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BSBMKG416 Market goods and services internationally

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ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 1

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ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 2

Group Observation Checklist
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BSBMKG416 Market goods and services internationally

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ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 3

This assessment is based on the Strategic Marketing Plans which have been developed by the
Queensland and NSW Governments in relation to improving the number of tourists spending
time in their respective States.

You have been provided with the appropriate Strategic Plan and your task is to: -

1. Individually develop a list of marketing or promotional activities that would be

culturally appropriate for your selected country (it is suggested that you select a
country that you are familiar with).

2. Form a group(s) based on a common selected country to which you would like to
market Qld or NSW tourism.

3. In your group, from the list of individual ideas, identify two (2) distinct marketing or
promotional activities that you would like to run in your selected country.

4. Develop a Marketing plan, including costings, suitability and viability for these events
which should also address ethical, legal and safety issues.

5. Discuss with your trainer your progress to date and seek advice on future directions.

6. Report on a scenario where both of these events have occurred.

7. Produce an evaluation tool for each event (e.g. survey, questionnaire).

8. Make an oral presentation on the events including recommendations for changes or

improvements for future events.

9. At various times during the presentation your trainer will engage with your group and
complete the observation checklistto fulfil specific requirements. The Observation
Checklist, located at the front of this assessment document, list the tasks the trainer
will be observing during the presentation.

10. Each group member will need to lodge a copy of the report, the presentation, the
evaluation tool and the observation checklist individually.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 4


Step 1 Access marketing plan for specific international target market

For this assignment you will need to work in groups and address either the NSW or QLD
governments tourism marketing strategy out to the year 2020

Step 2 - Select appropriate marketing activities

Once you have accessed the marketing plan specific to your selected international target market,
you will need to seek clarification about the marketing plan prior to commencing other activities.
(Trainer will use observation checklist)

The first section of the report should include the following:

1. Summarise the following:

The States overall international marketing plan and strategy

The specific international marketing goals and objectives
The international target market

2. Identify and document a minimum of 6 marketing activities for the target market.

3. From this analysis, select the 2 most appropriate marketing activities for the product/service
for the specific region. Seek assistance and approval from your trainer in selecting the most
appropriate marketing activities.

4. Document the selected marketing activities with costs and rationale. Explain how your choice of
marketing activities meets the marketing objectives, cultural, ethical and legal considerations,
viability and cost requirements.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 5

Step 3 Implementing international marketing activities

Now that appropriate marketing activities for a specific region have been selected, its time to
create an action plan for implementing the two (2) selected marketing activities.

The second section of the report should include the following:

1. Prioritise and document chosen marketing activities.

2. Determine and document the resources needed for implementation.

3. Identify all legal, ethical, cultural and safety requirements that must be observed for
implementing the marketing activities.

4. Determine and document who will be involved in the marketing activities and what roles
and responsibilities they will have to ensure a successful self-managed team.

5. Document an Activity Brief you would give people involved in the marketing activities.

6. Create an action plan on how your team will implemented the established promotional
activities in accordance with marketing objectives and budgetary requirements.

7. Create a tool (survey/ questionnaire) that will monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of
the marketing activities.

Step 4 - Monitor and review marketing performance (Trainer to provide some thoughts and
suggestions on how the events were conducted so that this feedback can be incorporated into
the report and presentation)

The third section of your report should include the following:

1. Monitor and document progress against performance targets.

2. Identify and record any over-performance against targets. List any trends the over-
performance might indicate. Recommend new marketing targets.

3. From your research, analyse and identify any potential new business opportunities.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 6

Step 5 The report is summarised and presented to the class using PowerPoint/ Prezi or

It is not a requirement to produce new information. Summarizing the main the points of the
report and showing a clear understanding of the unit. Each member of the group needs to
contribute to the presentation.

References and Information sources: -






New South Wales




You can paste your assessment below this line.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 7


Nestled between Moreton Bay Island and the beautiful Glasshouse Mountains, is offered
an exclusive landing area on the northern beaches of Brisbane city, with amazing ocean views
year round. Tandem skydive from up to 14,000ft, and experience the ultimate thrill of freefall at
over 200km/hr for up to an insane 60 seconds. Then, float under canopy for 5-7 minutes soaking
up the spectacular views from above.
Skydive in Brisbane with the
best: best views, best locations, best
customer service and the best
instructors. You're in safe skies with the
Skydive Australia crew, so step outside
your comfort zone and push personal
boundaries with a skydive experience
youll remember forever.

