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December, 2017

Upcoming Events

Dec. 4- Character Counts

assembly @ 10:35a.m. in the gym

Dec. 6- Gr. 1 and to Zehrs for

field trip

Dec. 8 GAINS fieldtrip to

Devonshire Mall

Dec. 20 Winter Concert,

Southwood gym

Dec. 22 Skating Day for grades

3 8, Winter Fun Day for JK From the desk of the Principal and Vice Principal
grade 2
Dear Southwood families,
Dec. 22- Last day of school
before Winter Break
It is difficult to believe that it is already December! Southwood has been very busy
Jan. 8, 2018- School begins with learning and community building activities. Many fantastic things happened
Southwood Staff for in November which are cause for celebration. We would like to thank Mrs.
2017/2018 MacDonald and all of her hard work on the book fair. It was a great event and
JK/SK M. Newman many students and families purchased some awesome books and the money raised
ECE C. Woschenski is going directly back into our library through book purchases. We would also like
JK/SK C. Djelebian
ECE A. McKane to thank all of our parents and staff for a very successful parent teacher interview
Grade 1 A. Mamo night. This communication helps our students reach their potential.
Grade 1/2 C. Coulter
Grade 2 S. Forget
Grade 2/3 D. Hunt-Robinson We would like to thank our students and families for their participation in our
Grade 3 K. Malcolm
Grade 3 S. Tessier
cereal drive. We collected many boxes of cereal that will benefit students and
Grade 4 M. Dragicevic breakfast programs throughout the Greater Essex County District School Board. A
Grade 4 K. Aversa big congratulations goes out to Mrs. Camlis class for collecting the most cereal in
Grade 5 J. Piescic
Grade 5/6 T. Mio grams per student.
Grade 6 N. Baughan
Grade 6 K. Camlis
Grade 7 M. Lucier Southwood did an amazing job showing caring during the month of December.
Grade 7 D. Chisholm Students and staff participated in our anti-bullying campaign by posting notes of
Grade 8 J. Dunlop
Grade 8 M. Cichon
kindness, wearing pink shirts and decorating their doors with messages against
SERR A. Bellemore (B. Casey)/ bullying.
K. Trudell
LST- D. Edgar
GAINS 1 M. Brown Decembers Character Counts Trait is Resiliency. We are excited to recognize and
GAINS 2 A. Bellemore (B. celebrate grit and dedication to learning in our students. Have a wonderful month!
Casey)/K. DeHetre
French M. Hermle
French J. Meszaros Partners in Education,
Library V. MacDonald
Music J. Cadarette
Physical Education K. Trudell Mrs. Lowes Mrs. DeHetre
CYW - J.Glover
DSW D. Branch
Principal Vice Principal
DSW C. Jubinville
EA T. Campbell
EA S. Kovacevich
EA A. Renaud
EA S. Szostopal
Follow us on Twitter @ SPSSabres
EA L. Zittlau
EA A. Pitre
CYW J. Glover
Custodian S. Allard
Custodian D. Sherlock
Secretary L. Ladouceur
Clerk S. Arneaud
Vice Principal K. DeHetre
Principal M. Lowes
We are very fortunate at Southwood to have Mr. Allard as our dedicated custodian during
the day. Mr. Allard keeps our school sparkling and clean and welcoming for all of our
students, staff and parents. We also want to thank Mr. Allard for his positive attitude,
willingness to help, and the friendly smile that he has for everyone he greets each day.
You make our school a great place, Mr. Allard! Thank you for everything you do.
Southwoods School Day BEGINS at 8:15 am. Parents and students are
reminded that when students arrive at school on time and ready to learn,
they have the most successful start to the school day.

We ask that students do not arrive before 8:00 am, as playground

supervision begins at 8:00 and runs until 8:15. Parents are asked to
please keep this in mind when they plan to drop off their children. If your
child is late, they must be brought to the office as our doors are all
locked at the start of the school day in accordance with the Safe Schools

In the News
Cereal Box Challenge:
A big thank you to Mrs. Brown, Mr. Casey and Mr. Trudell and their SERR and GAINS
classes for being the leaders in the Cereal Box Challenge! There was amazing support shown
by our Southwood community! Great job Sabres!
Anti-bullying/ Pink Shirt Day

On Wednesday November 22nd, Southwood students made a stand against bullying and wore
their pink shirts! Great job Sabres!

School Council News

There is no School Council meeting for December. Have a wonderful
holiday break and we will see you in January. The next meeting is
January 10th at 6:00pm.

Use of the School Parking Lot

A reminder that our school parking lot is not to be used for student drop off or pickup at
arrival or dismissal times, due to safety concerns for students. Please use our Kiss and Ride.
If you are dropping off or picking up a student during school hours, please use the short
term parking spots near the front of the parking lot as they are the closest to the front doors
of the school. Please dont forget to go directly to the school office when entering the
building during school hours and checking in with our secretary, Mrs. Ladouceur or clerk,
Mrs. .

