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2252 Tierra de Oro, El Paso Texas, 79938


OBJECTIVE: Students will learn mathematics in an innovative way were

students will learn not just from the teacher, but from their selves,
and peers though their own research.

PHILOSOPHY: Students will not only learn the theoretical form of this course,
they will also learn application of this course through exploration,

MISSION STATEMENT: My goal for this year is to not only covey the material, but also
for my students learn mathematics in a way they have never been
taught before. I will give my best effort to teach and will do
everything to the best of my abilities.

University of Texas at El Paso
Bachelor: of Mathematics
Minor: Secondary Education 2013- present

Del Valle High School, El Paso, Tx 2012-1013

Las Cruces High School, Las Cruces, NM 2009-2011

UTEP GEAR UP February 2016-May2017
Gear Up Tutor: Socorro High School

Centro Cristiano Roca Fuerte
Teacher four and five-year-old kids teacher 2007-2013
Nursery Ministry took care of babies and infants

The Childrens Garden 2011-2012

Helped out taking care of kids, assisting the main teacher
in anything she would need.
Abundant Living Faith Center
Three-year-old caregiver Take care of kids and teach
Sunday church lesson. 2015-2016