1. Access Marketing Plan for Specific International Target Market

Founded in 1999 by a pair of optimistic young mates, Skydive Australia has grown from
the small beachfront operation of Skydive the Beach Sydney in Wollongong NSW, using a single
six-seater Cessna 206 to a company with eighteen premium drop zones Australia wide and
more planned.
Sharing skydiving awesomeness with
people from all over the world has been our
mission for many years. Its been a rollicking
ride, packed with hilarious characters, heart-
stopping moments and adrenalin-pumping
stories. And every day is still as exhilarating as
day one.
Staffed by an energetic young team, passionate about delivering the perfect skydiving
adventure, spending their days jumping over amazing locations all around Australia. The

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 8

skydiving instructors are highly experienced in their field, where many compete on a national and
international level. Theyre backed by the best flight and ground crew ever.
Skydiving is their passion and they get a kick out of sharing it with new friends. They
love what they do, love working with each other and loving to share the love. Its one big love
fest here at Skydive Australia
Seriously though, youll find that everyone in their team from management, office and
sales staff to the ground crew youll get to know when you jump has the same can-do mindset.
Theyre energetic, experienced and committed to skydiving. And no matter how obsessed they
are with our sport, they never lose sight of where youre at they understand that for most people
a first time skydive takes a lot of courage as well as trust.
Theres no more worthy place for you to place your trust than our skydiving crew. Their
instructors have helped many, many people experience the thrill of a lifetime. Theyve also
represented Australia in competition some are even national and world champions. All of them
are drawn to our culture of learning and achievement, which encourages them to make every
skydiving adventure awesome especially yours.

1.1 International Target Market

According to McKinsey&Company's Brazilian consumer profile, Brazil enjoyed a

dramatic rise in purchasing power and consumption over the past decade. Indeed, by 2012, more
than half of Brazilians had entered the ranks of the middle class. However, this trend has been
reversing in recent years, with economic recession translating into a drop in consumer
confidence. Nonetheless, the thriftier Brazilian consumer also offers some opportunities for
retailers: more Brazilian consumers are eating at home than in restaurants, for example, and they
increasingly tend to seek out good deals and promotions. Also, there are a few product categories
in which Brazilians are 'trading-up' for more expensive products rather than 'trading down' for
cheaper brands. These include alcoholic beverages and personal-care products. Overall,
Brazilians care about value for money and the functional value of the goods they purchase

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 9

2. Select Appropriate Marketing Activities

2.1 The Company`s Overall International Marketing Plan and Strategy

Skydive in Brisbane sales and marketing strategy has been formulated with a clear objective:
Quality founded upon a total commitment to innovation and , best locations, best customer
service and the best instructors. The Skydive in Brisbane has enhanced the beachside RedCliffe
region with a development of such quality that it will satisfy the most critical sports enthusiast.

2.2 The Specific International Marketing Goals and Objectives

Skydive in Brisbane has focused its marketing efforts on South America. The high Australian
dollar has impeded export growth; however exports remain the primary source of growth for
those who look for skydiving activities.

The main goal is get to be a well-known brand and to demonstrate to de target public that the
Skydive in Brisbane has the capacity to deliver the best quality and they can trust the company, as
in Brazil it is an important point to be considered.

