
made by Mr. Collins.) But I am also not ashamed of my faith or my political views. If the
people of District 30 agree with those values and beliefs, then by all means vote for me,
Ginny Meerman and Joyce Thomann as we share similar beliefs. I am proud to have such
hard working, conservative women running for the Republican Central Committee along
with me."
I know that Ginny Meerman and Joyce Thomann are equally proud of our Team mate --
Debbie Belcher. Debbie Belcher is a steadfast CHRISTIAN CONSERVATIVE woman
who does NOT shift her core values to move with what may at the time be the "prevailing
political winds." Like Debbie, we too are not ashamed of our faith or our political views!
The three of us would not and could not impose a religious litmus test on anyone. But
you will know where we stand on issues which you too may consider important.
I had the honor and privilege of working in the White House during the first term of
President Ronald Wilson Reagan. Everyone knew President Reagan was a
NEVER said that you had to believe as he did! However, there was never any question in
your mind as to where President Ronald Reagan stood on the issues. He began his
political career as a Democrat but switched to the Republican Party because his Democrat
Party had left him. Throughout, he was a CONSERVATIVE!
"The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States are
covenants we have made not only with ourselves but with all mankind. Our founding
documents proclaim to the world that freedom is not the sole prerogative of a chosen few.
It is the universal right of all God's children." (Ronald Reagan, Captive Nations
Conference, July 15, 1991.)
"What do we want for ourselves and our children? Is it enough to have material things?
Aren't liberty and morality and integrity and high principles and a sense of responsibility
more important? The world's truly great thinkers have not pointed us toward materialism;
they have dealt with the great truths and with the high questions of right and wrong, of
morality and of integrity." (Ronald Reagan, "The Value of Understanding the Past",
September 28, 1967
I ask that if you live in District 30, you vote for Debbie Belcher, Ginny Meerman and
Joyce Thomann in the fast approaching Primary.
If you don't live in District 30, I hope you will share this information with anyone you
know who DOES live in District 30. Working together -- as a team -- we can restore
America to its Constitutional roots. We would be honored by and grateful for your vote.
Best personal regards. Joyce E. Thomann