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Do it for God MLM Bulletin

October, November,
December 2017, Edition.
If I am a man of God
move to next
level. When I read Hosea 4:7-8 I
Text: 2 Kings 1: 6-17 scream, Hosea 4:7-8(NIV) said
ness, confusions, injustice, and
The more priests there were, the
The message of today is very no direction.
more they sinned against me; they
unconventional which many Oh man of God if you preaching exchanged their glorious God for
may disagree with me but be- does not lead the people to per- something disgraceful. They feed
fore they do, I want us to con- fection in the image of Christ if on the sins of my people and relish
sider scenario in the Bible and your preaching does not show their wickedness. So many Proph-
what brought phrase If I am the people their sins if your ets and Prophetess without the
man of God? The Bible said in preaching does not tell the peo- glory of Lord, the spiritual impar-
the land of Israel there were so ple to the pattern and ordinances tation expected is here, Churches
many prophets and prophetess of God if your preaching does everywhere the fear of the head of
Pastor & Mrs. and they were all prophecy yet not edifying the body of Christ the Church is not in our life, I
thing were not moving in Gods that he die for if your preaching could not hide my face when sup-
Ekpeyongawan Offiong direction neither were they and the knowledge of the son of posing brother was telling us how
warning the people to depart God and if your reaching does supposing sister is sleeping in the
from their evil way and none not measure of the people to the house of her fiance and from all
could point to the people, the stature of the fullness of Christ indication is like the brother does
angered of God. In Ezekiel 43: you are just man of man not not love her again so the fellow-
10-11 God said to Prophet Eze- man of God because the five- ship should pray that he will not
kiel show the house of Israel fold ministry is to prepare the leave her, no shame and the brother
that they may be ashamed of body of Christ ready for the sharing it no shame. I could re-
their iniquities and if they be Lord second coming. member many years ago my
ashamed of all that they have Cousin fine lady started following
done let know the pattern and Today people are bringing hu-
me our Church in the early 90s
keep the ordinances because man ideologies to the Church, I
suddenly she stopped and I asked
God is the Ancient of Days his was so ashamed when I heard a
what happen, she said that my
words is Ancient of Days never Church downsized man of God
Pastor expression was poor. And
expecting anybody to sub (Pastors) from the ministries
started attending one of those fan-
change his standard. because they are not graduates.
tastic preachers Church after many
Apostle Peter, was common
Man of God is a title I fear so years she came back to me and said
fisherman John 20:4-5 said so
much because I know what and is like she is forcing herself to born
they ran both together and out-
how a man of God should be, again but she goes to Church every
run Peter but when they came to
whenever people address or day and all her friends are really
the sepulcher they stop why did
refer to me as a man of God I born again. Sincerely I did not
they stop? Waiting for the man
cover my face with shame, alt- know what to tell her because my
of God with fire and dont for-
hough by his grace am working English is poor and my Pastor poor
get the educated did enter it. On
toward it. If I should be a man and I did want her to pick any error
the Altar of God, today are co-
of God safety of all my friends in my expression. A man of God is
medians, celebrities, and moti-
and neighborhood should be not by education but is by calling
vational speaker the fire on the
absolute because am praying for by God and his grace to function. I
Altar is gone because the men
them. Apostle Paul, a man of believed the Holy Spirit to bring
called and sent by God, politi-
God in Acts 27:22 said ...be of people to Church if I do evange-
cize out of the Church now men
good cheer for no life will lose lism and pray, not bringing come-
of a man called and sent by
among you whether they were dian and celebrities so they will
men. Sometimes I do wonder
Christian or not but because the attract people to the Church
men of God are now dressing to
man of God has spoken so be it. be noticed in a coat of many Lastly, O you man of God as you
Something dramatic happened colors like a musician with a claimed to be let the world feel the
between a man of God Prophet ring like politicians and thugs. impartation of him that called you
Elijah and President Ahab in 1 This same Apostle Peter faced because your position cannot be
Kings 18:16-18 Obadiah the the Council and said to them equal to any worldly position, you
messenger of King Ahab came that same Jesus whom you have are special your Commander in
to Elijah, my lord want to see crucified both Lord and Christ Chief is the God Almighty, fear no
you the man of God replied I Acts 2:36b and repeated it Acts man because greater is he that is in
see no one today, Mr. President. 3:15a you killed the Prince of you, Prophet Elijah and Daniel
King Ahab came to Prophet life and they try to stop them made us know that it is possible to
Elijah so you are the one trouble from preaching Jesus Christ the do it, do not allow incoming gener-
Israelite, interesting respond saviour of the world, the Bible ation to curse us when we depart it
from a man of God, no Mr. said as they left them, they is a time to defend your calling and
President, you are very one begin to preach again. We want our faith.
trouble the land. What happened to employ graduates so that the
God bless you.
then is what is happening in our organization would move for-
days today. We have good num- ward, Church of Christ also we
bers of Prophet and Prophetess want to employ graduates pas-
yet the land is full of gross dark- tors so that ministries would
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with me. evil under the sun.