2.3 The International Target Market

According to a recent study, the number of foreigners visiting Brazil in order to get in
touch with the environment and try new sport adventures increased by 3% in a year, rising from
12.8% in 2014 to 15.7% in 2015.
Brazil is currently seeking new domestic and international private investment to stimulate
this sector and to create new nature reserves (including marine ones) able to attract lovers of
trekking and hiking. The Minister of Tourism Alberto Alves said he will try to establish a
partnership between the private and public sectors for the sustainable exploitation of local
treasures such as the Amazon Rainforest, the Pantanal, the Cerrado and the Atlantic Forest, in
addition to the more than 8000 kilometers of coastline and the river basin.
It is clear how the visits to protected areas rose in the last 10 years: only in national parks,
visitors increased by 238%, from 1,900,000 in 2007 to 7,140,000 in 2015. And in the first half of
2016 two Brazilian institutions have been awarded for activities in the adventure tourism

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 10

Marketing Activities for the Target Market

Media Announcements
Web pages
Tourism Events
Public Relations

Two most appropriate marketing activities

Advertisements (Estimated Value $ 3,500)

Banner Online - institutional site will be created flash site for home. Can be toggled with the
campaign that is sparkling in the air.
Folder exclusive brand: There will be a mini folder (approximately 8x11cm) unique to
publicize the product.
Promotional Email Marketing: Is created promotional marketing e-mail about the product.
Spot (recorded on the radio) + Merchandising: will 30'' spot created for airing on Australian
radio. Day 12/02 will be held merchandising action with live announcers at will send a bottle
for each speaker.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 11

Public Relations (Estimated Value $ 500)

Newsletter online: This will create a unique online newsletter addressing the issue
Sparkling. Their harmonies, consumption, unlike him to sparkle.
E-mail marketing for sales representatives: will create e-mail marketing on the product to
be released to the business representatives.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 12

Social, Cultural and Ethical requirements

People tend to be attracted to good quality and competitive price

Like to go out with friends or family for tourism activities
High volume of spent per person, such as: accommodation, food, services, health and

Environmental Issues

Problem of population decreasing

Influence of global warming


Prohibit purchasing less than 18 years old

Other products can be sold in convenience stores and markets
Prohibit exaggerated advertisement; law is not clear about the limits

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 13

Analyze the range of marketing activities

Marketing Advertisements Media Web pages Merchandising

activity announcements (Tasting)
Advantages Show the Fast reach to Save time and Direct contact
product to the the target money with the
target market market possible
customers and
Disadvantages It may be Expensive High It may be
expensive Competition expensive

Could not
reach the right
target market
Cost Over Over $5 million Around $1,000 Minimum
$3,000/month set up and then $60,000
maintain and
Legal Issues Ad time is Access over 18 Prohibited Need to check
restricted by years old exaggerated ID to proof age
law advertisement over 18
Socio-cultural Majority of Likely people Majority of People always
population get interested population like free
watch TV about try wine using internet sample

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 14

3. Implementing International Marketing Activities

3.1 Prioritise Marketing Activities

Advertisement and merchandising will be priority marketing active. Public Relations will
set up after the media promotion.

3.2 Resources Needed for Implementation

Advertisement and merchandising

Contract with radio
Team responsible for the creation of advertising and website

Public Relations
Mailing to target public
Email marketing
Team responsible for the creation

3.3 Legal, Ethical, Cultural and Safety Requirements

Legal: Not allowed to sell under 18yrs.

Ethical: Be sure people not get drunk to much
Cultural: Well treined staffs to give good customer services
Safety: Check ID and be sure not to give drunk people.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 15

3.4 Management

Name Roles Responsibility

Contract with radio
Vinicius Marketing Manager Creation of advertising
Responsible for the Advertising and Merchandising

Marcus Retail Responsible for the Public Relations
Prospector Mailing

3.5 Activities Brief

Advertisement and merchandising

Banner-Online: Site Update October 10 - 4am

Folder: distribution of brochures October 10 - 13pm
Email-Marketing: Sending Oct. 10, during the day.
Spot: beginning in October, at noon, for 3 months

Public Relation

Newsletter: Sending Oct. 10, during the day, for 3 months.

Email marketing: Sending Oct. 10, during the day, for 3 months

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 16

3.6 Action Plan

3.7 Feed Back

For effectiveness of marketing activities, team will obtain feedback by survey and interviews in
the website and telephone. And the team will analyse problem and improve it for next ativity. The
internet will be one of primary feedback source.

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 17

4. Monitor and Review Marketing Performance

Skydive in Brisbanes steam has monitored marketing progress through periodic surveys and
analysis. About the progress, we found that our brand has become more popular and review sales
are made once a fortnightly to check if they have increased.

