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[16:20, 8/5/2017] 191100393388069200:


Memorandum of association with laws and social order of society;

Certificate of the chamber of commerce or company registration certificate;

List of members and administrators with a copy of the documents and / or passports;

Document and authorization and / or license to trade and export of gold and precious metals;

Bank references.

[16:20, 8/5/2017] 191100393388069200:

We, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx hereby confirm the Gold Bar Holder, we confirm with full corporate
responsibility under penalty of perjury, that we are the seller of the references offered above.
We are ready, willing and able to sell the products of reference that are offered in the
international market. That the offer of XXX Kg gold in nuggets / bars / ingots per month is
offered is available and genuine, and that the offer below is referenced is a bid in good faith
with knowledge of the fraud act. I understand that I am civilly and criminally responsible
responsible under my control as a certified seller. This document, whether by fax, email or
hard copy, will be accepted as an original and binding document by all parties involved in this
transaction. In accordance with the terms and conditions set forth herein. As a seller, we are
ready, willing and able to deliver the present offer of gold bars under the following terms and


PRODUCTS: gold bars / nuggets / ingots (Aurum)

FORMULA: high grade gold bars / nuggets / ingots (Aurum)

FINANCE: <22 carats plus or <93% Au or XX, X% Au

ORIGIN: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

PARCKAGING: Packing suitable for trade

LOCATION: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

LOADING PORT: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

DELIVERY: DAT / CIF destination airport

QUANTITY: XXX Kg / week / month or more

DURATION: X year with extensions

FIRST TRANCHE: XXX Kg (to be agreed between the seller and the buyer)

SUBSEQUENT TRANCHES: to be agreed between the seller and the buyer.

PRICE: discount XX% Net - XX% Gross - LMBA 2nd fixing London

COMMISSION: total commissions of X% paid in half and between seller and buyer

XX% Buyer side intermediaries paid by buyer

XX% intermediaries side sellers paid by the seller


Each delivery must be accompanied by a shipping document with all necessary documentation
in accordance with international law, including

1. Four (4) Copies of Commercial Invoices to Buyer

2. Certificate of Origin

3. Certificate of legal ownership

4. List of certified weights

5. Air Waybill

6. Test certificate

7. Certificate of insurance

8. Export Permit - Export License

9. Copy of seller's passport


1. The seller sends FCO to the buyer.

2. The buyer receiving the FCO signals from the seller and sends back to the seller.

3. Sellers and buyer negotiate the contract for the transaction.

4. The buyer and the seller will sign the contract, the original signed and notarized signatures.

5. Within two days of signing the agreement, the seller shall transfer the gold to the port of
loading for subsequent shipment to the designated Buyer.

6. The seller or representative informs the buyer before any export.

7. The seller will pay all exports, taxes, levies and other costs the delivery of the product to the
country designated by the buyer.

8. The seller / agent will accompany the gold in transit to the destination until the buyers, the
seller will issue the final invoice after the test report confirming quality and quantity of the
buyer's refinery.

9. The total payment for the goods will be for the seller after the refined final made by the
buyer and the certification.


All clean and clear money payments of non-criminal origin and by MT 103 wire transfer or by
acceptable financial instrument to be agreed between the parties 72 hours after the refinery
and the laboratory test report.


"This F.C.O. is valid for XX (xxxxxxxxxx) banking days from the date of issue and subject to
variations in international market prices, as well as the availability of the merchandise if it is
not accepted by expiration date."

First name:


Passport #:



Country of Issue:




Unesdoc.unesco.org unesdoc.unesco.org

I have read and understood the gravity of the above warning and realize the serious impact it
has on all currency and commodity transactions.


We, the Buyer, are ready, willing and able to purchase the Au gold / bar / ingot nuggets
offered in this F.C.O., which is returned to you duly signed and stamped as acceptance of the