Mark 9:23 You Can Change Thing
People of God, please get wis- Please just forget about your
Text: 1 Chronicles 4:9-10 dom and understanding, he looks present situations, look above
Jesus above and above his background, it and call upon Jesus. Things

D ear friends I am led to share completed rejected the mentality can really change if you can
this word of life with you, of his mother, well mother if you sincerely call upon him.

said which I shared with the

people of God last month.
chose to leave in sorrow for the
rest of your life, it is not my life. What give Jabez this assur-
He knows that his mother was
just a passage to this world and 1. He knows his God: Daniel
unto I often say that life is what you ac-
cept is what you are. I see those that another one must be responsible
for his creation and life. Verse
11:32 its say that if you know
your God you can anything.
from rich side become poor and
10 say he called on the God of
him, If those from the poor side becoming
rich. Circumstance surrounding your
beginning does not matter but your
Israel, the only true God, the
Holy one.
2. Mark 9: 23 Jabez believed
his conditions can be change
and he put his faith in God
end is what matter. Matt 20:16 Jesus
thou canst said So the last shall be first, and
the first last: for many be called, but
Beloved I dont know who you
are calling upon in your situa-
and not his family back-
few chosen tion. Are you calling on God or
3. He understood the plan and
believe, all The power to change thing in line
gods? Romans 10:13 say For
whosoever shall call upon the
name of the Lord shall be saved
purpose of God in his life
Genesis 1: 27-28.
with the plan and purpose of God is
it is only in Jesus you can get
things are in your hand, by believed and tradi-
tional of men Jabez supposed to re- mercy that will change your life.
In Romans 9:16 say So then [it
What Jabezs situation did
not cause him to do:
main poor until his dead.
is] not of him that willeth, nor of 1. He maintained his integri-
possible to i. His mother had him when she was
him that runneth, but of God that
sheweth mercy I tell people to ty.
forget about their qualifications, 2. His situations did not cause
him that ii. And she gave him a name in con-
nection to the situation surrounds his
professions, background and
skill, just look for Gods mercy him to join bad gang.
because his mercy will put food 3. He did not go to manmade
believeth Jabez looks at his situation and re-
fused to dwell in self-pity; oh I am
on your table. In life I have seen
those by men standard who sup- gods for help.
from a poor family, there is nothing I posed to get the best job but end 4. He did not accept his con-
can do, let me take life the way I see up with funny one and those the
world will say who are they, the dition.
and keep my mothers symbol
(sorrow) at least she will be happy they end up getting the best job
in town. King Solomon called it

Come to Jesus, the Saviour of the world

and warn the people;
4 Then whosoever heareth the
sound of the trumpet, and taketh
come to an you say, you have
not heard about Jesus
and if you do, what
not warning; if the sword come,
and take him away, his blood
shall be upon his own head.
How to come to Jesus?

have you done? Do you believe in The Bible in Romans

Jesus him or you are working out your own
5 He heard the sound of the
trumpet, and took not warning;
his blood shall be upon him. But That if thou
right now,
By his grace, I am the watchman
he that taketh warning shall de-
calling on you to accept and surren-
liver his soul. shalt confess with thy
der your life to Jesus and if you re-
fuse, am warning you that the conse- 6 But if the watchman see the
mouth the Lord Jesus,
he will quence is not good even for my ene-
sword come, and blow not the
trumpet, and the people be not
warned; if the sword come, and
and shalt believe in
thine heart that God
Ezekiel 33:1-6 hath raised him from
save you 1 Again the word of the Lord came
unto me, saying,
take any person from among
them, he is taken away in his
iniquity; but his blood will I
the dead, thou shalt be.
require at the watchman's hand. Ask him to come into
he will 2 Son of man, speak to the children
of thy people, and say unto them,
When I bring the sword upon a land,
your life by faith and
believe in your heart
if the people of the land take a man
save you. of their coasts, and set him for their
that he is here.

