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08 DECEMBER2017 | Vol 9 Issue 38

Shashi Kapoor INSV Tarini crew Bhartiya Samaj

passes away at the Christchurch organises senior's
age of 79 visit diary summer picnic
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2 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender


The question of invitation

rime Minister Jacinda Ardern has
expressed satisfaction that her invitation
to Prime Minister
to the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi brought out the
Modi at the recently held East Asia Summit in spark and glee in her
the Philippines was very warmly received.
Certainly, the invitation was very warmly
conversation, signalling
received, Ms Ardern told The Indian her keen interest in
Weekender in an exclusive interview, which NZ-India bilateral
was its first opportunity to speak with her after relationship and also her
becoming the Prime Minister.
The Indian Weekender probed the Prime
clear understanding of
Minister on many issues of concern for the the huge expectations
wider Kiwi-Indian community including law within the Kiwi-Indian
and order, immigration, international students, community towards such
the 100 days programme of the new government
and bilateral relationship between New Zealand
a high-profile visit.
and India.
Ms Ardern was at her eloquent best on
almost all issues. However, it was on the issues
of law and order and the invitation to the Indian
Prime Minister Modi that she appeared most
passionate about.
While on the law and order issue the Prime
Minister was sombre in explaining why
it did not feature prominently in the new
governments 100-day programme she was
also at pains to respond to two individual cases
related with law and order that have stirred
sentiments within the community in the past
two weeks.
The question of invitation to Prime Minister
Modi brought out the spark and glee in her
conversation, signalling her keen interest in
NZ-India bilateral relationship and also her
clear understanding of the huge expectations
within the Kiwi-Indian community towards
such a high-profile visit.
Law and order is a priority

O n being probed why law and order did not

feature prominently in the governments
high profile 100 days programme, Ms Ardern
export education market out there -- then those
who come to NZ could be assured of good
quality course that also protects our reputation.
reassured that the only reason was the amount For those who are here [international
of work needed to fix the issue, which was students], there is no change in policy.
apparently not possible in the first 100 days. We cannot bring a policy which affects
Law and order is absolutely a priority for us. midway someone who is already studying in
Our first focus is of course increase in police NZ, Ms Ardern affirmed.
numbers. We are striving to achieve additional
1800 numbers in Police and those numbers you
Invitation to Indian Prime
dont achieve in just 100 days, Ms Ardern said. Minister Narendra Modi
Will look into case of Kiwibank
dumping a local post shop owner
T he Indian Weekenders enquiry on the
follow up from the Prime Ministers Office
on the personal invitation extended to the

H owever, it was Ms Ardernss

compassionate response on the latest case
of Kiwibanks dumping of a Post Shop owner
Indian Prime Minister Modi for a visit to NZ
was responded with an unwavering conviction.
The suggestion was that our officials would
in Owairaka which was earlier raised by The continue to work with each other to see what
Indian Weekender with Minister for Police would be possible, Ms Ardern said in a flash.
and Small Businesses Stuart Nash on the same The Prime Minister also demonstrated her
day, before raising with the PM, that was well astute understanding of the huge expectations
received within the community. within the Kiwi-Indian community toward
changes in the narrative in recent times,
I am interested in that and will be following whereby pre-election sensationalism on cutting high-profile visits and the overall well-being of
up with Kiwibank to understand what is driving down numbers in the range of 20-30000 has the bilateral relationship between NZ and India.
their decision, Ms Ardern said. been given away in favour of making the It was a fantastic bilateral, and usually these
overall settings right. meetings are often quite short.
Michael Wood made in-charge of But we met and spoke for some time, as we
It is important to note that the Labour Partys
community safety pre-election announcement repeatedly vowed did informally in between our meetings.

C ontinuing the focus on law and order the

Prime Minister revealed to The Indian
Weekender that Michael Wood, the MP for Mt
reducing immigration numbers in the range of
20-30,000, raising concerns among businesses
and section of ethnic communities.
What I found from those discussions was
the level of interest in the NZ-India bilateral
relationship, what we could do to enhance it.
Roskill and Parliamentary Under Secretary, However, this has changed since Ms Ardern What we can do to increase trade and export
had been delegated the special task of looking Immigration the changing took over the party leadership, gradually re- opportunity.
after community safety issues within ethnic crafting the narrative on immigration, moving And I specifically mention about the
narrative away from a fixation on numbers in favour of community I worked amongst here in Mt Albert
As part of that responsibility, Mr Wood
has already started to look into the case of O n immigration and the situation of
international students already in New
Zealand, Ms Ardern continued what essentially
correcting overall settings of immigration.
This is surely reassuring for the Kiwi-Indian
[and areas around] and gave him a sense of how
warmly he will be received, Prime Minister
Kiwibanks dumping of the Post Shop owner community, especially international students. Ardern said.
and is following up with the bank. could be described as one of the most effective I want to make sure that we put out our
The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 3


Meet one of the only two
Indian fire fighters in NZ
SANDEEP SINGH the thrill and excitement of having

ukesh Babu the South the first hand opportunity of meeting
Mukesh Babu in uniform
Auckland-based Indian- and seeing an Indian-origin fire
origin fire fighter holds fighter in action.
the unique distinction of being Indeed, the fire fighters like other
one of only two Indian-origin fire emergency services are the ones who
fighters currently working Fire and are least expected at our place, but
Emergency Services. are the ones who make the critical
The fact that only two people of difference between life and death
Indian-origin are currently working when they eventually turn up.
as fire fighters in NZ could easily The Indian Weekender visited
come as a discomforting shock for Papatoetoe Fire Station to meet with
many in the community, as Indians and see Mukesh Babu in action.
are known to have lived in NZ for Here are the excerpts of
more than a hundred years. the interview.
The official start of the summer,
IWK: Please tell us about your
and the dawn of the fire season,
history in New Zealand. How long
naturally initiates a strange sense
have you been in this country?
of inquisitiveness toward the fire
Mukesh Babu: I was born in
Auckland and raised in Pukekohe.
It was in pursuit of this
local Kiwi-Indian community, and Police one of the other public team was due for a shock to find that My family has been in New
inquisitiveness toward the fire
celebrate their contributions in safety and emergency services in only two people have so far worked Zealand for the last 99 years with
fighters the heroes in the community
keeping our communities safe. NZ, the expectation was to run into as fire fighters. my grandparents arriving from the
that The Indian Weekender initiated
Given that there has been a a decent numbers of fellow Kiwi- Initially it was a bit hard to fathom, Indian state of Gujarat.
an enquiry into the numbers of Kiwi-
respectable surge recently in the Indians working as fire fighters. especially in 2017. Nevertheless, the IWK: What prompted you to opt for
Indians working as fire fighters.
number of Indians working in NZ However, The Indian Weekender initial disappointment gave way to fire fighting as a career?
The idea was to find heroes within
Mukesh Babu: I have always wanted

there are two

times in life...
now and too
because your family may depend on it someday...
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4 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

to do something for the community and opt for

careers that give you enough opportunities to
or getting recognition of being the first or one
of the two India-origin fire fighters. Its just
Indians encouraged
to make fire services
serve the community. Earlier I have worked in that I always wanted to do something for the
the army from 2001 to 2004 and I joined Fire community.
and Emergency services 10 years ago. IWK: How does action start here in the fire

a valid career option

IWK: It appeared to be a short career in the station whenever there is a call for help?
army? Mukesh Babu: Every time bell goes on, we
Mukesh Babu: Yeah, I wanted to travel around have two minutes to respond. Meaning, to get
and see the world. See it a little bit more than to the vehicle from wherever we are inside the
the conflict areas, where the career in armed station, with our gears on, and get out of the SANDEEP SINGH

forces can take you. door.
he Indian community in South
IWK: On that note, have you ever travelled IWK: Can you tell us how do you feel when
Auckland and wider New Zealand
back to India? you go to action? What goes inside you?
is being encouraged to look into the
Mukesh Babu: Oh yes, many times. In fact, Mukesh Babu: I am there to make the
Fire and Emergency Services as a valid career
I was there last year visiting my grandmother, difference. I am there to help. So I will do
and before that, it was about five years ago. I everything that is under my control, and that
We would encourage the members of
regularly visit India as we still have family- is safe for me to do, to help the people in my
the Indian community to look at the Fire and
home and lot of relatives, especially from my community.
Emergency services as a career option, because
mums side. IWK: What is the best thing about this job?
its a wonderful environment, Chris Delphos,
IWK: Tell us your experience of being one of Mukesh Babu: The best thing about this job is
Assistant Area Commander, Papatoetoe Fire
the only two Indian origin fire fighters in NZ? that we are here to help the community. We turn
Station told The Indian Weekender.
Mukesh Babu: Well, I have not joined the fire up when people are usually having a bad day, Commander Delphos was speaking with The
services with any goal of impressing someone but we are there to make it better. Indian Weekender team, visiting Papatoetoe
Fire station to meet with one of the only two
IWK: We were kind of surprised by the fact
The best thing Indian fire fighters in Fire and Emergency
Mukesh was one of the only two Indian
about this job Services.
fire fighters.
is that we are We are an extended family and we are
Chris Delphos: Yes we have a large number
here to help the looking for people who can work in a team
of Indians in this area. We would encourage
community. We environment and are happy to help the
the members of the Indian community to look
turn up when community.
at the Fire and Emergency services as a career
people are Mukesh Babu is a valued member of the
organisation, and a valued member of the option, because its a wonderful environment.
usually having a We are an extended family and we are looking
Indian community in Counties Manukau,
bad day, but we Commander Delphos said. for people who can work in a team environment
are there to IWK: The Indian Weekender would like to and are happy to help the community.
make it better thank you for having us here and giving the IWK: Plus your organisation offers everyone
opportunity to meet Mukesh and know more an opportunity to be a leader and a hero
about the Papatoetoe fire station. every day.
Chris Delphos: It has been a pleasure to Chris Delphos: [Laughs] Well I do not know
have you here. Mukesh is a valued member much about being a hero but yes we certainly
of organisation a valued member of the like to help the community and we do that on a
community of the Counties Manukau. daily basis, definitely.


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The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 5

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6 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Bhartiya Samaj organises Book launch on rituals of

summer picnic for seniors Sanatan Dharma to inspire followers

RIZWAN MOHAMMAD Acharya Ajay Tiwari with the book and other

dignitories at the launch
anskrit Yoga and Jyotish Trust on Saturday,
The book also covers all kinds of pooja and
December 2, hosted a ceremony to launch
Senior citizens enjoy the summer picnic rituals Hindus performed in households.
RIZWAN MOHAMMAD the book on the rituals of Sanatan Dharm
Acharya Tiwari was bestowed with the

at Shirdi Sai Sansthan in Onehunga, Auckland.
hartiya Samaj, as a part of its annual title of Acharya by Sampurnanand Sanskrit
engaging themselves in the beauty of nature. The book titled Customs and Rituals of
events, organised a weekend picnic Vishwavidhalayin Varanasi after obtaining two
It had everything - beautiful beach and Sanatan Dharm is written by Auckland-based
for the senior citizens in Auckland. Masters degrees in Vyakaran and Mimansa
the sea on one side and hills on the other, renowned priest, preacher and scholar, Acharya
On Saturday, November 25, more than Shastra respectively. He received his third
Ajay Tiwari.
150 seniors of the community took a trip to abundance of bird life among many native Masters degree in Sanskrit Literature from the
Acharya Ajay Tiwari is also the founder and
the Wenderholm Regional Park in Waiwera. trees a perfect place to enjoy the whole University of Delhi.
Managing Director of Sanskrit Yoga and Jyotish
The park is renowned for its stunning scenic day, a senior member of the community at Acharya Tiwari had spent more than 20
Trust and Gyaan Mandir based in Manurewa,
views and birdlife with a beach located the trip said. years with Acharya Mahamandaleshawara, Shri
South Auckland.
adjacent to it. As the day progressed, the seniors danced Maheshanand Giri Maharaj, a veteran scholar
The book launch event was attended by several
to the music, shared their food and enjoyed of various Upanishads from whom he studied
It was a great day, perfect weather and a community leaders and dignitaries including,
the mesmerising beauty of the place. sacred texts such as Brahmasutra, Shankar
stunning location that made the picnic plan Vinod Kumar, President of Hindu Council of
The seniors were looking for such a Bhashya, Ishopanishad, Kenopanishad,
perfect for the senior members of Bhartiya New Zealand, Bhav Dhillon, Honorary Consul of
trip for a long time, and they were quite Kadhopanishad, and the well-known Bhagwat
Samaj Charitable Trust, Chairman of the India in Auckland, Michael Wood, Labour Party
enthusiastic at the venue. They danced like Geeta.
Trust, Jeet Suchdev said. MP for Mt Roskill and Parliamentary Under-
there is no tomorrow, shared their memories Acharya Tiwari is also the Head Priest of
Three busloads of senior citizens, Secretary.
and their happiness with one another, Mr Yogini Shakti Peetham, a Vedic Temple
executive committee members of Bhartiya The event commenced with Ganesh Stuti and
Complex based in Pollock on Awhitu Peninsula,
Samaj along with a team of Volunteers from Suchdev said. Hanuman Chalisa by children, followed by flute,
about 95 kilometres from Auckland.
Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall made the trip Bhartiya Samaj is a charitable organisation mridangam and violin recital by Dr Ashok Malur,
Acharya Tiwaris Sanskrit Trust conducts a
a memorable one for the seniors, he added. that helps and facilitates seniors of the Dr Suresh Ramchandra and Shrimati Ashvani
variety of cultural activities such as classes in
As a traditional practice, the day community by organising different events and Vishvanath. Acharya Tiwari, in his speech shared
Sanskrit, Veda, Karmakand or how to perform
activities. The organisation is also hosting a his scholastic journey and mentioned how this
commenced with management welcoming Vedic rituals and astrology. It also hosts Indian
Christmas event on Saturday, December 9 at book would inspire thousands of followers of
everyone followed by the prayers. The seniors Classical music and dance programmes, seminars,
Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall in Mt Roskill. Hinduism, especially those in Australia, New
spent the day talking to each other and mostly and the printing of books and calendars.
Zealand and Fiji .

