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Old Lenzie, in mainly sporting photographs.

Old Lenzie Golf Clubhouse about 1895, T. P. Cameron in white suit.

Photos from Summers and Cameron Family archives and are Lindsey Cadbury and Neil W Cameron.
This booklet prepared by and Neil W Cameron, 9thth September 2016, helloclan@aol.com
Christina Scott Speirs or Cameron ( 1870 - 1923 )

and her daughter

Elizabeth Marjorie Cameron or Summers ( 1905 1989 ).

Respectively wife and daughter of Thomas Purves Cameron ( Senior ), Director of Cameron and Roberton Ltd., Ironfounders, Kirkintilloch.
They lived at Eversley and then Craigievar, Lenzie, and their photographs form the backbone of this collection.

Other photographs are from the general Cameron archive.

The most recent curling photographs are from the collection of Thomas Purves Cameron Jnr, 1916 1993 ( nephew of TPC Snr ) who lived at
Invercraig, Crosshill Road, Lenzie, and then The Yetts, Milton of Campsie. He was a long-standing member of Cadder Curling Club.
Back row, centre : T P Cameron, on right w beard, his father-in-law Wm Speirs Snr.
Front row : John Duncan ( Thomson McLintock ), James G Speirs, Wilfred Miller.

Lenzie Cricket Club 1909, and a rare action shot of John 4 Cameron bowling, batsman unknown.

This photograph appears to be of Lenzie Cricket Club early in the 20th century


Lenzie Cricket Club again, just after the turn of the century perhaps, John 4 Cameron sitting centre is the only known name.

Kirkintilloch and Lenzie Cricket Club Members booklets for 1911.

Kirkintilloch played at Dryfield, and Lenzie at Millersneuk.

Lenzie Tennis Club ca 1900. TPC back row, in his white suit again.
How did they play in a starched collar, let alone a straw hat ?
John 4 and TP Cameron were founder Members of Lenzie Tennis Club where they played as first couple in club matches in the
days when Lenzie was in the first division of the West of Scotland League.
John 4 Camerons second car, purchased 2nd June 1904, a 10 HP Panhard, and the ninth in Dunbartonshire to have a registration
number. Painted dark blue, yellow wheels.

In the early days of motoring it was not possible to learn to drive unless you had a friend with a car. Driving licenses were available
from the post office on payment of 5/- ( 25p ) - and driving tests were still a long way off. My father told me that John 4 was
exceptionally generous in allowing others to drive and learn on his pride and joy ! He is in the front passenger seat, but the others are

John covered about seven thousand miles in this car in the first three years he had it, including trips to Berwick on Tweed, and to
Dornoch - for his annual golfing holiday.
An afternoon tea party at Craigievar, Lenzie, around 1914.

C. Kittie Cameron, Christina Scott Speirs or Cameron,

John 4 Cameron, James Rutherford, Jimmy Speirs, Marjorie Cameron.
Pug the dog is perhaps begging for a hat like the others ? Its hard to see where the hats end, and the shrubbery begins.

Jimmy Rutherford of The Grange Beech Avenue was a neighbour of John and Kittie Cameron at Norwood Beech Avenue, and an ex-
Provost of Kirkintilloch.

Circa 1915 ?
1st Dunbartonshire Volunteers.
Back row, top left : David Annan.
Middle row, 3rd left : George Summers, on right : James Annan.
Front row, 3rd left, T P Cameron, J Rutherford (?) , centre David Beverage ( Company Captain ), 2nd right John4Cameron, right, James Speirs.

Uniforms appear to be left over from the Boer War, and a few dummy practice drill rifles.

1922 Gordon Speirs ( of Speirs & Jeffrey ) outside the Speirs family home at Invershiel, Victoria Road, Lenzie.
1922 The concept of winter or sports wear had not yet arrived.

( Self is Marjorie Cameron, daughter of T P Cameron. )

Taken on Lenzie Loch ( Gadloch ) - around 1914 is my guess - mainly from the size and colour of my grandfathers moustache ! I believe it to
be of Members of the Cadder Curling Club, and understand that they have a copy, and there is a further copy in the Wm Patrick Library.

