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Fitness Exhibit At:

New Lake, 42D, Sector 42,
Chandigarh, 160036 ST
Step In Your World Of Fitness

Book Your Stand today “www.biopronut.com/fitnessfest”

“Are you a #fitfam, looking for health, wellness, fun
activities, fitness equipments, fitness food and much
more. Its all being brought together at
About us :
Making India Fit.
At Fitness Fest, we are focused on creating value for
both the exhibitors and visitors.

Whether you are a visitor looking for fitness bring

yourself and your audience at fitness fest.
Fitness Fest gives you a chance to fortify your relationship with existing customers
and more importantly gives you an access to untapped customers. Meet the
different set of customers with their interests in Health and Wellness and engage
with them providing them with a great experience of your brand.

Why Fitness Fest?

• A marketing platform for your venture.
• Opportunity to interact with potential clients
• Ideal for product launches, promotions & show
• Know your competition
• Obtain immediate feedback on products &
• Educate Consumer
• Develop leads & customer database
• Support your existing campaigns
• Demonstrate your commitment in market place
Exhibitor Profile:
Fitness food & Supplements
• Food Chains
• Supplement Retailers
• Supplement distributors
Fitness centers
• Gyms
• Spas
• Yoga centers
• Reiki centers
• MMA Academies
• Karate & Kung-Fu Academies & Trainers
• Muay Thai Academies & Trainers
• Zumba & Aerobics Academies & Trainers
• Cross-fit & Calisthenics Academies & Trainers
• Meditation & subliminal Healing Centers
• Dance Academies

Fitness Equipments
• Fitness Clothing
• Fitness foot-wears
• Misc. Fitness gears
• Training Equipments
Adventure Sports
• Aero sports
• Aqua sports
• Jungle Camping
• Hiking & Trekking
• Rock Climbing
• Extreme Sports

Yoga and Reiki

Supporting services(details) • Yoga Instructors
• First Aid • Reiki Masters
• Healthcare & Travel Insurance • Yoga clinics
• Consultants & Advisors
• Fitness Event Organisers
• Fitness Media Houses
• Information centers
We at fitness party have made efforts to bring the most
relevant exhibitors for you to join us at the event to
step forward for healthy life and give your soul the
experience it seeks.
• Finding everything from wrist bands, weights, gym
apparels to adventure hiking and trek tours along with
the most exciting fitness activities
• Engage with a huge number of companies, chains
offering countless products and services for fitness and
wellness enthusiasts.
• Getting a one on one view of industry leading brands
catering to fitness, sports, adventures, fitness food,
fitness gears, supporting services and much more.
• Network with fitness industry pacemakers
Visitor Profile
• High net-worth individuals
• Fitness and adventure enthusiast
• Trade buyers
• Investors
• Government. tourism dept.
• Government. health dept.
• Guides & instructors
• Travel agents & tour operators
• Wellness and lifestyle enthusiast
• Retreat owners
• Sports facilities
• Business developers
• Therapists (yoga, Reiki, psychologist)
• Stress management & wellness coaches
• Zumba & Desi bhangra
• Fun run & free-style dance competition
• MMA show
• Public interaction with big fitness celebs
• Fitness challenges
• Heelathon – Walk India in her shoes
• Two days Medical health check-up camp
• Discussion on importance of preventive
Healthcare and health insurance
• Food fest
• Fitness shoe sole; launch-walk
• Free diagnosis camp
• Cancer diagnosis camp
• Yoga camp
• Classical music night
Tariff Plans
Space size (in Sq. ft) Rate in INR (Per Sq. ft)

Raw space (below 10x10 ft) 25,000+GST

Shell spaces (10x10ft) 30,000+GST

Shell spaces (15x15ft) 50,000+GST

*rates may subject to change

*shell space scheme package includes:

• Octonorm system wall elements • One power socket 15 amp
• Fascia with company name • Three spot lights
• Carpet, information counter, 2 chairs • One waste bin
BioProNut is a healthcare company that is dedicated towards improving
health and fitness standards for our clients as well as affiliates. Our aim is
to create a dynamic ecosystem of selective online services, which will help
our customers get every possible help without actually having to look for
it. Our hope is that in doing so, we will be able to play a vital role in both
the prevention and cure of health related issues plaguing the subcontinent.