Please note: all students who are either dropped off or picked up in a vehicle by parents
should be using the Kiss and Ride Road located at the south end of the school property. If you
are dropping your children off after the entry bell, there are three 10 Minute parking spots at the
north end of our school parking lot. Please use these spots and enter through the front doors.
Please do not drop off any students at the Kiss and Ride after 8:15 am as there is no supervision
after that time and all the doors are locked due to the Safe Arrival Policy.
When using the Kiss and Ride road, please stay in your vehicles as you are approaching the
drop-off/pickup zone by the gate. At the drop-off/pickup zone, the staff members on duty
will assist your child in exiting or entering your vehicle. Students must enter and exit from the
sidewalk side of the vehicle.
The purpose of this road is to ensure the safe exit and entry for the students while
maintaining a system that is as efficient as possible. Vehicles that are left unattended interrupt the flow of
traffic. Please be aware that there is no stopping or parking on Mt. Royal. Your cooperation
in this matter is greatly appreciated!

Mt. Royal

Enter the Kiss and Ride Road and stay to

The Drop- the right hand side. Do not park your
off / Pickup vehicle. Please stay in your vehicle and
Zone is the keep moving towards the Drop-off /
only place Pickup Zone by the gate. Please do not
where pass other vehicles.
should be
exiting or When you reach the Drop-off / Pickup
entering Zone by the gate, your child will exit or
any enter your vehicle. Please do not pull
vehicles. ahead until the vehicle ahead of you has
moved. Staff will be present to assist at
this area.

Once you are done in the Drop-off /

Pickup Zone, please exit carefully
towards Mt. Carmel. Please do not
attempt to go around or pull ahead of
other vehicles.

Mt. Carmel
Warm Socks Warm Hearts Campaign
Please bring in new pairs of socks or money donations during the week or
December 4th to 8th. Our area highschool, Massey Secondary is collecting these
items to support the homeless. Thank you for your support!

Follow us on Twitter @ SPSSabres

Southwood has been very lucky to have a fantastic snack program that is run by
one of our dedicated parent volunteers, Laurie Bradbury. We would like to thank
Laurie for all of her efforts in making sure that our students have a great variety of
tasty and healthy food to keep them full and help fuel their minds for learning! If
you are able to volunteer one day a week for 30 minutes to help Laurie, please call
the school at (519)969-3470.
Thank-you to all of our families who have signed up for this new App
that can be another communication tool between home and school. *If
you havent sent in your email address yet, please visit our website to
print off a copy of the invitation, print it off and send it to school or ask
the school for another invitation.

School Cash Online

Southwood School would like to re-introduce our families to the School Cash Online payment option.

What is School Cash Online?

School Cash Online is an easy to use and safe way to pay for your childs school activities, products and
events from your own home. All you have to do is register an account, attach your childrens information
(student number will be provided in their agenda) and in no time you will be able to make payments online.

Why use School Cash Online?

CONVENIENT: Make secure payments 24/7 from the comfort of your own home
EASY TO USE: Online shopping with various payment methods
SAFE: Your child wont be carrying cash or checks to and from school
SAVES TIME: Manage your school expenses and view payment history in one place

*Eco-friendly as it saves on paper use within the school*

There are 2 different payment options that accepted through the Greater Essex County District School Board
at this time.

1. eCheck
Allows parents/guardians/staff to pay for items immediately that are within the shopping
cart. This option requires banking information to be entered each time the
parent/guardian/staff checks out.
2. myWallet
Allows parents/guardians/staff the opportunity to put funds on account that can be drawn
upon at a future date. Banking information is only required at the initial transfer
date. Banking information is not required for each transaction as the funds are drawn upon.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at the school or visit
https://publicboard.ca/Parents/School-cash-online for more information.

We value your support as we move towards a secure online payment environment.

Southwood Annual Skating Day

On Friday December 22nd students in grades 3 through 8 will be participating in a Skating Day
at South Windsor Arena (JK through grade 2 students will be participating in fun fitness
activities back at schoo)l. Students will report to school at the regular time and check in for
attendance with their homeroom teachers. After attendance is taken they will continue with
regular scheduled classes until 10:15am when they will be called to load the bus.

At South Windsor Arena the students of Southwood will engage in recreational skating on one
of two ice surfaces. There will be one ice pad for the students in grades 3 through 5 and one
ice pad for students in grades 6 through 8. Both ice pads will have sections on the ice for
beginning skaters. Snacks and beverages will be available for purchase or a home-made lunch
can be brought to the arena.

To help ensure the safety of everyone we are requiring that all students and adults wear a
CSA approved hockey helmet. If you have any helmets that you could donate to the school it
would be greatly appreciated. Other donations such as skates are also welcome. If you have
donations please send them to the school and drop them off in the office. Thank you for all of
your support.

Happy Holidays,

Mr. Trudell
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