3 If when he seeth the sword come

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please him: for he that cometh to ter truth. When you begin to claim
The Lord hears you God must believe that he is and the wonderful promises of God, have
that he is a rewarder of them that you consider the first statement of
Text: Psalm 20:1-4 (KJV) Psalm 37:4.
diligently seek him.

Th e Lord God will hear you. In

a time like this when what
suppose to give you hope and direc-
What will he do, when he hears In the past, when I heard people
1. He defends you
quoting it, I followed them, but the
very day I read it in the Bible myself,
I stopped claiming the promise be-
tion fail, at a time like this when all 2. He sends a helper to you from cause I have to examine myself
you have that suppose to put food on his sanctuary. whether I am qualified or not and by
your table fail, when all those you so his grace, I can testify anywhere eve-
trust and believe that they will help 3. He strengthens you
rywhere that God is faithful to his
you fail, when all your income does 4. He grants your hearts desire. word and that he is able to keep all
not sustain you and your family in a his promises.
week, high cost of living is something 5. You will fulfil his counsel
else, insecurity is so pronounced. The However, there is something you I will like to submit here that Psalm
Almighty God will hear you. and I have to do in order to 37:4 and others promises of God are
What can you do, before the Lord Je- speed up his response to our not free for all it is for selected few Caption describing
requests. who are doing his wishes, Colossians picture or graphic.
sus hear you? 1:21 And you, that were sometime
1. Pray in the name of Jesus: John 1. Verse 3 of our text said alienated and enemies in your mind
14:14 If ye shall ask any thing in my remember all thy offerings, and by wicked works, yet now hath he
name, I will do it. accept thy burnt sacrifice. reconciled you know very that you
2. You must pray by faith: He knows The question is, have you offer are stranger to him an alienated just
everything about you, but he expects an offering to him? If your an- stop wasting your precious time get it
you to make your supplication know- swer is yes, was it acceptable? right with Jesus first because the Bi-
ing him Scripture, this is not my words. ble said God has handled all things to
The Bible said he remembers all him, John 3:35 The Father loveth
3. You must believe that he is able to thy offerings, which means you the Son, and hath given all things
answer your prayers: Jesus said unto might have offered sacrifice into his hand get Jesus and get
him, if thou canst believe, all things someday sometime in the past. speedy respond when you pray, the
are possible to him that believeth Please get understanding, yes, I Lord hear you in the day of trouble,
Mark 9:23. offer to God, does it acceptable the name of God of Jacob defend
4. And you must know and have a to him? you.
good relationship with him: of course, 2. Verse 4 he grant thee accord- God bless you and your family.
you cannot pray for someone you ing to thine own heart and fulfil
know nothing about: Hebrew 11:6 all thy counsel
But without faith it is impossible to
I will not fail to tell you the bit-

God created man, man create confusion

Text: Genesis 1: 26-27 And God said, Let about to be oppressed suffer injustice, but Prophet Moses that is their father dies
us make man in our image, after our like- God intervened and they were delivered of his own sin against the Lord, but
ness: and let them have dominion over the from injustice and oppress. In Genesis we are his blood why should you re-
fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, 21:16 -17. Ishmael was a child of circum- move his name from the family.
and over the cattle, and over all the earth, stances, very innocent on how he came to Please take note of Moses action, he
and over every creeping thing that creepeth earth, whether bond or freeborn, when they did not play politics or used his office
upon the earth. So God created man in his were about to injustice, the mother cried to to intimidate them none call them a
own image, in the image of God created he God because she did not force our father rebellious woman. The Bible said Mo-
him; male and female created he them. Abraham on herself it was a good plan ar- ses brought the matter to God of jus-