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The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 7

20th installment of Migrant

Cricket Tournament kicks off

he 20th installment of the
Migrant Cricket Tournament
has started with nine teams Chartered Accountants
playing for the championship.
The tournament sponsored by
Relianz Forex Ltd. held its first We provide the right solutions at very reasonable price!
match on Sunday, November 19,
at the Auckland Domain. The
four-month tournament will host matches
Accounting and Taxes
every Sunday with its finals on Sunday, End of year Accounts
March 11, 2018. Income Tax & GST Returns
As per the rules of the tournament, the
winner of the previous years tournament
Bookkeeping & Financial Accounts
takes charge of organising the event. In March Small Business / Rental Property Accounts
2017, the team Telangana City Boyz defeated LTC & Trust Accounts
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just outstanding. The matches are going to get finals and the two winners from round two
exciting as there is a good number of audience will play team placed one and team put two in
participating in the game too, President of the semifinals, which will be held on Sunday,
Telangana Association of New Zealand Kalyan March 4.
Rao Kasuganti said. The idea to host such a tournament is to get Call me
for a
The nine teams playing this year are Probasee
Bengali, Tamil Superstrikers, AIS United,
the youth of the community come together and
keep the passion of cricket alive in them and FonRsuE E
Indian Warriors, Telangana City Boyz, TUF XI, give them an opportunity to showcase their C ltation
MTS, Telugu Tigers and Deccan Acers. talents on the field. Mukesh Arora
Every weekend, four matches will be held Telangana Association of New Zealand is FCCA (UK) CA (NZ)
on four different Auckland Domain grounds, sponsoring Player of the week award with a Macro Accounting & Tax Advisors Limited
and a total of 36 matches will be played in $50-worth Rebel Sports voucher.
the first round to reach the second round, the The tournament was an initiative taken 19 Mobile: 021 129 0810 116B, Cavendish Drive,
years ago by patron Prashant Belwalkar, and Office Ph: 09 263 00 00 Manukau, Auckland 2104,
quarter-finals. The one team not playing on the
Free Ph: 0800 82 55 99 New Zealand
day of the match will take the responsibility of the tournament has since thrived with more
umpiring and moderating the four games. participation from the community. Email: mukesh@macroaccounting.co.nz Website: www.macroaccounting.co.nz

Botulism suffering Indian family

makes remarkable progress, two
members shifted to rehab ward

otulism suffering Indian family of
Waikato continues to make remarkable
progress on the road to complete
Two members of the family were shifted
from medical ward to the rehab ward suggesting
a remarkable progress from their original
vegetative and unresponsive condition when
the case first emerged on the national scene.
Shibu Kochummen, 35, his wife Subi Babu,

Shibu and his wife Subi in a file photo
33, and his mother Alekutty Daniel, 62, had
consumed freshly hunted wild boar in dinner
It is going to take time for everything to fall

more than three weeks ago at their Putaruru
home and had remained unresponsive and in a into place.
vegetative state since then. Although Babu could not communicate
Shibu and his mother have been shifted from
medical ward to rehab ward, Joji Verghese,
property yet, she asked for her children if they
were safe when she woke up.
the spokesperson of the ill-fated family told We take children to meet with the family
The Indian Weekender earlier on Thursday, every weekend, Mr Verghese told The Indian
December 7. Weekender.
This is definitely a remarkable progress. Meanwhile, the community is rallying
We all are very pleased with their recovery up closely behind the family as generous Work Connect is a free 10-hour programme to
and hope that wife Subi Babu would also follow donors are opening hearts and wallets to help
them soon [to the rehab ward], Mr Verghese the distressed family by contributing in the help you prepare for the New Zealand job market.
added. Givealittle page.
Earlier last week The Indian Weekender The Hamilton Marthoma Congregation, of Are you a: Apply for Work Connect now
reported the first signs of recovery when the
which this family were a member and which
family members regained consciousness for the Skilled migrant Visit careers.govt.nz/workconnect
is also a registered charity had set up the
first time after an almost month-long ordeal. Partner of a skilled migrant or phone 0800 222 733 and ask
Givealittle page.
The family members were then reported An international student about Work Connect.
to have lost memory with a limited sense of Till the last reading on Thursday, Decemberv
7, 234 generous donors have contributed $16, graduate (level 7 and above) Eligibility criteria apply.
Ms Daniel woke up first, followed by Mr 272.22.
Kochummen earlier last week, but it was not The funds would be used to pay for airfares
until Friday, December 1, that Ms Babu could of family members visiting from India and
open her eyes. medical expenses of the grandmother Ms
Since then the family is trying to recollect Alekutty Daniel, who is on a visitor visa and
memories of last one month. hence not funded by the public health system.
8 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

The spirit of giving can go a long way to Elim Church invites the
support children of Shanti-Bhawan School community for Christmas
SANDEEP SINGH programmes is not only changing
the lives of the children but it
group of passionate people RIZWAN MOHAMMAD
is dealing with the problem of

in Canterbury is hoping
generational debt. he Elim Tamil Church
to invoke traditional Kiwi
Shanti Bhavan is truly an in Botany is hosting an
generosity and the Kiwi-Indian innovative vision with amazing
compassion for those less fortunate evening of celebration and
impact for what will ultimately
back in India to support Shanti prayer for the community on the
impact on thousands of people,
Bhawan - a local school in the occasion of Christmas. This event Pastor Viki Vignarajah
Ms Morris added.
Indian city of Bangalore. will be held at Mt Albert War Memorial We believe the children and the
Shanti Bhavan has broken
Hall on Saturday, December 16 from youth are the future of the church, so
The story of Shanti Bhawan through the barriers that poverty
Donna Morris 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. we minister to their needs through our
school, which houses some of the creates through education and The church, which is located on Childrens ministry and Youth ministry.
most impoverished children in the The beautiful smiles from the an abundance of love. Given 159 Botany Road in Howick, has We encourage our children to learn the
city of Bangalore, a city that prides children at Shanti Bhavan have quality education and constant a congregation of more than 175 Tamil language, culture, and songs and
itself as Indias Silicon Valley for inspired me to fundraise for them encouragement, children are given members on a regular basis. It actively of course they enjoy the Tamil cuisine,
being the hub of dollar-minting here in New Zealand. My visit the opportunity to realise their full engages in a variety of community
information technology companies in September to Shanti Bhavan he added.
potential as successful, socially work including offering free sewing
is indeed the story of stark contrasts Childrens project in Bangalore to The church connects different
conscious members of society. classes for women, conducting generations of women in the church
that our human societies are known see how the expansive vision of Dr
Ms Morris is encouraging the summer/winter family camps, monthly through its Ladies ministry. The
to reflect concealing islands of George Abraham works was life-
community to come forward and family fellowships, and several church runs sewing classes for all Tamil
poverty within the oasis of wealth. changing for me, Ms Morris said.
help build a childs future. She also mission activities. ladies; offer fellowship once a month as
WebFair.co.nz, a community The school has been operating
funding website was created by appealed to the business community Pastor Viki Vignarajah, who has been KUDUBAM and summer and winter
for more than 20 years and was
a group of passionate people in which can get involved by gifting/ an integral part of all the activities at camps.
set up to educate and change the
Canterbury to provide a platform donating items or vouchers. the church for the community, leads the In addition to serving the Tamil
lives of children from some of the
for community groups to raise church. community in the Auckland area,
most impoverished communities in Who doesnt love giving a gift,
money utilising the currency of A home far from home is exactly the church is also committed to
India. she added.
gifting. how welcoming is our Tamil Church, serving Tamil origin nationals in their
Shanti Bhavans work is a totally The Shanti Bhavan webfair
Donna Morris, a local Kiwi and this celebration is for every homelands. Pastor Viki Vignarajah
reimagined way to educate children runs until the Friday, December
resident and closely involved Tamilian from South India, Malaysia, and his team visit India, Sri Lanka,
who would otherwise live their lives 14 and can be visited at https://
with the initiative of Webfair, had Sri Lanka, Singapore, South Africa etc., Myanmar and Malaysia twice a year to
in poverty, and the organisation has webfair.co.nz/fairs/shanti-bhavan-
watched a documentary on Netflix who are presently living in and around uplift, encourage and support the needs
called The Daughters of Destiny offered the children a life of dignity childrens-project-india. Auckland, our place of worship fosters of the orphans, the aged, the widows,
that inspired her to take an initiative and achievement.
Webfair.co.nz has received the fellowship and spiritual growth, an the lepers, the blind, etc.
to raise funds in New Zealand for Supporting children through
authority from Shanti Bhavan to organiser of the event told The Indian The event is free for all, and child
the poor and the impoverished boarding school, college and
raise funds on its behalf. Weekender. minders will be available for 3 to
children in India. university, then on to MBA
Elim Tamil Church offers fun, food 5-year-olds so that the community
Ms Morris visit to Shanti Bhavan and fellowship for all ages. It helps
Childrens School in Bangalore, can relax and enjoy the event. There
children feel connected with their Tamil will be several skits, dances and song
India drove her to contribute her
part to make the lives of children roots and keep them engaged with the performances planned for the event
better. community work as well. followed by a delicious Tamil spread.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 9

Humm FM announces its 3rd

Christmas for Kids 55 Hour
Radiothon to bring smiles
on childrens faces

he three musketeers of
Humm 106.2FM, will go
without sleep for 55 hours
and stay On-Air to appeal for
Christmas presents for kids, who
otherwise, may have gone without
the magic of Christmas this festive
Aucklands number one
Bollywood (Hindi) Radio- Humm
FM, today announced its third
Christmas for Kids Radiothon
campaign which will start on Team HummFM at last year's Radiothon
Thursday, December 7 at midday and finish on
Saturday, December 9 at 7 p.m.
Breakfast Show Host Vijay and Drive Show
Hosts Dev and Sandy will be On-Air for 55
hours, without any sleep and appeal to the
listeners to bring gifts for kids less fortunate.
During this period, people are invited to
come at any time with their friends and families
to drop gifts at Humm FM Studio, 16 Taylors
Road Morningside Drive, St Lukes.
Humm FM started the trend of Christmas
for Kids Radiothon in 2015 which lasted for 54
hours and hundreds of listeners walked through
Humm FM doors to donate gifts and nearly
2000 gifts were donated to the Auckland City Radiothon but its the listeners who have made
Mission for distribution. it bigger and better. We hope that more listeners
Last year, Vijay, Dev and Sandy, decided will join the campaign so that no child goes
to go an extra hour making the radiothon, 55 without a Christmas gift this festive season.
hours long and nearly 4000 gifts were collected Humm FM believes Christmas is a time of
and donated to the Salvation Army. giving and sharing and Christmas for Kids 55
This year Humm FM is again partnering with Hour Radiothon will provide an opportunity to
the Salvation Army and hopes the listeners will all of us bring smile on little faces once again.
open their hearts for the kids less fortunate and
become Santa for them again.
Humm FM Director, Roshila
Prasad says, Humm FM is

only providing a platform for
Christmas for Kids, 55 Hour

at Glenbrook Vintage Railway

10th & 17th December 2017
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10 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Ayushakti Ayurveds expert Pulse Reader

Vaidya Dipali Shashtrin returns to Auckland
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The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 11

Injured dairy owner battles while 21-year-old Indian

dies after drowning

perpetrators remain at large

RIZWAN MOHAMMAD bills/mortgage/kids to pay for, and
incident in Auckland
File photo of Akhil Tangri

with Christmas around the corner,
he Hamilton dairy shop attack on these things just have to keep on
Monday, November 27, did more going, Ms Naidoo added.
damage than just taking cash and The police on Monday arrested
grievously injuring a 58-year-old man. Dairy a 13-year-old, but the other three
owner Ajit Farrar and his family is now offenders are still at large and are
fighting more than one battle even after 11 being hunted by the police.
days of the brazen robbery. SWATI SHARMA
The police has caught the

Mr Farrar is due for an eye surgery on 13-year-old offender, but the man young Indian boy has died after an
Ajit Farrar in the hopital; (below) Mr Farrar
Monday, December 11, at Waikato Hospital who stabbed my father in the eye with his family in a file photo unfortunate drowning incident in West
after the attack left him with the bruised is still roaming free on the streets, Auckland.
eyeball. Mr Farrar will have a prosthetic eyeball Ms Naidoo said. Akhil Tangri, 21, was found dead in the water
inserted as he has lost vision from the right Mr Farrar received immense at Maori Bay near Muriwai, West Auckland on
eye completely. Friday, December 1.
support from the community ever
He is still in lots of pain and is taking a lot Police received a report of a person in trouble
since who have come forward to in the water at approximately 3:35 p.m on
of medication for this, Mr Farrars daughter
help the family in their difficult Friday,to which emergency services responded
Sonam S Naidoo told The Indian Weekender.
times. Labour Party List MP for and located the Mr Tangri dead in the water.
The dairy store has remained closed ever
Hamilton East Jamie Strange and The boy hailed from Ludhiana city in Punjab,
since the attack leading the family into India and had come to New Zealand as a student
National Party MP for Hamilton
financial stress after immense emotional in July this year.
West Tim Macindoe visited the
trauma. According to Mr Tangris friend, he was
family and assured the offenders
It was one part of the income that we were outwith two friends to celebrate the birthday of
would be caught soon. one of them. They went to play paintball earlier
receiving so has been quite a huge effect, not
Four offenders attacked in the dayand while returning they decidedto go
just on my parents but also for the community
Irvine Street Dairy in Frankton, toMuriwai beach for swimming.
around us, Ms Naidoo added.
Hamilton at around 12:45 p.m. When the boys were swimming, all three of
Mr Farrars two daughters who work them were swept away by a high tide. While the
on Monday, November 27 leaving
in Auckland and Wellington have been two of them survived, Mr Tangri could not be
the sole attendant at the shop Mr
travelling regularly to make sure their father saved resulting in this tragic incident.
Ajit Farrar with grievous injuries
is recovering. There is currently a black market for Police spoke with the witnesses and has
on hand, wrist, face and eye.
It is quite hard for her as she (Mr Ajit cigarettes, and they need to either ban smokes beenproviding support to the mans friends.
These offenders need tougher penalties, Consulate of India in Auckland and the Indian
Farrars wife) is also looking after two of my altogether or give these people harsher
not just a slap on the wrist. These people need High Commission in Wellington are in touch
younger siblings who are still in school, and punishments. We pay our taxes, we work hard
to know that what they are doing is not right, every day, yet they sit on the benefit and steal with the Police and the concerning authorities to
preparing for the farmers markets which they
stealing from innocents and hurting them is from us? It just does not make any sense to assist the family and friends of the deceased in
have to keep doing due to financial reasons.
not right. this difficult time.
It is tough when you still have a lot of us, Ms Naidoo said.

