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Online Projects, Collaboration Sites and Publishing Opportunities

Lesson Idea Name: Dr.Math Final Exam Prep

Content Area: Math
Grade Level(s): 5th
Content Standard Addressed: All- preparation for final exams

Technology Standard Addressed: 4. Innovative Designer Students use a variety of technologies within a
design process to identify and solve problems by creating new, useful or imaginative solutions.

Selected Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity: Dr.Math

URL(s) to support the lesson: http://mathforum.org/dr.math/

Describe how you would incorporate an Online Project/Collaboration Site/Publishing Opportunity in your
classroom (Minimum 2 paragraph overview): For wrapping up the end of the year, I will ask the students to
come up with questions that they have regarding the final exam from what we have learned this year. Instead
of wasting class time on several questions and not getting to them all, I will assign the students to go to the
Dr.Math website to ask their question and find their solution. If students have the same questions, they can
utilize the class blog and post some of their questions with responses onto the designated page. Students will
be directed to post at least one solution onto the website. This will create a collaboration as well between the
students. Any questions that could not be solved with the website will be worked in class.
What technologies would be required to implement this proposed learning activity in a classroom?
Describe how the following features are addressed in this learning experience (note: all of them may not be
addressed in the project, but most should be if you are reaching a high LoTi Level).
a. Collaboration with peers, near-peers, mentors outside their classroom and often beyond their
school: Students will collaborate with students from all over from the website, collaborate with
students from their class with their blog posts, and collaborate with the teacher in class and through
the blog.

b. Student-centered learning and knowledge creation (creating original data and or producing original
products as a result of engaging in a project): Students lead the class with their questions, and will
lead their own learning through finding their own results rather than the teacher spoon feeding the

c. Higher-order thinking: Students will take the lead of their own learning and that of others similar to a

d. Students publishing their original work to others who will use/care about their product: Students will
post their own questions and responses on the website, and also the blog that can be viewed in the
future as referene.

Blooms Taxonomy Level(s):

Remembering Understanding Applying Analyzing Evaluating Creating

Levels of Technology Integration (LoTi Level):

Level 1: Awareness Level 2: Exploration Level 3: Infusion Level 4: Integration

Summer 2017_SJB
Online Projects, Collaboration Sites and Publishing Opportunities
Level 5: Expansion Level 6: Refinement

Lesson idea implementation and Internet Safety Policies: How could you implement this proposed learning
experience and still comply with your districts Internet Safety and Student Privacy policies?

Summer 2017_SJB