rangement with Mother Sarah which the tice, a righteous judge and what was
he Holy Bible is a complete for
both parties agreed and the result was Ish- Gods response? He was so specific as
comfort, ruler and guardian in all
mael. God of justice came and saved their he about delivering judgement imag-
wards of life. It is a book full
lives. God did not say the baby was born ine God call them saying the daugh-
direction and light to overcome
out of wedlock, but as far as life is in- ters of Zelophehad speak right to give
darkness if the world could the Bible a
volved justice must be held. You go about their possession of an inheritance
reference book there will be on earth.
killing Christian and you think you will among their fathers brethren. There-
Whether you are black, red and white, man court go free, I absolutely sorry for you and after, God said from that day in Israel
and woman the Bible said God created you your generation, the same God that did not give the possession of an inheritance
and me in his own image, if it is true that allow Mother Sarah to kill Ishmael is still to the daughter of a man who had no
we all are the image of God then why the on the throne today. He will avenge the son. God created man, man creates
discriminatory, some claim to be superior death of every Christian you killed. God confusion in the name of policies.
to another. created man and man created confusion. Micah 6:8 (KJV) He hath shewed
I said to somebody why evil will not stop Another one is the daughters of Zelo- thee, O man, what is good; and what
on earth is that every day there is crying of phehad, Number 27:1- 8, when I see wom- doth the Lord require of thee, but to
the injustice, oppress and the poor, whether en suffering in the name of custom and do justly, and to love mercy, and to
they know God or not, He is not happy to traditions and their men claim to be Israe- walk humbly with thy God?
glorify in their situations as such he is un- lis, I launch. In the world today her policies Thank you and God bless.
happy with those involved. will favour men most. Thank you God for
There is an example of those that were the boldness of the daughters of Zelo-
phehad, they went and complained to
Page 4 D o i t fo r G od ML M Bu l l e tin Pastor & Mrs. Ekpeyongawan

must be saved. There is no other om: the rich man also died,
Yet there is Room way to heaven or to escape hell and was buried;
Text: Luke 14:17-24 (KJV) except Jesus Christ. And in hell he lift up his eyes,