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12 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Telangana Association hosts Drive safely, we want you

Christmas event for community
here for Christmas: NZ Police

ew Zealand Police is warning motorists
to be safe during holiday period and be
back safely
The message from NZ Police and the NZ
Transport Agency to road users is simple
drive safely, we want you here for Christmas.
Telangana Association members with dignitories at the event
Today we are launching We Want You
RIZWAN MOHAMMAD Here for Christmas a national road policing
The event also had the presence of

operation aligned with a joint Police/NZ
elangana Association of New Zealand parliamentarians such as Labour Party MP Transport Agency social media campaign,
(TANZ) has been active on every front for Roskill Michael Wood, List MP for Assistant Commissioner for Road Policing
of community activities and events in Maungakeikei Priyanca Radhakrishnan, and Sandra Venables said while launching the
New Zealand. National Party List MP Kanwaljit Bakshi. campaign on Friday, December 1.
The community organisation hosted a small Other community leaders such as Ravindran More people have been killed on our roads
cultural event to celebrate Christmas for the Vai from Auckland Tamil Association, Bhaskar This will include random breath testing and
this year than any year since 2010, and many
community on Sunday, December 3. The Reddy from Saibaba Sansthan, Onehunga, alcohol checkpoints, as well as checking on
have been left with life-long injuries, Ms
event was held at Mt Roskill War Memorial Dharmender Alle from NZ Telugu Association, seatbelts, and speed enforcement.
Venables said.
Community Hall in the presence of more than Vijay Kosna from Telangana Rashtriya Samiti, NZ Transport Agency Safety and
These tragedies impact not only those killed
Aruna Jyothi from Telangana Jagruthi, and Environment Director Harry Wilson said that in
100 community members. or injured, but their friends and family as well.
Pastor Paul also graced the event. a crash, speed is the single biggest determinant
The programme started with Telangana Police and the Transport Agency want
Telangana association Vice President Uma in whether anyone is killed, injured, or walks
official state song by Greeshma Kasuganti. Salvaji welcomed all guests, and Kalyan to help prevent this harm in the lead up to
A band of singers and musicians presented Christmas by positively influencing the mindset away unharmed.
Rao Kasuganti gave his message of love and A small change in speed makes a big
the two-hour programme and entertained the brotherhood at the event. and behaviours of New Zealand road users.
The campaign focuses on four main difference to the seriousness of injuries.
audience. The event included the singing of We celebrate every Indian festival and event
contributors of road trauma going too fast for We want to everybody to actively take
hymns, carols, the importance of Christmas, the irrespective of any religion. Our organisation
the conditions, unrestrained vehicle occupants, responsibility on our roads.
celebration of this festival back in Telangana, here follows the principle laid by our Telangana
impairment (such as fatigue, drugs, or alcohol), Police will be out there on the roads in the
India etc. State Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao,
to celebrate every Indian festival with equal and distractions (such as using a cell phone). areas they know are at greatest risk.
The Christmas carols were sung by Pastor
devotion and enthusiasm, Mr Kasunganti The social media campaign includes a series They are incredibly passionate about what
Paul, and his team and community member they do, trying to keep all road users safe, but
added. of four videos that aim to get road safety
Madhu Yerra coordinated the event. Police cant be everywhere, and were urging
Earlier this year we hosted Ramadan messages across in a more light-hearted way
We hosted this event for our community everyone to take responsibility for safety and
Iftar for the community, Eid celebrations, with a little help from Santa and some dogs
members, especially children who do not miss do their part.
Diwali, Telangana State Formation Day, blood named Fitzy and Tumeke.
the fun of Xmas celebrations as we do back in That means driving to the conditions, free
donation camps, other community initiatives Alongside that, police officers will be also
our home state, President of TANZ, Kalyan and now Xmas and New Year, Mr Kasunganti from distractions and impairment, and properly
be out in force for an alcohol-focussed harm
Rao Kasuganti said. concluded. restrained, Mr Wilson said.
prevention operation.

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The Indian Weekender Friday, December 08, 2017 NEW ZEALAND 13

INSV Tarini's Christchurch diary

As reported by The Indian Weekender last week, the all-women crew of Indian Navy Sailing Vessel (INSV) Tarini entered the Lyttelton Port (near Christchurch) on the morning of November 29.
The crew led by Lieutenant Commander Vartika Joshi, and comprising of lieutenant commanders Pratibha Jamwal, P Swathi, and lieutenants S Vijaya Devi, B Aishwarya and Payal Gupta, is on a
seven-month-long circumnavigation of the globe, which was flagged-off from Goa on September 10, by the Indian Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman. Tarini is scheduled to hit Indian shores
sometime in April next year.
While it is indeed a moment of pride for the entire country, and more so for the Indian diaspora in New Zealand, the Garden City of Christchurch was specially privileged to be hosting the first
military all-women team in the world to attempt a circumnavigation. As such the Tarini team has been very busy aside from looking after the boat repairs and getting some much-needed and
well-deserved rest in attending to the various functions/receptions being hosted in their honour. We followed them in Christchurch for the past week and bring some highlight.

The Indian High Commission in NZ hosted an official reception to honour the crew of INSV Tarini. Attended by Honorary Consul of India in Auckland
Bhav Dhillon, National Party's List MPs Kanwaljit Singh Bakshi and Ms Parmjeet Parmar, the event was also attended by Indian Navy officers,
representatives of the Royal New Zealand Navy, Christchurch City Councillor Anne Galloway, and several prominent members of the local Indian
community. Addressing the gathering, Tarini's skipper, Lt. Commander Vartika Joshi said On behalf of my crew, I thank you all for such a wonderful
reception. While we look forward to and prepare for the next leg of our journey with great anticipation, maybe we will find some time to explore
Christchurch a bit as well, she said.

While the crew rested on Saturday, Sunday December 3, was a especially busy day, starting with Christchurch's Mayor Lianne Dalziel hosted a reception for the crew. In
an open day when the INSV Tarini was open to public for two-hours in the morning. The Navigating attendance were Deputy Mayor Andrew Turner, and city councillors Anne
Officer Lt Commander Swathi explained to the slowly-trickling crowd how they store food, how Galloway, Sara Templeton, Jimmy Chen, and Raf Manji. The crew also
they cook food, and what they do to keep themselves busy while at sea. presented the Mayor a special artefact memento of INSV Tarini.

Dont have your friends

and familys offerings
destroyed when they
arrive in New Zealand.

Tell them to leave

Prasad at home.
This includes all fruit, honey products,
vegetables and fresh flowers.

For more info mpi.govt.nz/declare

14 NEW ZEALAND Friday, December 08, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Then in the afternoon, the crew visited the Next Step

Centre for Women at Christchurch's Ara Institute of
Technology. . Graduate stories collated and published in
the book Brave Enough to Wear Red Stockings, was also
presented to the crew.
Ms Gillian Rose, who leads the Centre, officially welcomed
the crew. She also introduced the Centre, drawing on its
25-plus years of experience in helping women to take the
next step in their lives through employment or study
Altrusa Scholarship Award winner and NSCW graduate
Ms Liz Dick also shared her story at the event. International
Director at Ara Ms Beth Knowles and prominent members
of the Indian community attended the event as well.

Lieutenant S Vijaya Devi

told the audience how out
of the six crew members,
two are always at watch.
We run a four-hour-
watch and eight-hour-
sleep schedule. We have
been training for almost
two-and-a-half years for
this trip and have sailed
extensively, she said.

On December 4, the women organisation Shakti hosted the

crew at a reception at Bangladeshi restaurant Nobanno.

About their safety during the journey, the crew shared how
their family members said to them, Till the time Indian
Navy is there to take care of you, we have nothing to worry.

The crew also shared that while they have some

knowledge of astro-navigation, it is bare minimum.
But we do have hand-held GPS and paper charts on board,
in case we need those in the next legs of our journey.

Ruth Dyson, Labour MP for Port Hills who was present

as well, congratulated the brave Indian Navy officers
on being the first all-women crew in the world to Next stop that day, was at Plains FM 96.8 radio station. There Ms Nimi
attempt such an endeavour. Bedi (standing in the middle) who is the presenter of the Canterbury
Sanjha radio show interviewed the Tarini crew about their experiences and
what prompted them to join the Indian Navy.

On Tuesday, December 5, was the day for Tarini's

crew to interact with and inspire the young
generation. They visited the Prebbleton School,
near Christchurch, where the Indian Navy officers
in their official uniforms were a big hit!

The crew also went to the Christchurch Santa Parade. Yes, INSV Tarini's crew. Indian
community, not only in New Zealand, but across the world, is very proud of you!

A trip to New Zealand Aotearoa is never complete without a visit to a marae.

Carrying on this tradition, with an added charm of understanding the
maori culture up and close, the INSV Tarini crew visited the Rehua Marae,
right in the centre of Christchurch's CBD, on December 7's morning. While
the women in the marae sang waiata (maori songs) - to which the crew
responded by their own rendition of Hum Honge Kamyab Ek Din - Mr Bill
Edwards, a respected elder of the Marae, welcomed the crew.

Explaining the significance of a marae in the maori culture, Mr Edwards

noted, "This Marae is even more significant as all the iwis (maori tribes)
of Aoteoroa are represented here, including Ngai Tahu, the largest one in
the South Island. Ever since maori came to this land mass over a thousnad
yeasr ago, New Zealand has grown through immigration. And Indians have
played a very important role in that. Many of my relations have married
Indians. And Indians have been very good citizens here. While I welcome
you at my marae and congratulate you on your brave endeavour, I also
thank every Indian who has made Aoteoroa his or her home."
The Indian Weekender Friday, December 8, 2017 FIJI 15

Helen Clark: Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters

are going to be good news for the Pacific Island
ormer New Zealand Prime week in Fiji from this crisis. There is
Minister Helen Clark joined a lot awareness of this in the Pacific.
discussions on Tuesday, I would say climate change and
December 5, at the International obesity are up there in the headlines
Civil Society Week in Suva. as the major, major challenge.
In her first visit to Fiji in twelve
Fiji Sun: How do you view the
years, Ms Clark addressed civil
society organisations present at the current political climate in
weeklong meeting. Fiji ahead of the 2018 General
The former PM was a fierce critic Elections?
of the 2006 military takeover and Clark: I dont follow it day-in
was involved in placing sanctions and day-out. I havent been to Fiji
during that period. She then headed for 12 years partly because of former
the United Nations Development developments, of course. I hope
Programme for eight years and in her there are free and fair elections that
capacity advocated for the welfare of would be my hope for Fiji.
Pacific Island states. Fiji Sun: What does Jacinda
Fiji Sun caught up with Ms Clark Arden becoming PM mean for
at the conference. Here are the Fiji-New Zealand Relations?
excerpts from the interview: From left: Julia Sanchez of Canada and board member of CIVICUS, Andrzej Kostek ICSW 2017 coordinator with Helen Clark: Ive known Jacinda ever
Clark, former head of the United Nations Develoment Programme and former New Zealand Prime Minister... during the 2017
Fiji Sun: How do we ensure International Civil Society week at the University of South Pacific on December 6, 2017. since she was a student. She as a
Pacific voices continue to be young graduate was employed in my
heard in the global arena par- they got it into the agreement as an In the Pacific, you have Tuvalu on vulnerability to what economists office when I was Prime Minister and
ticularly in regard to climate aspiration. the brink of becoming lower-middle would call externalities like climate she was elected to Parliament just as
change? Well, the issue is as with the income, Vanuatu has lower-middle change. Vanuatu and Fiji and so on I was leaving in 2008.
Clark: I think the advocacy Sustainable Development Goals, income once you move out of have no control over it whatsoever She now represents my old
from the Pacific on climate change that its one thing to have the Paris the low-income category you stop but theyre on the receiving end. electorate. We come from the same
has been huge. We can say a lot of Agreement but we do not yet have getting decent concessional lending region in New Zealand there are a
Fiji Sun: Climate Change is a
world citizens dont notice much enough ambition by countries in their and yet your lower-middle income lot of similarities and of course we
big issue in the Pacific now, but
about anything thats going on, but nationally determined contributions status is so fragile and you could come from the same party.
what do you think are some
informed citizens know about the not enough ambition to stop global have a major cyclone come along I think her election will be very
other issues that Pacific coun-
Pacific and climate change. warming at 2 degrees let alone 1.5. like Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu and positive for the Pacific I think it
tries, in particular Fiji, should
I mean, Tuvalu has been in Pacific voices are going to have flatten everything or like Dominica would be positive for the aid budget
the headlines for years as very to stay very strong, also strong on or Barbuda in the Caribbean. and positive for relationships. She
Clark: The other one that needs
vulnerable, so has Kiribati. So the advocating for more support for the So, a lot of the small island has a foreign minister, Winston
to be absolutely in the headlines
voice of the Pacific is loud in those vulnerable which the Pacific are. developing states are deemed to Peters, who was the foreign minister
is the non-communicable diseases
circles sustainable development When I was at the United Nations be middle-income, but they are so for my last three years I was Prime
(NCDs) crisis and specifically the
discussions globally and regionally. Development Programme, I made vulnerable and they cannot afford Minister and Winston has many ties
obesity epidemic.
It is climate change discussion a lot of speeches and did a lot of to re-finance reconstruction on with the Pacific going back more
Its very serious, not just for Fiji
so people know the Pacific has a advocacy with the Pacific Islands commercial terms this is ridiculous. than half a century.
but across the Pacific, and it is a
major issue. All I can say to the Forum, with the Organisation Now, the banks are so slow to move Hes a guy who is 72, he went to
global problem. In my own country,
Pacific leaders is keep out there with for Economic Co-operation on this but the UNDP I know will university with many people who
two-thirds of adults are overweight
your message because that is what in and Developments (OECD) keep advocating. are still prominent in public life
or obese, a third of children and
the end will help a more ambitious Development Assistance Committee They are committed people on this. and politics in the Pacific today.
this is quite typical for the US,
Paris Agreement than we might have (DAC) and with the Commonwealth The commonwealth is committed on Hes the kind of guy you can pick
Australia and the Pacific. In the
thought possible. which is a great voice for small carrying out the forum. But we need up the phone and ring him. He put
Pacific it is truly a mega crisis
For years, it was only the small island states too, about the need the World Bank to move to accept a huge emphasis on the Pacific so
absolutely alarming.
island developing states who were for the international regional and that concessional lending should not I feel pretty confident that the new
The stories of the number of
out there in effect saying we need development banks to be much more relate to lower income. government will be positive for
amputations every day and every
considerate to vulnerable countries. It needs to take into account Pacific relations. - Source: Fiji Sun

