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Meena Nadi: Nature of Planets &

The cause of different results in Navamsha

(Astrological Researches Group, January 8, 2016 )

By Jitender Kumar

There are nine Planets, each having different nature, qualities, features
etc. The nature of a Planet by means of Prakruti holds key about their
Satvik Prukruti
Rajsik Prukruti&
Tamsik Prakruti

The nature wise categorization of Planets as follows:

Satvik Planets: Mercury & Jupiter
Raksik Planets: Sun, Moon and Venus
Tamsik Planets: Mars, Saturn, Rahu & Ketu.

Important points to note here are:

Satvik Planets give good results when they remain pure and
unalloyed in their Satvik natur.
Same rule applies to Rajsik and Tamsik nature Planets.

It is not harmful, if a Satvik gets Rajesik atmosphere and Rajsik Planet

gets Satvik atmosphere, but they should not acquire the Tamsik
atmosphere. And, a Tamsik Planet should not acquire the Rajsik or
Satvik nature/atmosphere else, extremely bad results are possible.
Nakshatras are also categorized as per their lords nature like Jupiter
and Mercury owned Nakshtras are of Satvik nature.

Friendliness among Planets:

Planet Satvik Friend Rajsik Friend Tamsik Friend
Sun Jupiter Moon Mars
Moon Jupiter Ravi
Mars Jupiter ..
Mercury . Venus ..
Jupiter Sun Moon ..
Venus Mercury . Saturn, Rahu
Saturn Mercury Venus ..
Rahu . Venus ..
Ketu Jupiter . ..

Next important point to understand here is:

How a Satvik Planet can behave differently in same Navamsa Sign?
Navamsa means 9th part of a Sign, where each Sign is divided into 9
equal parts. These 9 parts are also further allotted Planet/Sign lordship
at Sub-Level. Like, in Aries Sign, all 9 parts are allotted lordship
starting from Aries to Sagittarius along with their Sign lords.

Like Jupiter in Aries Sign/Ashwani Nakshtra-4 Pada having Cancer

Navamsa Sign and Jupiter is Cancer Sign/Hasta Nakshtra-4 having
Cancer Navamsa. In both conditions @ in Cancer Navamsa Sign
Jupiter is Exalted. But next point to check is: Ketu; Ashwani Nakshtra
lord; is of Tamsik nature, while Moon; Hasta Nakshtra lord; is of Rajsik
nature. So, in first condition, in Ashwani Nakshtra, 4 Pada, Jupiter is
Tamsik Uccha. While in second condition, Jupiter is Rajsik Uccha
(Exalted) in Hasta Nakshtra, 4 Pada. So, Jupiters result for same
Navamsha will differ a lot.
This way, a Yog Karka Planet can also get failed to deliver good results
during its period if its Nakshtra disposior lord is inimical/afflicted or
ill placed.