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Not limited to the Australian Standard AS 1742.3 (2009), Road Management Act - Code of Practice -
Worksite Safety Traffic Management (Victorian Government Gazette No. S351 Tuesday 31 August
2010) and Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2009, the following conditions are required
to be satisfied in relation to the planning and implementation of proposed worksite traffic management
1. Unless otherwise stated on the Memorandum of Authorisation, no works are to be conducted
during the following nominated times:
a. Between the Thursday before Good Friday and Easter Monday inclusive;
b. Australia Day
c. Anzac Day
d. Labour Day
e. During the Christmas to New Year Period.
2. The traffic management may only be undertaken on the dates and times set out in the MoA
as per approved TMPs. No restriction to traffic flow is permitted outside of this period. Normal
traffic flow will be restored after each work session.
3. Once the MoA has been approved, the contractor is also required to notify VicRoads of the
actual work date(s) at least one week prior to the event, where VicRoads reserves the right to
approve or request for a reschedule due to other conflicting events.
4. Any lawful direction/s of members of the Victoria Police, authorised local Municipal Council/s
and VicRoads Officers must be complied with at all times.
5. The contractor shall ensure that the traffic management is conducted in a manner that
minimises inconvenience to other road users. If traffic congestion becomes excessive at
anytime, the contractor must undertake measures to ease congestion. The contractor shall
ensure that no queuing extends outside of an auxiliary lane.
6. Only VicRoads pre-qualified companies at TMP or TGS levels (Worksite Traffic Management
Implementation category) are allowed to apply for a Memorandum of Authorisation (MoA).
Only VicRoads pre-qualified companies at TGS level are allowed to implement the traffic
guidance scheme required by the traffic management plan on Victoria freeways and arterial
7. This MoA is issued to the Traffic Management (TM) company named on the application. Only
this TM Company is allowed to undertake the worksite traffic management at the location
described on the application. This MoA is not transferable to a different company or
8. The company responsible for implementing the traffic management shall contact the
VicRoads Traffic Management Centre (TMC) each and every day before the installation and
after the removal of any worksite traffic management measures quoting the road works event
number. The TMC telephone number is 13 11 70.
9. All emergency services are to be notified of road closures at least 48 hours prior to
commencement of the works via the following email addresses:
estathofiresupervisors@esta.vic.gov.au, central@ses.vic.gov.au
10. Written approval is required from any public transport authorities and municipal councils that
may be affected prior to the commencement of the traffic management.
11. Written notification must be sent to all property occupiers affected by the works at least 48
hours prior to commencement of the works. Continuing access shall be provided for all
properties, unless alternative arrangements acceptable to the occupiers are made.
12. The TM company shall be responsible for reinstating any VicRoads assets that may be
removed, modified or damaged to the satisfaction of vicRoads and at no cost.
13. The TM company must take out Public Liability insurance policy for the type of work proposed
of not less than Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000), including full indemnity for VicRoads
against any claim laid against it either by members of the public or persons engaged in any
activities associated with the traffic diversion who, as a result of the diversion, suffer personal
injury, property damage or financial loss.
14. VicRoads does not accept responsibility for any loss or damage (including pure financial loss,
direct or indirect losses or legal expenses) arising out of reliance on this MoA or a failure by
VicRoads to grant or verify a MoA. The applicant indemnifies VicRoads against any such loss
or damage.
15. A copy of the approved MoA (with the relevant conditions, TMPs and the final
correspondence from VicRoads) must be easily available onsite for the viewing of any
government authority.
16. Works shall comply with EPAs standards and compliance guidelines for noise in road works
and major infrastructure projects (Refer to EPA website:
17. The applicant shall apply for an MoA extension at least 5 working days prior to the existing
MoA expiring. A copy of the previous approval and relevant TMP may be asked to be
provided with the extension request. Approval for extensions may be rejected or withheld if
any concerns were raised such as poor traffic management set-up or working outside the
stated times. Any extension requests that have been submitted after the expiration date will
be rejected and a new application should be provided.
18. Installation of traffic management devices within 1500 metres of any enforcement safety
camera infrastructure will require a minimum of one week advanced notification to the
Department of Justice and Regulation (DJR) - Camera Operations via email to
techops@justice.vic.gov.au informing DJR of a point of contact for the works, location, extent
and accurate duration of the works prior to erection of any devices. Camera locations can be
accessed through DJR website at http://www.camerassavelives.vic.gov.au.
19. By applying for a MoA, the applicant gives consent to VicRoads to distribute the contact
details included with the application to any government authority or to the general public, in
connection with the proposed work/event.
Only VicRoads accepted safety barriers are allowed for use at work sites. A list of accepted
safety barriers can be found in VicRoads Road Design Note 06-04H Accepted Safety Barrier
Products. All safety barriers are to be installed and used in accordance with VicRoads
requirements, the manufacturers product manual and installation instructions.
20. For long term works:
a. Ensure that sufficient personnel are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for
emergency site attendance and rectification of traffic management provisions should
they be required outside normal working hours.
b. Restore traffic back to its original operating conditions, (at the conclusion of works
each day), unless approved, in writing by VicRoads.
21. VicRoads may at any time carry out random surveillance audits of worksites to ensure
compliance with the Act and the Code.
22. VicRoads reserves the right to amend or revoke the MoA at any time.