Somebody said if Christianity is being in torments, and seeth
promised that we will study Psalm 41 like this, I will not go Church, Abraham afar off, and Lazarus
but I stumble to a message I wrote down some will say I better pass those in his bosom.
in my diary which I considered more who go to Church, have you see And he cried and said, Father
urgent and important message of our time, as I the reaction of the Master (Jesus)
was reading the text again I became so afraid of the house to those who re-
because of the reaction of the Master of the fused to honour the invitation to
house (Jesus) on the report of the servant (the great upper night. Luke 14:21
evangelist) on the attitude of those who have So that servant came, and
heard message and refused to believed, the shewed his lord these things.
impending danger await them. Then the master of the house
being angry said to his servant,
The message, this morning is not meant to Go out quickly into the streets
make anybody sad or guilty but is a wakeup and lanes of the city, and bring
call to every Christian, our expected responsi- in hither the poor, and the
bility to tell men that Jesus Christ is the only maimed, and the halt, and the
Son of God and that he is the saviour of the blind. I sincerely sorry for you,
world which have come to save men weakness the god of this world has blinded
and from the power of sin. God has enough your eyes, so many ladies had
rooms for the whole world if only they can been killed while on harlot duty Caption describing picture
accept Him as their Lord and believe that he is yet other are saying that is their or graphic.
the Son of God. John 1:12 own, you see them in the middle
I pray Holy Spirit will help me again, I liken of the night, they stop any car
our text to Christian going for evangelism in- and enter it without fear or Abraham, have mercy on me,
viting men to accept Jesus as their Lord and knowing where the car come and send Lazarus, which he
Saviour, possible asking them to come to from and where the car is going may dip the tip of his finger in
Church for more spiritual impartation. They and who is the man inside. Peo- water, and cool my tongue; for
start giving excuses why they cannot accept ple die in the night club even I am tormented in this flame.
Jesus as their Lord and Saviour also why they those who witness it the follow-
cannot come to Church and worship the Lord ing day you will still them there, But Abraham said, Son, re-
their Maker. a man and lady die in night club member that thou in thy life-
swimming pool no press carry it, time received thy good things,
Our text say when the servant tells the master if it is in Church, it will be the and likewise Lazarus evil
all that the bidden excuses, he was angry and front page caption. Shame to things: but now he is comfort-
said to him go out quickly into the streets and you, ed, and thou art tormented.
lanes of the city, bring in hither the poor, the Satan,
maimed, the halt and the blind (telling people And beside all this, between us
you and you there is a great gulf
about Jesus Christ demand urgency). The serv- cannot your actions
ant returned and said, it is done as thou hast fixed: so that they which
stop the today would pass from hence to you
commanded and yet there is room. I pray for move
everyone reading this message that your room determine cannot; neither can they pass
of to us, that would come from
in heaven shall not remain vacant in the name your
of Jesus. thence.
tomorrow. Then he said, I pray thee there-
The invitation was sent to three set of people.
fore, father, that thou wouldest
First to the people who are well to do, perhaps send him to my father's house:
the noble, the professors and the rich but they Church.
turned down the invitation. I do laugh when I For I have five brethren; that
heard some preachers trying to paint Matthew One of the thing, I fear most is he may testify unto them, lest
19:24 And again I say unto you, It is easier for when I remember that many sub- they also come into this place
a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than stitution are in reserve if I fail to of torment.
for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of preach the word of God I can be Look at the wish of God for
God. I feel good preachers forget that, it was substituted. Oh God help my you 2 Peter3:9 say The Lord
the response of the young rich man prompted weakness. is not slack concerning his
Luke11: 24. Dear friends, this may not be the promise, as some men count
The second set of people, are the middle class first that you heard about Jesus. slackness; but is longsuffering
people who are not rich at same time they are Here what Jesus said in Mark to us-ward, not willing that
not poor, who they accepted the invitation. 8:36 For what shall it profit a any should perish, but that all
man, if he shall gain the whole should come to repentance. It
Third class of people are the poor, mostly not world, and lose his own soul?, is not too late for you to turn
educated but they have teachable spirit some- your earthly position does not to Jesus, you are alive today to
how their own invitation was like by force and count when you die and I want read this message because yet
they submitted it. you to know that there is life there is room for you.
I am saying to you that is reading this word of after dead. The Bible tells us I sincerely want you to under-
life; dont be among them that reject Jesus more of what will happen after stand something, God is not
Christ because there is impended danger for dead in Luke 16: 22-28 say happy as he declare Luke
them Acts 4:12 say Neither is there salvation And it came to pass, that the 14:24 For I say unto you,
in any other: for there is none other name un- beggar died, and was carried by That none of those men which
der heaven given among men, whereby we the angels into Abraham's bos-
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Please I will advice husband and wife to her. He knows that when a man love his
The Lord hears you carry scorecard and score yourselves. wife, he will everything for her and a when
a man loves his wife, he put his head there
Text: Proverbs 18:22 (KJV) said (Col 3:18 [KJV]) Said Wives, submit your-
and ready to die which is the character of
Whoso findeth a wife (not wives) selves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in
Christ, he also knew that, in time they could
findeth a good thing, and obtaineth the Lord. The women of today are hiding
behave very funny that you will ask, is this
favour of the Lord. under civilization to be equal with their hus-
my wife or another woman which could
band because they are working to bring
I want to congratulate all the (legally) cause bitterness and God has forth warn us
money home and by their body language
married men and women. not to be bitter against her.
they are telling their husband you are a de-
I sincerely pray that as you read this gree and a master holder so I am, your busi- I pray that God will touch the heart of an
Word of Life revival will take place in ness is doing well so my own but you forget irre- sponsible