India to sort out air connectivity for North East India

global warming to peak at 1.5 degrees

or any tourism industry to strive in the Assam are very warm and hospitable.
modern world it needs a strategic air Recently Assam Government has enacted
connectivity plan. the New Tourism Policy which will facilitate
The North East Indian region, includes eight the tourists and other stakeholders.
states, is looking at ways to connect with the Assam wants to grow without destroying
rest of the neighbouring countries. our eco-system and tourism is the most
Union Minister of State for Tourism potential sector.
(Independent Charge) KJ Alphons during Chief Minister Uranchal Pradesh Pema
the opening of the 6th International Tourism Khandu was associated with the International
Mart (ITM) at the Vivanta By Taj Hotel in Tourism Mart since 2013.
Guwahati, Assam, India on December 5 "India Connectivity and infrastructure are
is blessed two problems which North Eastern
said the Government of India will gladly
with so many varied States are facing, he said.
provide assistance.
tourism potentials He hoped that due to
He said concerns raised regarding the direct Participants and delegation at the opening of the 6th International Travel Mart in
whether it is geographical initiatives like International
air connectivity of the North-East India with Vivanta by Taj, Guwahati, India on December 5.
location, cuisines, textiles, Tourism Mart, very soon tourist
the neighbouring countries will be taken up to Biswa Sarma said It has a number of way in harnessing tourism varied cultures, ancient arrivals in North Eastern States
the Ministry of Civil Aviation to improve the tourism sites which need to be converted into potential in the North Eastern cultural heritages and it will be increased substantially.
inflow of international tourists in the region. tourist destinations with better approach. States. monuments." Engagement Of The Private
He added that all concerns of the North East A Safe Haven NE Region This Mart is a wonderful Sector
region, including its promotion as a safe tourist Dr Sarma added that the North Eastern States opportunity to showcase the unique Government of India Ministry of
destination, will be a taken as a priority. are very safe for tourists as there are hardly any tourism treasures of North Eastern Tourism secretary Rashmi Verma said that the
India is blessed with so many varied tourism news of crime. States. Keeping in view the Act East Policy Foreign Tourists arrival in India is showing
potentials whether it is geographical location, In the last three to four years there have of the Government, this platform will serve its upward trend and there has been considerable
cuisines, textiles, varied cultures, ancient been no reports, all have been in peaceful. purpose. increase in Foreign Currency also.
cultural heritages and it monuments. We must fight the perception and we will go He said the Assam is very rich in ethnic She said that the Ministry of Tourism,
We have the capability to put India on the the long way, he said. and cultural diversity and people of Assam Government of India is paying much attention
forefront in the field of tourism and for this, we He added that the new tourism policy are always renowned with their hospitality. on the promotion of tourism in North
need to realize the tourism potential of North will boost tourism sector in Assam. Enforce New Tourism Policy Eastern States.
Eastern States and need to work together, Potential Chief Minister of Assam, Sarvanand She opined that there is a need to have
he said. Governor of Assam Jagdish Mukhi said that Sonowal said, Assam is a land blessed with better synergy with private sector. The event is
Assam minister for Health, Hemanta the International Tourism Mart will go a long many tourism potentials and the people of organised by the Ministry of Tourism
Thought of the week
There is no royal road to anything. One
thing at a time, all things in succession.
That which grows fast, withers as
rapidly. That which grows slowly,
endures. Josiah Gilbert Holland

Drowning death
Auckland Weather forecast for the week
Dec 9 Dec 15, 2017

in community Fri Sat Sun Mon Tues Wed Thu

sparks summer Mainly Clouds Partly Periods of Sunny and Sunny to Partly

safety warning
cloudy, and sunny sun and pleasant parlty cloudy cloudy
a little sunshine clouds

he death of an Indian man in a tragic drowning incident in West Auckland on 22 22 23 24 25 25 24
the first official day of the summer season has once again raised concerns of 15 14 15 16 16 17 16
water-safety in the Kiwi-Indian community.
In a tragic incident, an Indian man Akhil Tangri, 21, was found dead in the water at
Maori Bay near Muriwai, West Auckland on Friday, December 1.
This summer season is already being forecasted to be scorching hot with more
This week in New Zealands history
number of people expected to be plunging in water.
10 December 1962
Water-safety continues to remain a big concern for the Kiwi-Indian community,
Maurice Wilkins wins Nobel Prize
given their well-renowned tag of being a relatively less water-friendly. ew Zealand-born Maurice Wilkins and his colleagues James Watson and Francis Crick
According to Water Safety New Zealand Drowning Prevention Report 2015 shared the prize for their studies on the structure of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), the
released by Water Safety New Zealand, in 2015 there was a surge in the number genetic molecule found in all organisms. Watson used X-rays to show the shape of the double
of Asian deaths due to drowning which amounted to 16 per cent of deaths at a per helix.
100,000 rate of 3.0.
This is against national death per 100,000 rate of 2.0. 11 December 1931
To aggravate it further, are two more reports released by Water Safety New Zealand Statute of Westminster passed
earlier this year which suggest that all is not well with our collective ability to remain
In July Water Safety New Zealands (WSNZ) Public Attitude and Behaviour Survey
T he British Parliament passed the Statute of Westminster, granting complete autonomy to
its six Dominions. Australia and New Zealand held back from adopting this status, but in
1947 New Zealand became the last of the Dominions to do so.
for 2017 has revealed that risky behaviour around water was slow to change.
The report argued that while safety messages are getting through risky behaviour is 13 December 1642
slow to change. First recorded European sighting of New Zealand
This is fully corroborated in the latest drowning incident in Muriwai where it was
reported that the ill-fated boy was swimming along with his two mates when they all T owards noon the Dutch explorer Abel Tasman sighted a large land, uplifted high. His
vessel was probably off Punakaiki, so this may have been the peaks of the Paparoa Range.
got in trouble and swept away by a high tide.
The tragedy could have been worse if the other two boys had not managed to reach 14 December 2009
to safety. Cabinet endorses Tino Rangatiratanga flag
Although police have to still officially comment on the circumstances leading to
the tragic incident, there is nothing beyond common sense to suggest that some risky T he government recognised the Mori (Tino
Rangatiratanga) flag as the preferred national Mori flag.
While it does not carry official status, flying it alongside the
behaviour around water was involved.
New Zealand flag on days of national significance is intended
Similarly, the Water Safety New Zealand Drowning Prevention Report 2015 reveals
to symbolise and enhance the CrownMori relationship.
that in 2015 maximum numbers of drowning casualties were within the 15-24 age
groups. For obvious reasons, people in this age group needs to apply more common
sense when enjoying summer holidays in beaches and rivers.
Another report released later in the year in September revealed that New Zealand Indian Weekender : Volume 9 Issue 38
childrens water safety skills fall to unacceptable levels. Publisher: Kiwi Media Publishing Limited
The study by Associate Professor Chris Button of Otago University had then Content Editor: Sandeep Singh | sandeep@indianweekender.co.nz
revealed that New Zealand children lack the basic knowledge to save themselves in Chief Reporter: Swati Sharma | swati@indianweekender.co.nz
the water. Reporter: Rizwan Mohammad | rizwan@indianweekender.co.nz
New Zealand has one of the worst rates of preventable drowning in the OECD and Chief ReporterSouth Island: Gaurav Sharma
experts are already worrying that if this pattern continues, it will only get worse. Chief Technical Officer: Rohan Desouza | rohan@indianweekender.co.nz
So it may be apt to assert in New Zealand Polices words to not leave your common Sr Graphics and Layout Designer: Mahesh Kumar | mahesh@indianweekender.co.nz
sense back home and remind everyone about the water-safety tips to follow this Graphic Designer: Yashmin Chand | design@indianweekender.co.nz
holiday season. Accounts and Admin.: 09-2173623 | accounts@indianweekender.co.nz
Always remember that unlike as back in India or other South Asian regions from Sales and Distribution: 021 952218 | sales@indianweekender.co.nz
where we originally come from, New Zealand is largely a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) society
Views expressed in the publication are not necessarily of the publisher and the publisher
where most of the things are to be done on our own, including taking responsibility is not responsible for advertisers claims as appearing in the publication
and improving water awareness.
In this regard, the first thing to do this summer should be to clearly define Views expressed in the articles are solely of the authors and do not in any way represent
responsibilities when going in groups with young children and families. the views of the team at the Indian Weekender
A special call of action for our international student community who in most cases Kiwi Media Publishing Limited - 133A, Level 1, Onehunga Mall, Onehunga, Auckland.
are enjoying their first opportunity in life to be on their own, away from their overly- Printed at Horton Media, Auckland
caring families back home are naturally more susceptible to a momentary lapse of Copyright 2017. Kiwi Media Publishing Limited. All Rights Reserved.
judgement and not being water safe, is to make right choices in decision making.
Do not leave your common sense at home this summer when you go to rivers and
An end
to all
bad gifts
right now
Send cash around the world from any
participating Western Union agent location

2017 Western Union Holdings, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

18 INDIA Friday, December 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Gujarat elections: PMModi says govt

works for the poor, not Ambani, Adani
PM Narendra Modis remarks were in
response to Congress vice president
Rahul Gandhis repeated jibes that
the NDA government works only for
rich industrialists
rime Minister Narendra Modi He said his government was
said on Wednesday that his committed to bring electricity to
government builds toilets 18,000 villages across the country.
for the poor, not for industrialists The toilets he was referring to are
Mukesh Ambani and Gautam Adani, part of his governments Swachh
as he tried to deflect criticism that he Bharat campaign to dissuade people
cares only for big businessmen. from defecating in the open, a practice
His remarks were in response rampant among the poor people with
to Congress vice president Rahul no access to washrooms.
Gandhis repeated jibes that the NDA Congress leader My
government works only for rich Gandhi had accused government
industrialists. Prime Minister Modi has initiated a
My government has initiated a of favouring only drive for constructing
drive for constructing toilets, Modi industrialists during his toilets, Modi said in
PMNarendra Modi addresses an election rally at Dhandhuka village of Ahmedabad district
said in tribal-dominated Dahod. rallies in Gujarat, which tribal-dominated
Was it rich people who used to votes on December 9 and Dahod." grave injustice to the decades. which has a sizeable Dalit population.
attend natures call in the open 14 to elect a new assembly. Dalit icon. His foreign education was The Congress is trying to woo the
was such a practice followed by Modi is also campaigning in Like Sardar Vallabhbhai recognised even by the Maharaja Dalits, who make up around 40% of
Ambani and Adani? Isnt it for the his home state, where the BJP is in Patel, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar too Gaikwad of Baroda, but not by the states about 60-million people.
poor people of India? he said. power for more than two decades. had to face the Congresss injustice, the Congress. For a place in the Alpesh Thakore, a Dalit leader,
Then at Netrang, he referred to He paid tribute to BR Ambedkar, he alleged. Constituent Assembly, Dr Ambedkar joined the party before the elections.
Ambani and Adani again and asked the architect of the Constitution He said the party did not confer had to go to Bengal to seek support Modi will address a rally on
if they live in villages identified by and champion of Dalit rights, on the Bharat Ratna, the countrys from Dr Shyama Prasad Mukherjee, Thursday, the last day of campaigning
his government to provide electricity. his death anniversary. The Prime highest civilian award, on Ambedkar he said. for the first phase of voting on
Isnt it for the poor people? Minister accused the Congress of even when it ruled the nation for six Modi was speaking in Dhandhuka, December 9.

India, Japan set up Act East Forum Sushma Swaraj grants medical
visas to 8 Pakistani nationals
n a significant boost to New
xternal affairs minister
Delhis Act East Policy, India
Sushma Swaraj on Wednesday
and Japan set up the Act East
announced grating of visas
Forum on Tuesday as agreed during
to eight Pakistani nationals for
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo
undergoing medical treatment in
Abes visit to India this year for the
annual bilateral meeting.
Swaraj made the announcement on
In pursuance of the memorandum
Twitter while responding to requests
of cooperation to establish the India-
for medical visas.
Japan Act East Forum signed on We approve medical visa for
September 14 during the visit of Pakistan nationals Mrs Shahbaz
Prime Minister Abe to India, Ministry Bibi, Zaheerudin Babar, Wazir
of External Affairs and Embassy of Khan and Irfan Ali Chandio for their
Japan held the first joint meeting liver transplant surgery in India. Pls
of the Forum on December 5, the contact Indian High Commission in
External Affairs Ministry said. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe with the Prime Minister of iNDIA Narendra Modi Pakistan, she tweeted. Swaraj has been adopting a
Foreign Secretary S. Jaishankar In a series of tweets, Swaraj said, sympathetic approach in granting
and Japanese Ambassador to people exchanges, including inviting it really give legs to our Act East
We further approve medical visa of medical visas to Pakistani nationals
India Kenji Hiramatsu co-chaired youth from the Northeast to Japan. Policy, the Foreign Secretary said.
Pakistan nationals Mir Muhammad notwithstanding a strained
the meeting. We agreed to work in a much He said that though Japan has been
Shahid, Nikhil Raj, Zafarullah and relationship between India and
The Act East Forum aims to more focused and substantive way in assisting northeastern India in road
Jhamat Mal for their treatment Pakistan over a host of issues
provide a platform for India-Japan the Northeast, Jaishankar said after infrastructure, the intent this time
in India. including cross-border terrorism.
collaboration under the rubric the summit. was to take it to a much higher level.
of Indias Act East Policy and Apart from the Ministry of External Australia joins International Solar Alliance

Japans Free and Open Indo-Pacific Affairs and the Japanese Embassy, ustralia on Wednesday billion people have no access to
To that end, we agreed Tuesdays meeting was attended
Strategy, the statement said. joined the International electricity. Harnessing solar energy
on an India-Japan Act by representatives of the Ministry
The Forum will identify specific Solar Alliance (ISA), ahead will expand access to energy in
projects for economic modernisation East Forum which will of Development of North Eastern of the ISA summit to be held in India developing countries, helping them
of Indias Northeast region including essentially explore the Region (DoNER), Department of in early 2018. to meet the energy demands of
those pertaining to connectivity, Economic Affairs in the Ministry of
possibilities of involving "Australia's expertise in solar their growing economies," said the
developmental infrastructure, Finance, Ministry of Road Transport
Japan in northeastern technologies and research will be statement.
industrial linkages as well as people- and Highways, Ministry of Home
shared globally with the formal It said that joining the alliance
to-people contacts through tourism,
infrastructure Affairs and the northeastern states
creation of the International Solar also supports the Australian
culture and sports-related activities. from the Indian side, and Japan
Alliance," said a statement from Government's commitment to clean
According to a joint statement International Cooperation Agency,
To that end, we agreed on an India- Julie Bishop, Australia's Minister energy cooperation and meeting our
issued following the bilateral summit Japan External Trade Organisation,
Japan Act East Forum which will for Foreign Affairs. The ISA aims Paris Agreement emissions targets.
in September, Prime Minister Japan Foundation and Japan National
essentially explore the possibilities to promote the roll-out of solar "Australia is a world leader in
Narendra Modi and Abe appreciated Tourism Organization from the
of involving Japan in northeastern technology and solar energy uptake the sector, with significant expertise
the cooperation between Japan and Japanese side.
infrastructure, Jaishankar said. The Look East Policy enunciated in amongst countries that lie in the sun- in remote electrification and vital
northeastern India, ranging from rich belt between the tropics. supporting technologies such as
He said that development of the early 1990s for Indias enhanced
key infrastructure projects such as "Led by India and France, batteries and pumped hydro storage.
infrastructure in the northeastern engagements with Southeast Asia for
road connectivity, electricity, water members of the ISA will deepen Around 17 per cent of Australian
region would help India open out boosting economic ties, was turned
supply and sewage, to social and cooperation on solar research, reduce households have rooftop solar panels
much more to Myanmar, Bangladesh into the Act Policy after the present
environmental sustainability such technology costs and harmonise - the highest per capita rate in the
and beyond. NDA government assumed power
as afforestation and community
So it would in a practical way giving a strategic dimension to it. international standards. Over one world," said the statement.
empowerment, as well as people-to-
Friday, December 8, 2017 INDIA 19

