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MASTER COPY, REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES phos DEPARTMENT OF FINANCE ~ BUREAU OF CUSTOMS CUSTOMS SPECIAL ORDER NO. O&=20le Subject: DISSOLVING THE TAX CREDIT SECRETARIAT CREATED UNDER CSO NO. 56-2013 AND REVOKING CSO NO. 10-2015 DATED JUNE 4, 2015. In the interest of the service, the Tax Credit Secretariat created pursuant to Customs Special Order No. 56-2013 is hereby abolished and the personnel thereof ordered to return to their respective Mother Units immediately. All the duties and responsibilities delegated to Deputy Commissioner Arturo M. Lachica under CSO 10- 2015 dated June 1, 2015 is likewise revoked and reverted to the Office of the Commissioner. To provide unhampered service in the processing of Duty Drawback and Value Added Tax/Excise Tax Claims, the present TCC Secretariat is hereby directed within five (6) days from issuance of this Order to conduct an inventory and tum-over to the Chief, Revenue Accounting Division (RAD) to provide administrative and technical assistance in the processing of all drawback, Value-Added Tax (VAT) and other refund claims, including the keeping of a central recording system for the same. Processing of all duty drawback and VAT/Excise Tax claims shall be streamlined following the procedures below: 1. Claims for duty drawback indorsed by the One-Stop-Shop, Department of Finance (OSS-DOF) or approved claims for refund of VAT and/or Excise Tax indorsed either by the OSS-DOF or Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) shall be received at the Office of the Commissioner for recording before being forwarded to the RAD for payment verification and documents check; 2. The RAD shall issue a Certification attesting to the payment of the duties and taxes on the shipments subject of the duty drawback or refund for VAT/Excise Tax and their remittance to the Bureau of Treasury; 3. For VAT/Excise Tax refund, the RAD shall indorse the entire docket of the claim to the Accounting Division, Financial Management Office (FMO) for confirmation of the amount due as refund based on the Certification issued by the RAD; 4. The Accounting Division shall then prepare the Disposition Form and Tax Credit Certificate, in the final amount due for refund, and forward the same to the Office of the Commissioner for the Commissioner's signature, or any of his authorized representatives; ‘fy MASTER COPY, 2