The curlers have been identified as ( L to R ) Alex Gilchrist of Rushiehill Farm to the west of the Loch, John Cameron of Cameron and
Roberton, Ironfounders, Kirkintilloch, George Guthrie Chimneysweep, John McQuat, Charles Walker, Mr McLunan, John Alexander, James
Speirs of Speirs and Jeffrey, his brother-in-law Thomas Purves ( TP ) Cameron also of Cameron and Roberton, and Findlay Robertson.

It looks very much as if someone is about to throw a stone, but why there should be ten men in the head other than for a photo, I dont know !

No gloves, a couple of scarves, and apart from that just their pipes to keep them warm !
This photo came to me from my second cousin once removed Lindsey Cadbury, great grand daughter of T P Cameron who appears in both photos.
This photo is from her grandmothers album and she dates it as 1920s . Judging just from this one character, it seems possible that the
estimated dates of the two photos are indeed some ten / fifteen years apart ?

We have eight curlers ( a full rink ) and an assortment of others, but the only definite name we have for this second photo is that of T P Cameron
on the right. However, studying the pictures I am struck by the similarity in shape, style and posture of several of the curlers. ( TP Camerons
stance and posture are almost identical in both pictures. ) George Guthrie ( third from left ) is in the first picture, is very like the curler third
from the right in second picture, and the left hand curler in the first picture ( Alex Gilchrist ) also has a remarkably similar stance to the left hand
curler in the second picture ?

Lenzie Loch during the Great Freeze of winter 1928 / 9, TPC on the right.

Could the Skip here be John Alexander again, as in the 1914 picture ? ( of Alexanders Stores in the Cowgate even ? ? )
G J Summers, Chas. Freebairn, W. Patrick, Unknown.
Straight from the office - still no concept of sports clothing in 1937 !
( It was also regarded as poor etiquette to drop your fag ash on the ice, apparently ! )
Glasgow Trades House Curling Trophy 1937 - won by the Cordiners.

T P Cameron, Wm Speirs, Gordon Speirs, and Jimmy Speirs.

1940 - Lenzie Loch.

So far, only T P Cameron, 3rd from left has been identified from the two rinks.

Victoria Road in the 1920s, outside Invershiel again - still some horse-drawn traffic about by the look of it.

Girl Guide Group circa 1925, but no names other than for Marjorie Cameron, centre,
with her Scottie dog Angus.

No names for the two on the left, the others are believed to be MacDougall, Ernie Murray, Storer and Forrest.

Opening of the new Lenzie Rugby Football Club Pavilion, ca 1930 ?

At least the card hasnt been filled in ? !

Six of Ye Lenzie Cronies with three ghillies at Loch Awe, 1935.
TPC centre with pipe, others unnamed. ( George Guthrie third from left, again ? )

Hand-drawn, hand-written Menu, signed by thirteen Cronies.
Im not sure if Ye Lenzie Cronies were a formal or an informal group, but Im sure they had a good time !
Amongst the legible signatures on the Menu above are :

D. MacDougall ( Pres.), C W Murray ( Hon Secy ), Ronald L Sandeman, Robert Gibson,

Jno Findlay Robertson, J Cameron, Thos P Cameron, Wm Speirs Jr., Gordon G Speirs, James G Speirs,
and Henry Carn (?), M B Armstrong (?), N J Prost (???)

( Five of these Cronies also appear amongst the curlers in the 1914 Gadloch picture. )

The Lenzie Cronies again, and outside the Dreadnaught Hotel, Callander, once more. ( Judging from the car alone, this would be
post WW 1. ) The only names we have are : T.P.Cameron in front passenger seat, Gordon Speirs sitting on the running board, and
Dr Armstrong on the right. Callander Station to the rear.

The Lenzie Club - 1939.

Cadder Curling Club - Centenary Year 1962.
Dunbartonshire Tenth Province Cuthbert Cup Competition Winners.

Standing : Stanley Howie, Ian Rutherford, John Howie.