India invites Norway to

The Indian Weekender

invest in green transportation India, Cuba sign MoU for pharma
I regulation, medical devices
ndia on Wednesday, December 6,
invited Norwegian collaboration

in transforming India's logistics ndia and Cuba have inked a memorandum of understanding (MoU)
sector and help develop the massive to enhance cooperation in the health sector such as regulation of
infrastructure to green the Indian pharmaceuticals, medical devices and information.
transportation system. The MoU was signed by Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare
A senior Indian official invited J.P. Nadda and his counterpart from Cuba, Roberto Tomas Morales Ojeda.
investment in building environment Nadda said the MoU on cooperation in the field of health and medicine
friendly transport network from between India and Cuba was important for exchanges in the health sector
Norway, which has globally become and to develop institutional framework for cooperation in the health sector
the largest market for electric between the two countries.
vehicles (EVs) and has embarked on "One potential area is pharmaceutical and biotechnology. Cuba has made
the world's biggest "Green Coastal remarkable strides in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceuticals. We
Shipping Programme". need to encourage greater institutional collaborations for joint production of
"India is keen to work with medicines on commercial basis," said Nadda. A joint working group will be
Norway to create environment- formed for implementation of the MoU.
friendly maritime clusters which
are the next big thing in this area," Kerala raises minimum liquor
Shipping Ministry Deputy Secretary
drinking age to 23
Abhishek Chandra said at a
"India he Kerala government on Wednesday came out with a new Ordinance
seminar here organised by
is keen to raising the minimum age for liquor consumption from 21 to 23.
the Norwegian embassy
work with Norway The Ordinance will make suitable amendments to the state Abkari
on "How to Develop The Ambassador-designate of the Kingdom of Norway, Nils
to create environment- laws and has been sent to Governor P. Sathasivam for his clearance.
Green Transport in Ragnar Kamsvag presents his credential to the President Pranab
friendly maritime Mukherjee, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, in New Delhi The Congress called it a gimmick.
clusters which are the "Early this year, they re-wrote the Abkari laws and liquor today is freely
"Not many companies Addressing in operation and the world's largest
next big thing in this available unlike the laws when we were in power (2011-16)," said senior
from India have come the seminar, fleet of LNG ships," he added.
area." Congress leader Joseph Vazhackan.
forward in the tendering the Norwegian Norway's National Transportation
that we have already done Ambassador to India, Programme envisages that all "During our time the total number of hotels that served liquor was just
for our shipping infrastructure," Nils Ragnar Kamsvag, new vehicles after 2025 will be two dozen and today that number has dramatically gone up. Raising the age
Chandra said, referring to the said that over one third of all new electricity-driven. to 23 is just an eye wash." Taking a divergent view, state Youth Commission
government's ambitious Sagarmala cars sold in Norway were electric India's National Electric Mobility Chairperson Chintha Jerome said this is going to curb the liquor consumption
project for development of ports vehicles. Mission Plan launched in 2013 of the upcoming generation.
and water transportation and also "Valuable lessons for India and aims at gradually ensuring a vehicle "I see this as a very positive step and this is going to curb the tendency of
an environment-friendly mode Indian companies may be drawn population of about 6-7 million the new and young generation," said Jerome.
of mobility. from understanding customer electric and hybrid vehicles in India
Modi pays tribute to Ambedkar
He said an amount of $20 behaviour in such a market," he said. by 2020.
rime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday paid tribute to Dalit
billion had been spent in the recent "We also have state of the art The vision enunciated two years
icon Babasaheb Bhim Rao Ambedkar on his 61st death anniversary.
development of India's shipping technology in green shipping with ago is for India to have 100 per cent
the world's first battery-driven ferry "I bow to Babasaheb Ambedkar on his Mahaparinirvan Diwas," he
infrastructure. EVs by 2030.
tweeted. Ambedkar, the architect of Indian constitution, died on December

Jaitley holds pre-Budget consultations with

6, 1956 in Delhi. Thousands of followers from across the country gather at
his memorial Chaityabhoomi in Mumbai on December 6 every year to pay

trade unions, assures workers' welfare

obeisance to the Dalit leader.

Baahubali 2 most-discussed topic

on Facebook in India
hile the blockbuster epic Baahubali 2: The Conclusion topped
the most-discussed trend (top single-day moments) on Facebook
in India in 2017, Miss World Manushi Chhillar grabbed the ninth
spot by winning the crown at the top pageant contest.
Jallikattu -- the traditional bull-taming sport played in Tamil Nadu as part
of the Pongal harvest festival -- was the second most trending topic in the
country, said Facebook in its "2017 Year in Review" listing.
As part of the listing, Facebook releases top single-day moments and also
a positive and nostalgic flashback of events that occurred within the past
12 months. At third place was the India-Pakistan final match in the ICC
Champions Trophy 2017 that drove conversations.
Veteran Bollywood actor Vinod Khanna's demise gave way to many
conversations around his life on Facebook, thus becoming the fifth most-
discussed topic on Facebook. At sixth place was the death of Chester
Bennington, the lead singer of Linkin Park, generated more than eight
Union Minister for Finance and Corporate Affairs Arun Jaitley chairs the first meeting of Pre-Budget Consultative Meeting with million posts on Facebook that day.
the stakeholders groups from Agriculture Sector in connection with the forthcoming Union Budget 2018-19, in New Delhi on Dec
5, 2017. Also seen Union MoS Finance and Shipping P Radhakrishnan, MoS Finance Shiv Pratap Shukla, Finance Secretary, Dr. Yogi Adityanath, at eighth spot, generated a lot of conversation on the
social media platform when he was appointed the Uttar Pradesh Chief

Hasmukh Adhia and other dignitaries.
inance Minister Arun increased budgetary allocations for "Other demands include the Minister. The tragedy in which many child deaths were reported at a hospital
Jaitley on Tuesday said the social sector, measures to check the raising of the ceiling for income tax in Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh grabbed the 10th spot.
Central government was
fully committed to safeguard the
prices of essential commodities and
stopping disinvestment and strategic
purposes for salaried class persons India's largest makerspace to come
up in Hyderabad next year
and pensioners up to Rs 5 lakh per
interests of the workers, especially sale of public sector undertakings.

annum, and Rs 8 lakh in case of
those working in the MSME and the They also demanded fixing ndia's largest makerspace, a prototyping and design centre, will come
unorganized sector. minimum wages for all workers on senior citizens," it added.
up in Hyderabad next year and will have equipment worth over $20
Holding pre-Budget consultations the basis of the 15th Indian Labour They also suggested that income million, Telangana's Industry Minister K.T. Rama Rao announced.
with representatives of different Conference recommendations, and gap between rich and poor be To be known as T-Works, the facility will come up over 250,00 square
trade union groups, he said the linked with Consumer Price Index. checked by taxing rich people who feet with many partners offering their software tools and equipment.
workers were entitled to minimum Other suggestions included can afford to pay. Modelled on the lines of makerspaces in other countries and customised
wages prescribed by law and asked provisions for "same wages for same to Indian needs, this will probably be the world's second largest facility of
Among the major trade groups
all the industries concerned to strictly work", creation of support system its kind, he said.
present during the meeting included Anybody with an idea can collaborate with other people at T-Works and
comply with this without fail. for domestic workers, bringing about
Bharatiya Mazdoor Sangh, Indian convert his or her designs into working prototype.
During the meeting, nine of the Labour Law reforms and creation
trade unions jointly gave a common of a National Fund for unorganised National Trade Union Congress, All "T-Works will be up and running around this time next year," the Minister
memorandum on behalf of the workers sector workers to provide social India Trade Union Congress, Hind said, while addressing India Design Summit organised by the Confederation
Mazdoor Sabha and National Front of Indian Industry, adding anybody could use freely available tools --
they represent which contained 12 security, a statement from the Finance
software, test and measurement equipment -- to build any product.
point charter of demands including Ministry said. of Indian Trade Unions.
20 INDIA ABROAD Friday, December 8, 2017

Indian-American couple gifts

The Indian Weekender

Indian truck driver

dies in a road accident
Kennedy Centre $1m for India fund


n Indian-American couple has gifted old Indian
$1 million to the Kennedy Centre for truck driver
the Performing Arts to create an India died in a road
Fund for producing and presenting Indian accident in the New
programming through 2025. South Wales region
The gift from entrepreneur Ranvir Trehan, of Australia when
a leading Indian-American patron of the arts, his vehicles plunged
his wife Adarsh and their Trehan Foundation into a deep gorge.
would provide seed money for the fund. Parminder Singh, alias Rinku worked as a
"Our idea," said Trehan, a member of the truck driver for a Melbourne based trucking
Kennedy Centre's Board of Trustees, "is that company and was on his way back to Melbourne
there is reinforced programming - that there is from Brisbane.
more of it, both well-known artists as well as The incident happened near Gilgandra in
experimental forms, fusion forms. New South Wales on the afternoon of Saturday,
"Now I see in India, there is also comedy in December 2.
the English language that is coming up and so, It was raining very heavily, and he was on
maybe there is something to tap up." a steep downhill stretch, and it seems the truck
The seed money, he hoped, would inspire
From left, Robert van Leer, senior vice president for Artistic Planning; Alicia Adams, vice president for failed to stop in time which caused it to roll
International Programing; Adarsh Trehan, Ambassador Navtej Sarna, Deborah F. Rutter,president of the
others' gifts, particularly from his Indian- Kennedy Center, and Ranvir Trehan. off the road into a gorge, a friend told SBS
American colleagues on the board. Punjabi, Australia.
"The India Fund will exclusively be used for a country like the United States, there is Initially we were planning to arrange for
The India Fund will exclusively sending his body back to India, but the trucking
to create and present performing arts, artistic no dearth of groups either travelling here or
exhibits and/or festivals showcasing the be used to create and present being sent here," he said about the expected company he was working for has taken it upon
history, traditions, literature, music, dance and/ performing arts, artistic exhibits collaborations with the centre. itself once the autopsy is done at New Castle,
or culture of India," said the Kennedy Centre and/or festivals showcasing the "I believe that in a diverse country as ours, he added.
president Deborah F. Rutter. it's important for people to be exposed to these Parminder belongs to a village in Punjab
history, traditions, literature,
"The intent of the India Fund is to be 'country cultures because aside from goodwill it helps and came to Australia on a student visa in 2008
music, dance and/or culture of and became a resident in 2013. His friends in
focused' on India the current nation state of to break the walls of prejudice," said Adarsh
India and the programming is intended to utilise India, Trehan. Shepparton informed his family of the news
established and/or emerging artists, singers, Alicia Adams, vice president for international where he lived before moving to Melbourne.
musicians or other performers or performance Kennedy Centre as requested, the programming programming, who had coordinated and I was informed by his friends, who are
creators who are either citizens of India or decision will be theirs." choreographed The Maximum India festival, making efforts to bring the body back, that the
whose ancestry is from India," he said. Noting that Indian arts are at a "very said the gift will help bring back some of the doctors are yet to perform the autopsy. This is
"Contemporary and experimental art interesting phase", India's Ambassador to the artists featured in that festival. causing unnecessary delay.
that may appeal to wider audiences is to be US Navtej Sarna called the Trehans' initiative Drawing some 400,000 people, the three- I urge minister of external affairs Sushma
included," said Trehan. "the encouragement that we need". week festival was a Kennedy Centre record for Swaraj to help us so that we get his body soon,
"While we will be offering consultation to the "We have multiple streams, and particularly a country-specific cultural festival. Parminders father Hardev Singh told media
in India.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES 2017 No Outbound availability during school holidays

Commence travel between 16 January to 31 October 2018

One-way Fares starting from 599*

Return Fares starting from 1099*

Premium Economy Fares starting from Nzd 2599*

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Sales ends on 15 December 2017.


Economy return fares starting from NZD 1049*
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Economy return fares starting from NZD 1099*
Commence travel between 16 January to 31 March 2018.
Sales ends on 15 December 2017.