We aim to bring high quality technology based healthcare solutions to the

masses. Millions of people suffer from all sorts of ailments and diseases on
a daily basis. These diseases attack the body and mind in a systematic and
methodical way, yet their treatment and management is often haphazard
and unregulated.

We wish to build a framework of advice, treatment and services that would

let the people suffering from these problems manage and treat them without
hassle. Through our efforts, we hope to one day turn the process of getting
quality healthcare into a simple one click job. The following are among
the many Collaborators of BioProNut: Thyrocare, Sobti Nuero Hospital,
Medical Booking, Eduris, Saint Farid Group, etc.
World Healthal Trust is a DSIR-certified non-profit organization registered under the Trust
Registration Act, 1860. The motto of the organization is: Providing Equity in Healthcare &
Education, for it strives to make available the essentials of good health and right education
to people who need them most. Dedicated to improving human health and education
standards on a broad scale, World Healthal Trust is engaged in myriad activities related
to R&D; science communication; social development and specialized trainings for human
resource development.
One of the flagship projects of this organization is on cancer prevention and management,
under which awareness and screening camps are conducted on cervical, breast, oral and
prostate cancers in both rural and urban areas.
Many camps have been conducted to spread cancer awareness among men and women in
Delhi-NCR. The following are among the many sponsors/partners/collaborators of World
Healthal Trust: Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR); Directorate of Health Services
(DHS, Govt. of NCT of Delhi); VigyanPrasar (Department of Science & Technology, Govt.
of India); DLF Foundation; Rotary Club of Noida; Gender Resource Centres (URIDA,
MANCH); Chimera Gentec; BellerophonBiotec; many RWAs and Sharda Hospital, Greater
Under the banner of this organization, several alternative methods of healing like Reiki, Lama
Fera, Hypnotherapy, EFT, Yoga and Meditations are practiced for both providing healing
sessions to patients the world over, as well as teaching these bioenergy healing methods
through various training programmes.
In addition, World Healthal Trustis promoting the development of herbal gardens in schools,
spreading awareness on the pharmaceutical importance of various medicinal plants. Special
herbal teas are being developed for promoting good health.
SWATI MODO Label has been around for four years now, with much credit to its name.
Since the very beginning of this interesting venture, shoe designer Swati Mehrotra has been
coming up with new ingenious ideas to bring her BrandSWATI MODO in the limelight.
The same accounts of all her concepts like the customization of a shoe to the latest shoe
laundry. From designing shoes for her pet dog, to volunteering more comfortable shoes
to kids suffering from Polio; the young Swati's humane persona has delighted one and all.

As a Customized shoe designer, Swati has always been coming out with exceptional
concepts working towards an endeavor to touch the next level of creativity. Besides the
initial lot of theme based shoes on pets, Taj Mahal etc. she did an exceptional job at various
fashion weeks Swatimodo designs stand apart in the crowded footwear design market.
All creations here are expressions of passion, creativity and love for the life we lead. At
Swatimodo we are passionate towards creating footwear which are truly creative and are
crafted with out-of-the-world ideas that involves the elements from our surroundings,
where we live, travel or have experience! Swatimodo believes in peculiar craftsmanship
so sticks to basics of art of making handmade shoes. Bringing out a woman of substance
yet a woman with the heart of a kid. Every creation, every design, every colour, every style
Swati started off in a man's world with all struggles like most women do. She made-up
her mind to break all stereotypes. And also decided to break into the bastions of men (as
was the notion of many during her formal education years) to make her mark. She made
a mark in a profession predominantly dominated by men.
ST Step In Your World Of Fitness

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