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Response to Article 4

Learning Outcome 4 (Written): Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to develop
and convey oral and written messages effectively.

Perhaps the best written example of my ability to develop and convey a written message is through
my cover letter which I had to pen in Capstone for a mock interview. For this assignment I had to
prepare for an interview with a Carroll University Alumni who would critique my interview and cover
letter skills. Although the interview was only a mock interview, the position which I applied for was
real. The cover letter I prepared was for the position of marketing coordinator with the Pabst Theater
groupa position which fits within the reach of both my communication and music liberal arts degrees.

The cover letter, although brief, is an excellent example of conveying a written message. In the
first paragraph I explain what the job means to me and why I want to apply for the open position. I
relate the position to my passions and to my areas of expertise. This shows why I want the job. The
second paragraph is a brief explanation of why they should hire me. I discuss my work experience and
expertise. The one thing which could have been better would have been to brag about myself a bit more
and really sell it! Overall, this cover letter shows how concise and to the point I can be with my writing
while still conveying the message I want to.