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Joey Victoria

Mrs. Debock

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September 28 2017

Essential Thesis: How does gaming have a positive effect of gaming?

Working Thesis: I believe gaming have a good effect to the brain

Refined Thesis: I think that games have a great effect to people and kids

Annotated Bibliography
SAGE Publications. What types of video games improve brain function? ScienceDaily.

ScienceDaily, 1 october 2015. <www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/10/151001093837.htm>.

What types of video games improve brain function? SAGE Publications says that science

on the effects of video games is good. They proved that playing games have a positive effect to

your brain by improving attention skills and that the brain process is increased. Drs. C. Shawn

Green and Aaron R. Seitz built a book that talks about action games with fast moving targets

improve your decision making and reaction time. Shawn and Aaron made a point that playing

games have a positive effect to your behavior and social functions. Video games involved the

main active forms of learning besides passive learning. Games also promote the brain plasticity

and unroll hidden abilities for the brain to remember.

Victoria 2

Griffiths, Mark. Playing Video Games Is Good for Your Brain. The Washington Post, WP
Company, 11 Nov. 2014,
for-your-brain/?utm_term=.dfb2b7a0f9d8. Commented [1]: Double space

Playing video games is good for your brain. Video games can be use to educational for Commented [2]: no your

the gamers. Video games can show how fast your reaction time can and your hand-eye co-

ordination. The consent of fast pace movement and the three dimensional objects upgrade the

gaming experience. The colleagues and Vikranth Bejjanki published books of how playing a

action and fast paced video games prove that players show improvement to their perception

attention. Gamers after playing a action games were stronger at jobs such as pattern pictures.

They also taught gamers who did not have any exposure to playing action games. They gave

them two days to trained and the data came back positive and they execute way better on the task

they gave out.

The Positive and Negative Effects of Video Games. Raise Smart Kid, 20 Aug. 2017,



Video games can actually make gamers more intelligent and improve our muscles. When

playing games it gives our brain a training session and some are not teachable to the gamers.

When playing games it improves our problem solving and logic by thinking how to beat the level

or where they should go. Shooting games helps our fingers or reaction time get faster and better

by rapid thinking what coming first and how you are going to respond to the problem when it

comes. Games teach the player how to plan and saving resources, some games are strict about

how the player should save their resources so they can survive in the game. Games can also

polish your accuracy by making faster choices without messing up your accuracy. Gamers can
Victoria 3

be trained their pattern by doing the same thing over and making better choices that the player

did not do the first time. Players also teach themselves to take risk and make mistakes and going

back to fix the problem.