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Memorandum ate To ‘Subject Th) CITY OF DALLAS December 8, 2017 Honorable Mayor and Members ofthe City Council Marlon Rollins ~ Holdover Member of the Park and Recreation Board In response to the recent news articles surrounding the qualifications of Marion Rollins, Park and Recreation Board member, please be advised that all City Secretary's Office policies were followed during the background check review {8 prescribed in Chapter 8 of the Dallas City Code. ‘The City Seoretary’s Office requires all board nominees to undergo a background check to ensure that board nominees are eligible for board service. More specifically, Dallas City Code Chapter 8, Sections 8-1.4(a}(1-3) [QUALIFICATION CONSIDERATIONS IN APPOINTMENTS TO BOARDS] slates in part, "an appointes to a board must: (1) have been a resident of the city for at least six months prior to the date of appointment; (2). be a qualified voter inthe city atthe time of appointment; and (3) have no criminal record that is considered by the city council to be so serious that is should serve as a disqualification.” Marlon Rollins has been a member of the Park and Recreation Board since initial appointment on October 28, 2015. Mr. Rolins indicated he was a resident of Dallas, a qualified voter, and that he had no felony convictions, (On December 7, 2017, information was provided to me that Mr. Rollins may not be in compliance with’Dallas City Code Chapter 8, Section 8-1.4(a)(8), which slates, “an appointee to a board must: not have been finally convicted of two or ‘more felony offenses for which the person has not been pardoned or otherwise released from the resulting disabilties.” Our office immediately followed up on the matter, and as a result has since confirmed that the information provided is correct and has determined Mr. Rolins is disqualified from service and has {orfeted his position, meaning no counell action is required, In accordance with Dallas City Code Chapter 8, Sections 8-1.4(h)(1), | have notified Mr. Rollins that he has forfeited his membership on the Park and Recreation Board, lt you have any further questions regarding this matter, please contact me at ©: TC Broadnax, City Manager Lamy Casto, Gity Attorney Jesus J. Salazar, Boards and Commissions Manager, CSO