Centre : Cumine Ross, Jack Armstrong ( President ), David Duncan.

Front : Tom Cameron, and his brother Tim Cameron.

Cadder Curling Club 1975 /76.

Standing :
Brian Pain, Jim Mowat, Rowan Martin, John Homphray, Robert Foulis, Sam Park, Harry Pirrie, David Lumsden, Geof. Cameron,
Mike Jackson, Stuart McLay, Ian Callendar, Alex. Cameron, Sandy Doig, Sean Magee, Ian Howie, Jack Inglis.

Seated :
Jack Armstrong, Ian Rutherford, Alex. Inglis ( VP ), Bill Lindsay ( President ), David Duncan ( President RCCC and Cadder
Member ), Tom Cameron, Munro Wilson ( Hon. Secretary )

The Grand Match at Loch Leven, 27th January 1959.
This was the first post WW2 Grand Match, and only two have been played outdoors in the fifty seven years since.

L to R : Cumine Ross ( Skip ), Tim Cameron ( 2nd ), centre Ian Rutherford ( 3rd ), plus Tom Cameron ( Lead ) for Cadder C C.
They lost by 15 shots to 16 to a Broughty Ferry Rink of Howard Thompson ( Skip ), Archie Fraser ( 3rd ), ? McKenzie ( 2nd )
and Arnold Laing ( Lead ).

There were 1,200 curlers on the ice in 300 Rinks. The South beat the North by 1,314 shots to 1,303.

The Grand Match at Lake of Menteith, 16th January 1963.

Cadder had two rinks entered this year, and there were 1,656 curlers on the ice in 414 Rinks.
This year the North beat the South by 2,649 shots to 2,548.

On this occasion, 6 of ice were required before the match could take place.

The Cadder Rink vs Muthil won ( The Muthil names and the score were not recorded ).
Cumine Ross ( Skip ), Ian Rutherford ( 3rd ), Tom Cameron ( 2nd ) and Ian Ross ( Lead ).

Cadders other Rink comprised : John Howie ( Skip ), Stanley Howie ( 3rd ), Sandy Doig ( 2nd ) and Jimmy Buchanan ( Lead ).
Neither the names of their opponents nor the score were recorded in TPCs archive.

A copy of the Glasgow Heralds report ( the Herald cost 4 old pennies then ! ) on the event is also in Tom Camerons archive.

The Grand Match at Lake of Menteith, 7th February 1979.
( Played on 8 of ice - nowadays they want 10 )

David Ramsay Tom Cameron

Once again, Cadder had two rinks entered, and this year the event was even more popular with 2,400 curlers playing in 600 Rinks.
The North beat the South by 3,937 shots to 3,144.

Team number 198 were : Tom Cameron ( Skip ), Brian Hatfield ( 3rd ), Ian Howie ( 2nd ) and David Lumsden ( Lead ).
They lost by four shots to eight to a Rink from the Fotheringham Club of Dundee,
David Ramsay ( Skip ), David Dandie ( 3rd ), ? Thain ( 2nd ) and Jim Warden ( Lead ).

Team 197 from Cadder were : Ian Rutherford ( Skip ), Stuart McLay ( 3rd ), Ian Callander ( 2nd ) and Munro Wilson ( Lead ).
The names of the opposition and the score were not recorded in TPCs archive.
Tom Camerons Grand Match Badge, and bars.

Of all the Cadder Members, only Tommy Cameron and Ian Rutherford played in all three post WW2 Grand Matches.

The event has been haunted by its own success, and even although very few curlers today have any experience of outdoor curling, it
is possible that an event with 2,400 participants today would attract the sort of publicity that would bring many thousands of
spectators, to the horror of the Health and Safety folk. Their curling stones alone would weigh almost a thousand tonnes. Apart from
the question of the ice being strong enough, the spectators and their vehicles alone would likely bring the entire area to a standstill and
it may be that this, as much as global warming, that will see that another outdoor Grand Match of this size never takes place again.

Thomas Purves Cameron Snr, 16th July 1873 - 19th October 1952.

Ironfounder, and all round Sportsman.