your marriage in the name of Jesus. your primary duties as a wife, everything at hus- band sup-
Let us believe the Holy Spirit to speak home is house girl, read Proverbs 31. It is posing
to our heart if you could only open up clear that God has given the home to wom- Chris- tian
and allow him to repair and restructure en as their domain. Unknowing to you the (brother)
your heart toward your spouse. man is taking notice of your actions and his even Pastor I do
reactions may be very surprised while some won- der if they
I may not be fifty years in a marriage,
may not talk a word, but quietly look else- have heard about
but by the special grace of God, I
where, you now run to your Pastor, my hus- Jesus before.
started preaching, teaching and handle
band is this my husband is that but you They lack re-
marital affair when I was under 30. I
quickly forget your behaviour and never tell spect for their
could remember after teaching in one
it to your Pastor. Remember, God is not wife even
of our General Zonal Fellowship, one
moved by emotion if you like cry still to- though she
man walked down to me and whis-
morrow He is moved by His word. Think of was the one that
pered in my hear, not now until you
the way you are treating your husband if pro- Caption describing picture posed and
get married we will know. God helps
you hear that a woman is treating your son, brought out
me through the power of Jesus, I am
brother or father would you like it, some of mon- or graphic. ey for you
doing what I preach and teach to His
you, your husband have no option but play- to marry her
glory, Amen.
ing by the rules as God commanded, but for God sake
Acts 20:20 (KJV) And how I kept those who have option the news is that my show her some
back nothing that was profitable unto husband is sleeping with my house girl, he respect and love her because you agreed,
you, but have shewed you, and have is beating me, he does not touch me, he not every little thing you begin to beat and
taught you publicly, and from house to does not stay at home, my husband does not insult her even in the public but in the night
house, show me love etc, who is the genesis? Score you begin to dance private dance shame on
I understand one thing that God is the yourself as it is fit in the Lord. you irresponsible husband. I know many
author of marriage, his reason is that husbands are now hiding under recession
(Col 3:19 [KJV]) said Husbands, love your
he does not want his image to be lone- starving their family and playing Father
wives, and be not bitter against them. Hus-
ly, the Bible said so in Genesis 2:18a Christmas outside if you see where they are
bands, love your wives, the Bible did not
...it is not good that the man should eating outside you will think that there is no
say husband loves your school mates, Oga
be alone... understand this too loneli- tomorrow, free food and drinks for all but at
Madam, colleagues, night or street ladies,
ness is never Gods intention in your home woman stop disturbing me dont you
house girl, your wife's sister or friend even
marriage. Every system has secrets, I know the situation in the country? Think of
when they present themselves so cheap and
will say for every institution there is the way you are treating your wife if you
available, simply tell them that you are not
rules and principles which much play hear that a man is treating your beloved
available and that you are not ready to buy
with it. sister, daughter or mother would you like it,
any market, proudly tell them that you
some of you, your wife has no option but
Take note of this although is not part bought one already she is waiting for you at
she only plays by the rules as God com-
of todays message, I could remember home.
manded, but those who have option the
in the past when I hurt my mother, she God did not make a mistake by asking us to news is that my wife is a dog sleeping
will say unless I did not carry you in love our wives because he knows that love around with any man, my house boy, in-
my womb for a good nine months, but will cover her short coming, love will make cluding my driver, she does not stay at
as I grow up I recovered that it is we us to tolerate their weaknesses, love will home, my wife does not submit to me etc
men that first carried women on our make us to provide for her, love will make who is the genesis of the whole thing? You
side and only God knows how long us to make sure that she is safe and secure God will hold you responsible if that wom-
and our own we slept and wake up and but any love that will make a husband to be an goes to hell. Let me tell you one secret
found a baby girl. Genesis 2:21-23 control of his wife is not of God, is it satan- when you love your wife, your children will
Men shout a better Hallelujah. We ic. I sincerely pity any husband that is being be taken care. Score yourself as it is fit in
were the first, tell them something controlled by his wife because I know that the Lord.
else. he is in a big trouble already. God will not
If you have a problem in your marriage
The title of this message with the help hold any wife responsible for any misfor-
Jesus is ever ready to fit it for you, Proverbs
of the Holy Spirit is Your Marriage tune in your family, just like when our
211: The king's heart is in the hand of the
and You but King James Version sub Mother Sarah worked on Abraham to sleep
LORD, as the rivers of water: he turneth it
-heading it Rules for Christian with their maid and she was the first target
whithersoever he will and in Genesis
Households Colossians (KJV) 3: 18- of the attacker and when she could no long-
18:14a God said ....Is anything too hard for
19 in which, if you play by the rules er bear the shame she told Abraham to send
the Lord... invite him to your marriage. In
and principles I can assure you of ab- her away, the husband said I am not heart-
Jeremiah 33:3 said call unto me and I will
solute peace and harmony in your less, I cannot do such a thing, but when he
answer thee, and show thee great and
marriage. Here are duties for everyone could not withstand two women fighting in
mighty things, which you knows not One
that makes up a household (marriage) his all the time, he ran to God and he said to
spouse can never make marriage to work
biblically not by culture and traditions him since you had allowed your wife to
and claiming right may not allow you to
of men. control you go back and continue to obey
Efik for Christ, lets do it for God.
My dream and vision are to see
that the entire Efiks Nation comes to the
in case you don't know what am talking
about, the history has it that late King Eyo
Hon-esty II of Creek Town, as well as late
King Eyam-ba V, sent a note 2 Queen
knowledge of God through Jesus Christ Victoria in 1842, she should send Teachers,
and my prayer and desire is that Christ is missionaries who will come and teach the
formed in the life of every Efik man, wom- people the way of God. Google it, it is
an, boy, and girl. It is not by mistake that I there on the internet, I got this
got married to the great granddaughter of information over ten years ago.
late Obong Eyamba but the dream come

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