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6pm & Saturday 10 am to 1.30 pm.
The Indian Weekender Friday, December 8, 2017 FEATURES 21

Plea to parents: Swap antibiotics with these natural

remedies to treat flu
s a parent, it is difficult to our body and are helpful for us. But Doctors say it is important to get
see your child under the some bacteria invade our body and back the lost nutrients either through
weather. You try all possible hinder the normal functioning of the multivitamins or nutrient-rich food.
ways to relieve them from the pain body. Antibiotics kill these bacteria To get the maximum benefit, make
and discomfort. and stop their reproduction. sure your child consumes the full

ajority of parents head Virus:Viruses are not alive and dosage of the prescribed antibiotic.
straight to the doctor, cannot live on their own. They exist Home remedies for cold and flu
where kids are prescribed in the body only when they invade Mustard oil with garlic
antibiotics. other living cells. These are particles cloves:Heat the mustard oil (do
For the uninitiated, giving containing genetic material wrapped not boil), add 2-3 garlic cloves and
antibiotics forcoldandflumakes you in a protein coat. ajawain. Rub this on your childs
child prone to long-term problems The bodys immune system feet, back and chest.
and weakens the immune system. can fight them even before Ginger and honey juice:Grate
Lets discuss in details why children they cause any illness some ginger and take out its juice.
should not be given antibiotics but some take their Mix the juice with honey and give it
forcold and flu. own time like to your child.
How do antibiotics work? for example the like nausea, antibiotics until really required. Keep the room cosy:Use
Kids of every age get their share cold virus. And vomiting, When your child really needs humidifiers to keep the rooms air
of cold, sore throat and viruses. antibiotics do stomach antibiotic? moist which will break up nasal and
As a parent, we go the doctor, half not work on ache and We are not trying to say that chest congestion.
expecting that our child will be them. diarrhoea antibiotics are bad and should Give them extra fluids: Make
prescribed anantibiotic- which a Problems o n be avoided at all costs. They are them drink lots of water to prevent
lot of us consider mandatory to fight caused by consumption necessary in some cases and can also dehydration. It also thins nasal
such infections. antibiotics of antibiotic. save lives. secretion and flushes them out.
But mind you! If you are stuck with Antibiotics can As along There are some cases when Gargle:Make them gargle with
a doctor who prescribes antibiotics cause problems like with killing children need antibiotics - symptoms salt and lukewarm water.
for all cold and flu related issues, he allergic reactions, side the bad bacteria, include, a cough that lasts for more Tips to lower your childs
is putting your childs health at risk. effects and antibiotic resistance. antibiotics also kill the than 14 days, bacterial pneumonia or antibiotic prescriptions
Though antibiotics help to a great Lets know about each of them in good bacteria which can lead to a whopping cough, high fever with Give them a wholesome
extent and are also essential in detail. such problems. greenish yellow nasal discharge, nutrient-rich diet.
some cases but not in regular cases Allergic reaction:5 out of 100 Antibiotic-resistant:If antibiotics diagnoses with a strep throat, ear Get them in the habit of washing
of cold and flu. The two types of children are allergic to antibiotics. are used over the course of years, infections, UTI and bladder infection. their hands after they come
germs that can make you sick are They may develop swollen, itchy and they become ineffective in killing Children taking antibiotics must from school, play and before
virus and bacteria. Both of these red welts. You should immediately some bacteria, making the child be careful with their diet eating any meal.
may have similar symptoms but the consult your doctor if the child antibiotic resistant. In some such Antibiotics kill the bacteria that Give them nutrition supplements
way they multiply and spread illness develops any rashes over the course cases, stronger antibiotics are given causes infection but along with that, (consult a doctor)
is different. of taking antibiotics. to treat the problem. This is one it also kills the good microbes that the Support their gut health by
Bacteria:There are so many Other side effects:1 in 10 of the main reasons why doctors body needs to absorb key nutrients giving them fermented food and
bacteria that are already present in children may experience side effects have become wary of prescribing including Vitamin K and B Vitamins. fermented fibre.

Health insurance
designed for you
For more information about how we can provide health insurance for you and your
family please contact advisers@nib.co.nz or speak with your financial adviser.
22 SPORTS Friday, December 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

India vs Sri Lanka: We werent playing

for a draw, says Dinesh Chandimal
ri Lanka skipper Dinesh
Chandimal said his side drew
the Delhi Test only due to a
positive approach, without simply
playing for a draw on the final day.
Dinesh Chandimal said Sri Lanka
resumed play on Wednesday aiming
for a win as playing for a draw
wouldve backfired. Resuming
at 31/3, the visitors lost Angelo
Mathews, who scored 111 in the first
innings, early.
But Dhananjaya de Silva braved a
painful glute muscle condition that
made bending an ordeal to hold the
innings together at the Ferozeshah
Kotla ground.
Looking at the game today, we
werent playing for a draw. Thats
why we changed our approach. If
we were coming to draw the game, I
think we would have lost the game. I
liked our approach, skipper Dinesh
Chandimal said.
Dhananjayas was a really good
innings. We picked him after the
West Indies A tour as he had played
some good innings there. We had
trust in him at No 3 and he gave us
a bowling option as well (off-spin). New Delhi: Indian team poses with the trophy at the end of third test cricket match against Sri Lanka in New Delhi at Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in New Delhi on Dec 6, 2017.
He grabbed the opportunity with
both hands. runs. Hes scored heavily for the A We got so many youngsters for this a winning habit. If we need to win our legend in this game (Rangana
Its always tough for the team team, and Dhananjaya too. series. Weve a really good attitude. a Test, we need to take 20 wickets. Herath). But the most important
that vice-captain Thirimanne is not Definitely, the best result will come. At the same time, you look at the thing is the seamers gave their heart
Tough phase
playing the game. But Dhananjaya If you have good players with bad Indian team. and soul.
Sri Lanka have had a tough time
and Roshen Silva deserved an attitude, you wont get good results. "Theyve world class batsmen and "Im sure theyll come up with
in Tests in 2017. Out of 13 matches,
opportunity, especially Roshen Chandimal also stressed the need bowlers. So, its tough for bowlers. very good plans and a different
they won only four losing seven.
who has more than 6400 first-class for the bowlers to step it up to create And unfortunately, we missed approach for the next series.

India wins Uncapped Beaton earns Starc stars in Australia's 120-

South Asian Windies ODI call-up vs NZ run win in second Ashes Test
badminton U A
ncapped paceman Ronsford ustralia gained a vital 2-0
Beaton has earned a call- lead in the five-match Ashes

up to the 15-member West after thrashing England by
Indies squad for the three-match 120 runs in the second cricket Test at
the Adelaide Oval.

One-day International (ODI) series
ndia lived up to their tag of Chasing 354 runs to win, England
against New Zealand, starting
favourites, walloping Nepal 3-0 were bowled out for 233, which saw
December 20 in Nelson.
to win the first ever South Asian their last six wickets going for just 57
Cricket West Indies selectors also
Regional Badminton Tournament runs in the historic day-night affair.
recalled left-arm spinner Nikita
(team championship). Miller, after a two-year gap to the Left-arm paceman Mithcell Starc
India who came into the final squad comprising the likes of Chris ran through the English batting
without losing a single match Gayle and Marlon Samuels, who middle order, after Josh Hazlewood
continued their good run with were part of the Caribbean ODI team scalped both Joe Root (67) and Chris
Aryaman Tandon drawing the against England in September. Woakes (5) in his first two overs
first blood in the boys' singles Besides, Beaton and Miller, pacer of the day without addition to their
competition. Shannon Gabriel was also included overnight scores. lengths and get one or two wickets,
for the 50-over games, while Jerome Thereafter, the Australians took then things can happen quickly," he
Taking on the Dipesh Dhami of
Taylor, Miguel Cummins and leg- the game by the scruff of its neck added.
Nepal, Aryaman was in his elements
spinner Devendra Bishoo missed out with Starc accounting for stumper Root was understandably
from the word go and picked up an
on the upcoming tour. Jonny Bairstow (36), Craig Overton disappointed, but still positive as he
easy 21-9, 21-15 victory to give the
For the T20 leg of the tour, starting (7) and Stuart Broad (8) while off- looked ahead to a come-from-behind
hosts the early initiative. spinner Nathan Lyon added to the series win.
December 29, the West Indies have
Local star Ashmita Chaliha woes with the wicket of Moeen Ali. "I don't think we did ourselves
recalled leggie Samuel Badree and
continued the Indian juggernaut as Resuming the day at 176/4, justice," he said.
wicketkeepers Andre Fletcher and
she sailed to a 21-9, 21-6 win over the tourists failed to provide any "We're still massively in the series.
Chadwick Walton.
Rashila Maharjan in the girls' singles. resistance as they kept losing wickets We showed that from the way we
Uncapped pacer Rayad Emrit was
In the boys' doubles match, the also named for the three T20Is. at regular intervals to completely played yesterday. That has to be the
Indian pair of Arintap Dasgupta The Caribbean side is currently lose the plot. benchmark how we approach the rest
and Krishna Prasad had to stave off trailing 0-1 in the two-Test series Marlon Samuels, Kesrick Williams. England could surrender the Ashes of the series," he added.
a tough challenge from the Nepali after losing the opener in Wellington West Indies T20 squad: Carlos next week at the WACA ground in Both the sides will now face off in
duo of Dipesh Dhami and Nabin by an innings and 67 runs. Brathwaite (Captain), Samuel Perth, where it has not won a Test the third Test at the WACA in Perth
Shrestha. West Indies ODI squad: Jason Badree, Ronsford Beaton, Rayad since 1978. from December 14-18.
Nepal started off well, winning Holder (Captain), Jason Mohammed, Emrit, Andre Fletcher (WK), Chris Delighted at the win, Australia Brief Scores: Australia 442/8d &
Sunil Ambris, Ronsford Beaton, Gayle, Jason Mohammed, Sunil skipper Steven Smith said: "We 138 beat England 227 & 233 (Joe
the first game 21-19. However, the
Shannon Gabriel, Chris Gayle, Kyle Narine, Kieron Pollard, Rovman always had the faith in the team and Root 67, Mark Stoneman 36, Jonny
Indians came back stronger and won
Hope, Shai Hope (WK), Alzarri Powell, Marlon Samuels, Jerome the belief. Bairstow 36, Mitchell Starc 5/88,
the next two games 21-14, 21-11 to
Joseph, Evin Lewis, Nikita Miller, Taylor, Chadwick Walton, Kesrick "We thought if we could come out Josh Hazlewood 2/49, Nathan Lyon
seal the deal. and bowl well this morning, hit our 2/45) by 120 runs.
Ashley Nurse, Rovman Powell, Williams.
The Indian Weekender Friday, December 8, 2017 FEATURES 23

Honor V10: 6 top features of Huaweis

OnePlus 5T rival the front camera can be used to unlock the phone.

hinesesmartphonemakerHuaweilaunched its
3D Facial Animation feature
flagship smartphone V10 at an event in London
along with its budget smartphone Honor 7X. W ith the help of AI, Huawei also managed to copy
Apples most talked feature Animoji. The Huawei
V10 comes with a 3D facial animation feature which is
The company also announced that the device will come
to India next month. TheHonor V10was earlier launched very much similar to Animoji.
in China and it comes with Google latest operating system Like the Animoji, this feature also tracks the face of the
user and then converts it into that of an animal character.
and an AI processor. Here are 6 important features of the
smartphone you should know Android Oreo
Bezel-less displa
T his is the first smartphone from Huawei to come

with Android 8.0 Oreo operating system out-of-the-
he smartphone comes with a bezel-less display with
box. The smartphone also has a EMUI 8.0 UI layer of the
18:9 aspect ratio. The smartphone has a 5.99-inch
company. It offers all the features of Android Oreo.
full HD+ display with 1080x2160 pixel resolution. The
display is also protected with a layer of Corning Gorilla Google Lens like feature
Glass in order to protect it from scratches.
AI processo T he smartphone also comes with a Google
Lens like feature. Users just need to take a

picture of any sign or language and then they can
his is the first smartphone from the house of Huawei
translate that into English same as it is done using
to come with an AI processor. The device is powered
Google Lens.
by the companys own Kirin 970 chipset which offers AI
features to the smartphone.
Using AI, users can unlock the smartphone, authorise
payments and more. The camera also comes with artificial
intelligence engine, which identifies types of scenes and
objects and automatically adjusts the camera settings for
the perfect shot.
Face unloc

F ace unlock became a hot feature when Apple

introduced its Face ID feature with iPhone X.
Now, smartphone makers like OnePlus, Oppo have also
introduced the face unlock features in their flagship
Huawei too has also incorporated the same feature in as

HUMM 106.2FM
Aucklands Undisputed Number 1* Indian FM Radio



*Source: GfK Radio Audience Measurement S3 2017 commercial radio survey, all
people 10+ cumulative audience 000s, Mon-Sun 12mn-12mn
24 FEATURES Friday, December 8 , 2017 The Indian Weekender

Stormed by the paparazzi culture form, a true testosterone.

Nothing entertains us remotely as
much as a good juicy scoop. Our itch
to discover and unleash everything
AKANKSHA about a celebrity has emerged as a
MEHRA lucrative business today.
HARIDASANI Blogger Amit Varma from India

Uncut believes that paparazzi in
aparazzi culture has exploded
India is going to get stronger by
in India recently. Instagram,
the day.
Facebook feeds, digital
In a cluttered marketplace,
websites and print media thrive
sensationalism provides an edge
on celebrity scoops and fashion
to news coverage, so there will
trends. Social media is a giant
naturally be more money invested in
monster which feeds on Bollywood
getting such scoops.
gossip 24x7.
Paparazzi plays an important role "In a cluttered
in generating entertaining news
and develop bizarre trends such as
airport looks and gym looks to
provide additional fodder. provides an edge to
Recently a video of teary eyed news coverage, so
Aishwarya Rai went viral. She was there will naturally
infuriated by the photographers who be more money
intimidated children (including her invested in getting
daughter, Aradhya) at a social event. such scoops."
She furiously said I said stop it. This
Aishwarya Rais fathers funeral. She no paparazzi culture then... Shoots ball rolling. So the paparazzi
is not at a premiere or a public event.
stated I have never understood the on locations used to be beautiful, created a new section of celebs as Hollywood celebrities chose to
Please show some respect guys.
media showing up to high profile as the stars personally gave us so celebrity kids. deal with growing paparazzi in a
What is wrong with you, people?
funerals to take pictures of "Death much time. Our insta feed is often swamped legal manner and set boundaries. The
It is not very long ago when
grieving family members. is traumatic No one dared shoot at with their pictures at dinners, cinema lawmakers passed an anti-paparazzi
Shah Rukh Khan lashed out at
"Death is traumatic enough without funerals, and the Page halls, airports, and shopping centres law where it is punishable for anyone
the paparazzi.
enough without pictures pictures of you at your 3 culture was alive accompanied by their starry parents. to harass a celebrity child to take a
The photographers cornered his
of you at your most most broken being and thriving. In fact, Jhanvi Kapoor and Sara picture in public.
daughter, Suhana Khan while she
broken being circulated circulated all over Today, in comparison, Ali Khan are two stars created They can be fined up to $10,000
waited for the elevator. He said that
all over social media. social media." I live like a cop by paparazzi. and could be jailed for a year.
They are not movie stars. They
In an interview with funerals are paparazzi Taimur Ali Khan and Misha Infringement of privacy is often
just happen to be a movie stars
The Hindustan Times, Indias central, as you get to click Kapoor are nations darlings dismissed as medias bread and
children... Dont assume they will be
renowned Page 3 photographer, celebrities who would never want to and often spotted with their butter.
able to handle the media like I do.
Viral Bhayani admitted that, Till be photographed otherwise. glamorous mothers. With or without paparazzi, it is
Alia Bhatts sister, Shaheen Bhatt
a few years ago, I led a simple Clearly actors and their personal The truth is that showbiz gossip time to start thinking about where to
rightly spoke against the aggressive
and enjoyable life There was life is not sufficient to keep the has emerged as some kind of art draw the line.
photography which took place at


