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Postgraduate Institute of Law University of Lahore

Sample LLM Thesis Topics

(L.L.M. -- Master of Law -- 2 Yr Course)

1. Right Against Self-Incrimination in Pakistan, UK and USA.

2. Independence and Accountability of Judiciary.
3. Impact of Climate change on Water Resources and Livelihood in the
4. Climate Change vis-a-vis Human Right to Health.
5. Democracy: As Growth Engine of Pakistan and Its Socio-Economic
6. Right to Bail.
7. Critical Evaluation of Criminal Justice Administration in Pakistan.
8. Homosexuality in Pakistan with comparative Study of UK and USA.
9. Protection of the Wildlife in Pakistan.
10. Human Rights Protection in the Cyberspace.
11. Environmental Law and Radioactive Contamination.
12. Labour Law in Special Economic Zones (SEZs): Dilemmas and Concerns.
13. Speedy Trial: A Challenge Before Justice Delivery System in Pakistan.
14. Law of Armed Forces in Pakistan: The Truth of Justice.
15. Right to Education.
16. Custodial Violence.
17. International Human Rights Law and Judicial Enforcement in Pakistan.
18. Basic Features of Fair Trial : Pitfalls and Remedies.
19. Climate Change from Kyoto to Copenhagen and Beyond 2015: Perspectives
of Trade and the International Carbon Market.
20. Standard of IPR Protection vis-a-vis Technology Transfer in developing
Economics: The Pakistan Experience.
21. Mergers, Amalgamation and Acquisition of Companies in Pakistan.
22. Copyright Protection on Cinematographic Films and Sound Recordings in
Digital Environment.
23. Data Protection Laws in Information Technology (IT) and Information
Technology Enabling Services (ITES) in Pakistan.
24. Hate Speech and Election Laws in Pakistan.
25. Study of Federalism and Centre-State Relation with Respect of Foreign
Relations and International Agreements.
26. Effectiveness of Laws Prohibiting Sex Selective Abortions in Curbing
female Feticide in South Asia with special reference to Pakistan.
27. Pursuit of Justice : Beyond Theories and Ideas.
28. Study on Bio-Medical Waste Management Under the
Environmental (Protection) Laws.
29. Impact of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Legislations
Concerning Protection of Women in Pakistan.
30. Muslim Inheritance with Respect to Empowerment of Women.
31. International Law & Trans-Boarder Trafficking of Nuclear and other
Radioactive Materials : With Special Reference to International conventions &
Pakistani Policy.
32. Competence of Arbitral Tribunal to Rule on its Jurisdiction.
33. An Empirical Study of the Functioning of Consumer Courts Pakistan.
34. Probation as a Means of Rehabilitation With Special Reference to Role of
35. Disability laws in Pakistan and Access to Rights : A Critical Study.
36. Comparative Study of Trademark Dilution.
37. Corporate Social Responsibility vis-a-vis Sustainable Development.
38. Relevance of Restitution of Conjugal Rights in Contemporary Society.
39. Combating the Rising Crimes of Pakistani and USA Currency Notes.
40. Prison : An Institution for Rehabilitation.
41. Integration of Environmental and Developmental Needs.
42. International Trade Law and Dispute Settlement mechanism Under WTO in
Relation to Developing Nations.
43. International Commercial Arbitration and Pakistani Law and legal System:
Some Reflections.
44. Freedom of the High Seas : Relevance to the Developing Economic Zones
and Law of the Sea.
45. Comparative Study of the Investigation in Pakistan and UK Criminal
Justice System: Recent Trends.
46. Equality of Gender and Status of Women in Pakistan.
47. Interpretation of Treaties.