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I just received access to your e-mail to me and the subsequent e-mail later in the day to Chairman Scott, so I wanted to take a
moment to reply to you.

I understand both your enthusiasm and your aggrevation with the items you mentioned. It's clear that you have a number of
concerns and while some are directly related to the Committee, others are incidental in my opinion. You are welcome to attend our
meeting on Wednesday and as you know from your attendance in January, all our regular monthly meetings are open to the public.
As a visitor, you are welcome to attend and observe the meeting. Guests/visitors are announced but as a general rule, do not
normally address the Committee. If there are candidates that attend and have notified the Chair of their attendance, we allocate
time for them to introduce themselves to the Committee and speak for no more than five minutes. Given your concerns and that
you have contacted the Committee in advance, we will reserve a few minutes for you to address the Committee. I've also asked our
Recording Secretary to send you the copies of the minutes you requested.

I do not wish to get into a long e-mail response, but on a few specific items you referenced, I looked back at your March e-mail and
you are correct that I did not reply. I overlooked the specific request for information about the Central Committee within the other
details of the e-mail and I apologize. The other information and detail in the e-mail did not require a response in my opinion. As
Chair, I have met and talked with a number of candidates (Central Committee and other offices) over the past several months and
this oversight was not intentional. The deadline to file for office was July 6, 2010 and as you are an active and engaged citizen, it's
reasonable to conclude that I was not the only source for obtaining information about running for office the past several months. A
follow up to me or the many other available sources would have provided you the information you needed. Regarding the website
committee, it's my understanding that they have not met formally but handled most communication via e-mail or had discussions
at our monthly meetings. Yes, you did express an interest in this area, but were not a member of the subcommittee. The Mike
Collins editorial and some other items you mention are public at this point, but will be handled within the Committee and no public
action is planned.



Alan Rzepkowski
Chairman, RSCCAAC

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