Punjabi Chicken Curry

A deceptively simple, mild chicken stew
that delivers a surprising depth of flavour
his quintessential Punjabi preparation 1/2 tsp turmeric powder
reects everything about the region 1 tomato, chopped
after which it is named through its rich, 2-3 whole red chillies
robust and bold avours. 1 cup water
Cooking it is almost like going back-to- Salt, to taste
basics and a reminder of what made Punjabi 1 tsp garam masala powder
cuisine so popular in the rst place. 2 Tbsp fresh coriander leaves chopped
It is made with local, easily available
ingredients, prepared with a no-frills approach METHOD:
to cooking that is hard to not like. Wash, clean and cut the whole chicken
into pieces. Cover and refrigerate while
Preparation time: 10 min you prepare the masala.
Cooking time: 45 min In a heavy-bottomed non-stick pan, heat 110 | Indias Most Wanted Recipies Ruby Dhillon

Serves: 8 oil on medium heat, add onion and saut

Tastes: Medium until light brown in colour.
Add garlic paste, stir, add ginger paste, stir Add chicken pieces, whole red chillies cooked through (more water can be added
INGREDIENTS: and saut for 12 minutes. Add chopped and saut for 2-3 minutes so that the extra according to your preference).
1kg whole chicken green chillies and saut for another one water evaporates and the chicken pieces Garnish with chopped coriander
1 large onion, grated minute. are well coated with the masala. Serve hot with Jeera Rice or Tandoori Roti
2 Tbsp oil, for cooking Reduce heat to low then add red chilli Add 1 cup of warm water to the chicken, Rub's Tip: This is a simple preparation
1 Tbsp garlic paste powder and turmeric powder, stir, increase add salt and garam masala powder, mix where you can use any part of chicken that
2 Tbsp ginger paste the heat back to medium, add chopped well. you prefer. Not a dry dish, it goes well with
2 chopped green chillies tomato and cook for 23 minutes until the Cover and cook chicken on medium heat, rice to soak up the gravy.
1/2 tsp red chilli powder paste thickens and oil surfaces. stirring occasionally, until the chicken is
The Indian Weekender Friday, December 8, 2017 FEATURES 25

Make a U-Turn for happiness gita says we may need to change

direction in our life, to make a
U-turn for happiness. Rather than
continuing down the road of striving
to pursue fulfillment, peace and
happiness by satisfying all our
ACHARYA DAS material desires, we may need to

learn a new way of living. We are
oes the Bhagavad-gita have
talking about making a change in
any relevance today? Many
our current basic assumptions, about
people may think its an
viewing life differently; looking for
old book and irrelevant for us
Before our happiness in a new and different
today because we are so modern, so
giving up this way, by seeking real happiness
technologically advanced with our
present body, if one is and spiritual love.
smartphones and social media etc.,
able to tolerate the urges A person who is not
that we are so cool now, compared to
of the material senses and disturbed by the incessant
people 5,000 years ago. Well sorry,
check the force of desire and flow of desiresthat enter
but were not that cool and were not
anger, he is well situated like rivers into the ocean,
that smart!
and is happy in this which is ever being filled but is
Its actually never been this bad!
though within my heart I feel this emptiness. Then, based on amazing I can fulfill all world. always stillcan alone achieve
Social alienation is on the rise,
emptiness, agitation, and loneliness. algorithms, they predict what were my material desires peace, and not the man who strives
suicide especially amongst the
Even though I feel that way, I dont likely to be looking for and then I will be happy. to satisfy such desires. Bhagavad-
youth is skyrocketing, depression
want to accept that theres anything offer us something, with the subtle "We are thus seeking an eternal gita 2.70
has reached epidemic proportions,
wrong with my life and my choices promise that this will do the trick, spiritual perfection in a world which Before giving up this present body,
and the frequent use of mind-altering
in life. Social media and all this this will fulfill you. is temporary, limited and imperfect. if one is able to tolerate the urges of
substances (both legal and illegal) is
technology doesnt help. In fact, it Your consciousness or the state You can immerse your body and the material senses and check the
so wide-spread, it is now considered
is a major contributor to our being of your mind determines the things mind in a hyper state of sensual force of desire and anger, he is well
normal. Why is everybody
dumbed down. that you consider desirable and are stimulation. You can whip your body situated and is happy in this world.
so unhappy?
The amount of manipulation that attracted to, the things that you are and mind into a frenzy with non- Bhagavad-gita 5.23
When you look at Facebook
we are subject to by social media, repulsed by, the type of food that you stop sensual stimulation smelling, The Bhagavad-gita is offering
and Instagram everyone is having
advertising, Google and Amazon is are attracted to; in short, the way in tasting, feeling, engaging in all kinds an amazing companionate and a
a wonderful time and is so happy.
extraordinary and unprecedented. which you pursue happiness. of activities, but when its all over, compassionate spiritual vision on
But this is not true, it is all just a
They gloat over the stupidity of the The Bhagavad-gita talks about there you are, still empty, and maybe how to retrain yourself, how to
pretense. We are all fundamentally
masses and how easy it is to make two states of consciousness - a little bit more disappointed than live a different kind of life, and so
unhappy, to different degrees. This is
money from us. spiritual consciousness and material you were before. experience completely different
like a person who is sick but refuses
We are subject to incredible consciousness. It doesnt matter what you are outcomes to those you may be
to acknowledge the symptoms of
amounts of manipulation and yet When a person has become doing to your body and mind, it is currently experiencing.
their condition.
we believe were so independent, absorbed in the idea that the body is not actually touching you, the person Acharya das is a respected
If you dont recognise that
intelligent and cool, thinking Im me then their whole life is going to within the body. We need spiritual teacher of Vedic and yogic
theres something wrong, then you philosophy, meditation and
making my own independent be spent trying to find love, a home, nutrition and a genuine spiritual
are not inclined to seek medical kirtan, and a practitioner of
decisions. Im in charge of my life! happiness, and perfection, in relation experience. That is what we are the transcendental science of
help or to take medicine. I want
Through various platforms they to this temporary body and temporary looking for. Bhakti Yoga. He has taught
to pretend everything is fine even yoga wisdom to appreciative
stimulate our desires and exploit our world. We have this false idea that if In order to find this, the Bhagavad- audiences for over 40 years.

Virgo (Aug 23-Sep 23) will improve, but may take some time. Earning a driving
licence or some other minor accomplishment is likely.
You are likely to enjoy a respite of sorts from someone
or from work. Your submission on the work front is Lucky Number- 8 / Lucky Colour- Light Blue
likely to pass muster. Monetary front promises to
Capricorn (Dec 22-Jan 21)
December 8 to December 14 | By Manisha Koushik grow strong by some extra earning. Your plans for a
fun trip will elicit a positive response from others, so Your well wishers may provide you the support, when
Manisha Koushik is a practicing astrologer, tarot card reader, numerologist, vastu and expect to enjoy your heart out! Shifting into a better you most need it. Romantic thoughts inundate your
fengshui consultant based in India with a global presence through the online channels. She is accommodation is indicated for some. Quality time is mind this week, so can meeting lover be far? Not at
available for consultations online as well. E-mail her at support@askmanisha.com or contact likely to be spent in the company of lover. all. Have a time of your life together! Family will be
at +91-11-26449898 Mobile/Whatsapp: +919015607139 www.askmanisha.com supportive of your ideas regarding career. Call for a job
Lucky Number- 4 / Lucky Colour- Light Blue
interview for a lucrative appointment may be received
Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20) way. A family friend will help you out of a tight corner
and help you get a good professional break. Family Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23) by some. Financially, you may find yourself strong and
Playing the waiting game may get on your nerves, but willing to spend. Take full precautions on the health
elders will be proud of your achievement on the social You may have to be prompt in seizing an initiative on
expect a positive ending. You may find it difficult to front.
front. Some of you can get serious about a romantic the career front to succeed. This week enables you to
make up your mind even on the trivial matters, so follow
affair and start thinking of the next step. overcome all hurdles on the professional as well as Lucky Number- 6 / Lucky Colour- Parrot Green
others at work this week. You may not appreciate
Lucky Number- 2 / Lucky Colour- Baby Pink personal fronts. You will feel much more financially
someone browbeating you on the professional front, Aquarius (Jan 22-Feb 19)
so tell it to him or her. Someone on the family front secure than before. Conscious efforts on the health
Cancer (Jun 22-Jul 20) front are likely to keep some in perfect shape. Those You will find things developing in a very positive
has great expectations from you, so dont let him or
Some more effort is needed to cover the gap on the trying their hand at arts may discover their true calling! way on the social front. Professionally, you are likely
her down. A disputed property can take a legal turn.
academic front. You may find yourself a bit sensitive A party or a function this weekend promises loads of to have an immensely satisfying time. Money will
Spouse appears extra lovey-dovey this week, so just
this week. Someones off the cuff remark may hurt you fun. no more be a problem as some kind of inheritance
play along.
deeply. A pleasant surprise can be sprung by spouse or comes to you. Much fun awaits you on the family front
Lucky Number- 22 / Lucky Colour- Electric Grey Lucky Number- 17 / Lucky Colour- Saffron
someone close. Chances of receiving an outstanding and enjoying your time with friends and family is a
Taurus (Apr 21-May 20) payment look bright. Dont keep your subordinates in Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22) foregone conclusion. Something special is likely to
the dark about a proposed project as they will require happen on the romantic front. Overseas journey may
Time is at a premium for carrying something out on You may have to be up and about early this week to get
preparation time. You may get hard pressed for time materialise for some.
the professional front, but you will manage it somehow. things done. A blame game involving you may ensue at
for completing some pending work. work regarding non-completion of a task, but you will Lucky Number- 1 / Lucky Colour- Light Brown
Your disinterest is likely to reflect on your professional
Lucky Number- 15 / Lucky Colour- Parrot Green be able to steer clear of all complications. Dont flaunt
or academic performance. Mistakes and glitches at Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)
work threaten to make you a butt of ridicule. Spending your savings to others as someone can surely ask for
Leo (Jul 21-Aug 22) a loan. Moderate exercises are likely to suit you better Much travel is indicated for those on the marketing
money just to keep up with the Joneses is likely to
Patience pays in full measure and gets you what for coming back in shape, so dont go in for strenuous side. Those seeking job will need to enhance their
dent your savings. Family will be supportive. Someone
you had been seeking for long! Praise is in store for ones. Be extra careful on the road. market value to succeed. It will be important to
is waiting in the wings for a chance to express love
something you have achieved on the professional front. understand a task correctly initially than to revert
for you. Lucky Number- 5 / Lucky Colour- All Shades of Green
Academically, you will manage to remain one up on back time and again. Students pursuing medicine or
Lucky Number- 3 / Lucky Colour- Brown Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 21) engineering can find the going a bit rough. A rethink
your competitors. Expect immediate returns from the
on investment becomes necessary for some. You will
Gemini (May 21-Jun 21) investments made by you. Joining a gym or starting You will manage to persuade someone influential to do
a workout regimen is indicated and will help you get have to be at your persuasive best to recover a loaned
There may be a celebration this week at home or your bidding, but it wont be unconditional. Someones
back in shape. You may go in for something big for the amount. Those overworked may crave a break.
outside, but on a quieter note. An excellent opportunity guidance on the academic front will not be enough, so
household. put in your own efforts. Meeting an old pal is certain Lucky Number- 3 / Lucky Colour- Brown
to join a prestigious organisation is likely to come your
Lucky Number- 18 / Lucky Colour- Lemon to take you down the memory lane. Financial situation
26 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, December 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender


Shashi Kapoors heroines
remember the gentleman

rom Sharmila Tagore and was established. Still he didnt mind
Asha Parekh to Hema Malini, doing a film that revolved around my
Zeenat Aman, Mumtaz, character.
Shabana Azmi and of course Shashi Kapoor was Hrishikesh
Raakhee Gulzar with whom Shashi Mukherjees Anand after Kishore
Kapoor did the maximum number of Kumar said no. But when the
films, the demise of the veteran actor reigning superstar Rajesh Khanna

leaves fans
has left his heroines shattered. showed an interest in playing Anand,

He Amitabh Bachchan: albir Raj Prithviraj Kapoor, actor Nanda is the most remembered
was the Standing elegantly without better known as Shashi lady who acted with him in his first
most handsome a care in the world, I saw him Kapoor- Bollywood's second film-Char Diwari. The two together
man Ive ever standing by a Mercedes Sports most romantic actor on screen after have acted in 8 films, out of which 2
come across, car, a convertible, a smart Dev Anand has given a string of hits. critically acclaimed romantic films
Shabana who is in Sydney is Shashi was says Shabana trimmed beard His smashing good looks and his Char Diwari (1961) and Mehndi
too grieved to speak on the actor shown the door. and moustache, effortless charm saw his popularity Lagi Mere Haath (1962) did not
whom she names among the biggest Khanna and soar in 1960s and ever after. work but the rest Mohabbat Isko
influences in her life along with Kapoor didnt work together for Here we take a look at Shashi Kahete Hain (1965), Jab Jab Phool
Shashis wife Jennifer Kendal, many years when Raj Khosla cast Kapoor's few films, most Khile (1965), Neend Hamari Khwab
the face of
filmmaker Shyam Benegal and her them together in Prem Kahani as remembered with the charm of his Tumhare (1966), Raja Saab (1969)
this incredibly
parents Kaifi and Shaukat Azmi. the two men in Mumtazs life. One leading ladies. and Rootha Na Karo (1970) were
He was the most handsome of his top heroines told me, Id handsome man. successful at the box office.
Of all his heroines, Bollywood
man Ive ever come across, says recommend Shashiji for many films. It was a picture that filled
Shabana. But producers would refuse saying almost an entire page of a Hema Malini remembers
Raakhee Gulzar wept as she he was a flop actor. As blunt as that. magazine. Shashi Kapoor son Shashi as a through gentleman.
recalled all the meals she cooked on Flop actor, they said. I was appalled of Prithviraj Kapoor, younger When he did Abhinetri with
outdoor locations with Shashi during by the crassness of it. But there was brother to Raj Kapoor and me I was new and he was
their spectacularly successful stints little I could do about it. Shammi Kapoor, making a debut established. Still he didnt mind
for Sharmilee, Kabhi Kabhie, and In the 1970s Shashi did come into in a forthcoming film, is what doing a film.
a slew of films some of them like his own with solo hits like Chor the caption read .. And I said
Trishna and Jaanwar Aur Insaan Machaye Shor, Chori Mera Kaam to myself, as very uncertain
forgotten today. and Fakira. But he chose to play the thoughts raced through my mind
Actress Shabana Azmi who did
Hema Malini remembers Shashi as second lead in Amitabh Bachchan of wanting to become a film
a through gentleman. When he did starrers. Fakira with Shashi Kapoor said: He
actor, that, with men like him
Abhinetri with me I was new and he That finished off his has been a trailblazer in so many
around, I stood no chance at
career as a leading man in ways. He was the first Indian actor
all, the post begins.
TOP HONOURS commercial films. to work in Hollywood. He was the
Ending the letter on a
Civilian Award Sharmila Tagore for some first mainstream actor who when
bittersweet note, Bachchan
2015 Dadasaheb Phalke Award strange reason blanks out her he turned producer did so with
recalls the nickname Shashi
2011 Padma Bhushan by the stupendously successful pairing with artistic cinema like 36 Chowringhee
Kapoor had given him:
Government of India Rajesh Khanna and focuses on her Lane and Junoon.
He fondly addressed me as
National Film Awards resoundingly flop combination with
1994 National Film Award babbua .. and with him have
Shashi Kapoor. Raakhee Gulzar wept as she
Special Jury Award (Feature Film) gone many incredible unread
She once told me. I really recalled all the meals she cooked
for Muhafiz (1993) enjoyed working with Shashi. He chapters of his and my life .. on outdoor locations with Shashi
1986 National Film Award for had a wonderful sense of humour Shashi Kapoor's versatillity during their spectacularly successful
Best Actor for New Delhi Times and he was an exceptional husband. could be seen in his stints for Sharmilee, Kabhi Kabhie,
(1986) We did many films together after our movies as well as and a slew of films some of them
1979 National Film Award for successful pairing in Waqt. I enjoyed in theatre, which like Trishna and Jaanwar Aur Insaan
Best Feature Film in Hindi for Aa Gale Lag Jaa, Paap Aur Punya, he promoted with forgotten today.
Junoon (1978) Anari, Suhana Safar His work as great passion. His
Filmfare Awards an actor and then as a producer of Sharmila Tagore once told
brilliant acting will
1976 Filmfare Award for Best important off-mainstream cinema me. I really enjoyed working
be remembered for
Supporting Actor for Deewaar makes him unique. with Shashi. He had a wonderful
generations to come. Saddened
(1975) He was the first Indian actor to sense of humour and he was an
2010 Filmfare Lifetime by his demise. Condolences to
work abroad, and that too with an exceptional husband. We did many
Achievement Award his family and admirers.
eminent director like James Ivory. films together after our successful
Bengal Film Journalists' Together they did exemplary work. ways. He was the first Indian actor pairing in Waqt. I enjoyed Aa Gale
Association Awards Shashi worked really hard to achieve to work in Hollywood. He was the Lag Jaa, Paap Aur Punya, Anari,
BFJA Award for Best Actor what he did as an actor and producer. first mainstream actor who when he Suhana Safar His work as an
1988 New Delhi Times[36] He was an exceptionally softspoken turned producer did so with artistic actor and then as a producer of
Vikas Pande co-star and also a very considerate cinema like 36 Chowringhee Lane important off-mainstream cinema
1965 Jab Jab Phool Khile[37] team player on the sets. He was and Junoon.
makes him unique.
Raja very kind to all the technicians. He Shashi would often joke that since
2011 Mohammed Rafi Award generated tremendous goodwill all the films he produced bombed at Deewar, whose poster is seen here, not
Lifetime Achievement Award in cinema and theatre. He was an the box office, he had no choice but only fetched Shashi a Filmfare Award for
2009 The 7th Pune International extraordinarily versatile artiste. to do any and every film offered to Best Supporting Actor, but also spawned
Film Festival (PIFF) Actress Shabana Azmi who did him. Hence his brother Raj Kapoors the now-legendary dialogue - "Mere paas
2009 The 11th Mumbai Film Fakira with Shashi Kapoor said: jibe about Shashi being a taxi on hire maa hai" The poster for also features
Festival (MFF) He has been a trailblazer in so many didnt stick. Amitabh Bachchan and Nirupa Roy.
Heart & Soul

An Unforgettable & Mesmerizing Evening of

Guftagu with Centurys Biggest Legend

Guftagu Curated by:

3 rd February 2018



Time: 7.00 pm, to start at 7.30 pm

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28 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, December 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

Priyanka Chopra: October has changed me: Varun

ctor Varun Dhawan says as a human being. I think it
The changes that have happened to me Shoojit Sircar's October
has given him a chance
has definitely changed me as a
human being.
are a combination of what happened to to do something different after a October is a slice-of-life

me personally and professionally long time and that it was a life-

changing experience for him.
drama which also features model
Banita Sandhu. It will release on

riyanka Choprais on a career- Working with Shoojit da April 13 next year.
high after having done three was my dream, which has been The awards night was attended
Hollywood films, a successful fulfilled now. by celebrities like Karan Johar,
TV showQuanticoand having a slew of "After a long time, I have done Sonakshi Sinha, Hrithik Roshan,
Bollywood scripts. something which is different, Jaqueline Fernandez, Rekha,
She is currently shooting for season 3 Varun said here on Friday on the Sridevi, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena
of Quantico in New York City. Her film,A sidelines of Filmfare Glamour Kapoor, Sonam and many more.
Kid Like Jakehas been selected for the and Style Awards 2017. Asked about who he looks up
Sundance festival. The shoot of October was to when it comes to style, Varun
She has apparently finalized her wrapped up in Manali ahead said: Mr (Amitabh) Bachchan is
next Bollywood film, Salute. It is of schedule. always very well dressed. I love
being reported that before the shoot Of his experience, Varun said: what Dev Anand used to wear,
ofAamir Khanstarrer Rakesh Sharmas It feels amazing. We wrapped the kind of suits and mufflers he
biopic, Salute commences, Priyanka will up the film in 38 days. used to wear, and I feel so many
sign one more Hollywood film. October is more than a film much about it, but this film has of our yesteryears superstars
Priyanka spoke to a leading magazine to me. I dont want to say definitely impacted me so much have set a benchmark for us.
and spoke about how she has changed as
an actor and as a person since starting
Quantico, three years ago. To this, she Katrina Kaif: The one person that I would
said, The changes that have happened
to me are a combination of what look up to is Sonam Kapoor
happened to me personally and what atrina Kaifis one of the Katrina, right? matter. Only when Tiger Zinda
happened professionally. most fashionable actors Meanwhile, on the work front, Hai will release will we know
"The last few years have been we have in Bollywood. Katrina will next be in Tiger how the audience has been
really tumultuous and exciting She is seen donning stylish Zinda Hai oppositeSalman responding. All my focus and my
at the same time. Im still outfits in her movies, at events, Khan. The trailer and two songs energies are towards the release
getting to know the country on magazine covers and more. - Swag Se Swagat and Dil Diyan of the film.
and Im moving around But, who does Katrina look up to Gallan have impressed the Tiger Zinda Hai is directed by
constantly. So that always when it comes to fashion? audience and people cant wait to Ali Abbas Zafar and produced
gives you a sense of Well, the beautiful actor watch the film on the big screen. by Yash Raj Films. It is slated
anxiety. stated to a leading daily, When When Katrina was asked to release on December 22,
She added, "The you say you are looking up to about the response the songs 2017.
last few years "When
But that was someone, it should be about and trailer have been receiving,
have been really you say you
compens a t e d something that you are extremely she said, The responses dont
tumultuous and exciting are looking up to
with so much passionate about.
at the same time. Im still someone, it should be
love and "Honestly, I love fashion. I
getting to know the country about something that
acceptance love dressing up and I have a
and Im moving around you are extremely
that it was an wonderful team that helps me
constantly. So that always passionate
easier learning with that. But it is not a passion,
gives you a sense of about."
curve. for instance, how dancing is.
This year has anxiety." But if you ask me who I like in
really defined a change terms of the way they dress, then
in me. Somehow Ive become a little the one person that I would look
more in control of myself- Im a lot up to is Sonam. I dont think
more Zen, I have my home in Mumbai that anyone else has the sense
and I keep going in and out. Ive sort of of style and the high fashion that
found a groove. Ive figured out how to she has.
balance both to the best I can. Many would agree with

Akshaye Khanna once feared media Its always good to romance: Salman

ollywood star Salman Khan,
ollywood actor Akshaye wrong thing on my part. Now I am who will soon be seen in
Khanna, known for his comfortable talking to journalists. Tiger Zinda Hai as an
skilled acting, says for "Even the involvement of media in action hero with a romantic touch
the longest time he had a fear of our lives has changed. Media plays
says its always good to romance.
facing the media. However, he now an important part in the business of
It is not good to fight, but always
understands its importance in the cinema, I have learnt it, he added.
good to romance, Salman said
business of cinema. Akshaye has acted in films like
of his role in the Ali Abbaz Zafar
Akshaye, son of late actor Vinod Border, Taal, Dil Chahta Hai,
directorial. The movie also features
Khanna, maintained the image of a Deewangee, Humraaz, Gandhi, My
Katrina Kaif.
recluse for a long time in his career Father and Race.
Their latest song Dil diyan
which started with Himalaya Putra This year, he has featured in two
in 1997. films Mom and Ittefaq, in both of gallan, a love ballad shot in a classic
Asked why, Akshaye said: I do which he played an investigating Yash Chopra reminiscent songs, has
not know why. Quite wrongly, for the officer. He says he treated the parts been loved by fans.
longest time, I thought that the media differently. Salman said the fate of Tiger Zinda
people all the journalists are here Has his approach towards judging Hai a sequel to the 2012 released
to criticize me, to pull me down and a script changed with time? Ek Tha Tiger will be known soon.
to put me under a bad light. So, I No, it has not. I think storytelling It is coming out on December 22.
The environment is not suiting
kept avoiding... and I maintained a is the oldest art form of all. If a story Two songs have been released, and
me these days. I am suffering from
distance. is interesting, whether it is a mother they are really good.
our collaborator, to promote a film, viral, which refuses to leave me
He has overcome it. I telling a bedtime story to her child, Everyone has really appreciated
so that it can reach out to the because I am not getting any break.
I sat down and think an author telling it in the form of the songs. And now on December
larger audience. I was at a Summit recently, then I
analysed the with time, age a novel, a filmmaker saying it on 22, we will find out the destiny of the
I think with time, graced IFFI, and I have to host Bigg
role of media and experience, we celluloid... If the story either engages film, Salman said on the sidelines of
age and experience, Boss on the weekends. And on top
to promote an understand things better. you or entertains you, you will watch the Star Screen Awards.
we understand things of that, the Tiger Zinda Hai dubbing
art form. Now Fearing the media and it. When as an actor I judge a script, Salman has not been in good
better. Fearing the media is going on. So, I am not getting
I know that you press was one such wrong which means, a story, my parameter health, and lack of rest is not helping
thing on my part. and press was one such any rest.
people are here as is also the same, he said. him at all.
30 ENTERTAINMENT Friday, December 8, 2017 The Indian Weekender

for the children aged 3 to 5 years so parents serving you some extra special Christmas
can enjoy the event completely. Come one and cheer. Weve got carnival rides for all the
all with family, friends and neighbours. Tamil
family to enjoy and Santa will even be joining
community members from Malaysia, Sri Lanka,
Singapore, India and other community members us on the Saturday and Sunday! Of course, Silo
are all invited. Cinema will be playing on Friday night - your
choice of Love Actually, Home Alone, Miracle
Bhartiya Samaj Christmas Venue: Mountford Park, Weymouth Road, Christmas Production on 34th Street and Scrooged. Please note, the
Manurewa, South Auckland Silo Markets wont be featuring this year.
Date: Saturday, December 9 Join us for this years Manurewa Christmas in 2017
Time: 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. the Park this Sunday 10 December at 5pm at Date: Sunday, December 17
Venue: Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, Mt Mountfort Park - free entry! Time: 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. CAB Browns Bay
Roskill With a fresh line up of local South Auckland Venue: Indian Christian Life Centre- 8/23 Date: Thursday, 21 December, 2017
Bhartiya Samaj is hosting Christmas celebrations talent, an incredible fireworks display, food stalls, Springs Road, East Tamaki Time: 11am to 1pm
for the seniors at Mr Roskill War Memorial Hall. sports comps, bouncy castles (and loads more) Be sure to get to Christmas Production 2017 - Venue: Mary Thomas Centre, Channel View
There will be food, dance, performances and you wont want to miss out! See you there! Were excited to bring to you the The Pursuit An Lounge, 3 Gibbons Road, Takapuna
celebrations for the community. event which includes music, performances and CAB Browns Bay will hold a free information
Manurewa Christmas in Papatoetoe Santa Parade an inspirational message that could change the
trajectory of life. Doors open at 5:30 - Its going to session for newcomers on Education and
Date: Wednesday, December 13 be an unmissable event so be sure to RSVP here Schooling in New Zealand. This session will
the Park Time: 7 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. before its too late! cover The New Zealand Education System,
Venue: Papatoetoe, South Auckland
Santas coming to Papatoetoe so bring the family Schooling in New Zealand (including early
for an evening of festive fun. Event organised by Christmas at Silo Park childhood education), Enrolments (zoning),
Papatoetoe Mainstreet with a grant from Otara- Date: Thursday, December 21 to Sunday, National Certificate of Education Achievement
Papatoetoe Local Board. December 24
Time: Varied timings (NCEA), What is the Board of Trustees?,
ESOL support and funding, Special Education,
Elim Tamil Church Venue: Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, 96 Jellicoe
Further Education (overview). Presenter:
Christmas Adel Salmanzadeh of Ministry of Education.
Date: Saturday, December 16 Refreshments will be served. Register your
Time: 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. interest by contacting Esther at 489 3873 or
Venue: Mt Albert War Memorial Hall, Mt Roskill
A celebration called by the Elim Tamil Church email at settlement.northshore@cab.org.nz.
Date: Sunday, December 10 in Howick an evening of entertainment, prayers
Time: 5 p.m. onwards and fun for the family. Childminders will be there Guftagu with Gulzar Saab
Date: Saturday, February 3
Time: 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Venue: Dorothy Winstion Centre, 16 Howe
Street, Auckland
Once in a lifetime opportunity to see the
legendary poet and lyricist Gulzar Saab
in a Guftagu in Auckland. An opportunity
comparable to a pilgrimage doesnt come every
day so seize it while you can. This Guftagu
Street, Auckland: 1010
will be curated by Salim Arif. For sponsorship,
Your much loved urban playground, Silo Park,
contact Umesh Sharma on +64 21 111 055,
is back and starting the season with four days of
Rushi Dave on +61 413 806 425 or Arun Nanda
Christmas celebrations!Come join us from 21
on +61 401 230 046. For information related to
Dec to 24 Dec for some festive fun, with music
tickets and Ticket Bazaar, or to buy tickets on
(DJs to carolers!), food trucks, entertainment,
phone, call Swati Sharma +64 9 217 3623.
games, and the ever delightful Silo Park bar
Designer Studio

Doors of elegance open from Noon

3/2 Bishop Dunn Place, Flat Bush, Auckland

For more information, Ph: 09 394 2050 | E: info@p7wardrobe.co.nz