4.1 Performance Targets

Putting performance measurement systems in place can be an important way of keeping

track on the progress of the business. It gives the vital information about what's happening now
and it also provides the starting point for a system of target-setting that will help implementing
the strategies for growth.
This statement sets out the business benefits of performance measurement and target-
setting. It is to determine how to choose which key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure and
suggests examples in a number of key business areas. It also highlights the main points to bear in
mind when setting targets for your business:

The importance of measurement and target-setting

Deciding what to measure
Measurement of our financial performance
Measurement and our customers
Measurement and our employees
Measurement against other businesses - benchmarking
Measurement in the manufacturing sector
How to set useful targets for our business

4.2 New Targets Markets

A feasibility analysis is an important step before purchasing a business opportunity or

franchise. As an entrepreneur, you can greatly increase your chances of success by analyzing the
business concept, your market place, your industry and competition, and your financial and

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 18

organizational structures. Whether you plan to expand an existing business, acquire an existing
business, or start a new business, a feasibility analysis will evaluate a business idea to see if it is
worth pursuing.
Identifying our Core Competency: a special skill, technology, process, knowledge,
expertise, or ability that is unique to the business and done better than any competitors.

A core competency might be:

Valuable a large revenue generator

Rare not easily found in other businesses
Non-substitutable its cannot be replaced by any of your other capabilities.
Costly to imitate it will be expensive for your competitors to try to duplicate

4.3 New Business Opportunities

Skydiving (or parachuting) is a recreational activity as well as a vocational skill for

individuals in highly specialized careers. Skydiving schools offer newbies a safe introduction to
the sport and ongoing training or jump opportunities for individuals who have decided to advance
beyond the beginner level.
Although entrepreneurs interested in launching a skydiving school come from a variety of
backgrounds, successful startup owners almost always possess significant skydiving experience,
either as an enthusiast or as a jump professional (e.g. military). From your customers' standpoint,
your skydiving experience is critical -- in their eyes, it's the only thing standing between them and
the ground.
The capital requirements for a skydiving business are substantial: chutes, safety
equipment, harnesses (solo & tandem) and access to a plane(s) are all obvious prerequisites.
However, your instructors should also actively participate in and be rated by the AU Parachute
Association, a trade organization that supports the sport of skydiving.

Expansion Opportunities for Skydiver Businesses

Growth is a mandate for successful small businesses. As a skydiving entrepreneur, it's

important to target growth strategies in your initial business plan. Although circumstances vary

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 19

from one entrepreneur to the next, there are several potential areas your school can target for
Indoor Skydiving. Indoor skydiving facilities give your school the ability to
conduct training and activities in a safe environment that is completely independent of outside
weather conditions. The downside? Cost. Construction of an indoor wind tunnel is expensive,
possibly even cost-prohibitive for startup entrepreneurs. Budget carefully if you plan to offer
expanded training activities indoors.
Military Business Training. The increased use of private para-military personnel
has created a market for parachute schools capable of training private security personnel in
HALO (High Altitude/Low Opening), HAHO (High Altitude/High Opening) and other skydiving
techniques. Tap into this market segment and you have the potential to generate a significant
revenue stream from corporate clientele.
Auxiliary Services. Ambitious skydiving entrepreneurs routinely create auxiliary
revenue streams. Everything from the sale of parachuting equipment to on-site cafes or
restaurants hold possibility as supplemental profit centers, depending on the needs and buying
habits of your customer base.

Feasibility Analysis

After completing the financial feasibility analysis, we thought about our personal income
and financial needs. For example, we need at least $130,000 annually to keep our crew and will
the new venture be able to provide us with at least $130,000 of profit in the first year? Even the
best business ideas often require several years to take off and reach a desired profit. It may be
best for you to allow time to work while starting your business or put off the start-up until
sufficient resources are on hand to give us a regular source of income.

Conduct an Organizational Feasibility Analysis: determine whether the proposed business

has sufficient management expertise, organizational competence, and resources to be successful.

Evaluate Management Expertise the ability of the entrepreneur and management team.
Designate Responsibilities determine whether the responsibilities are too great or too
small for the entrepreneur. Do any of the duties need to be outsourced?

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 20

Evaluate non-financial resources is there a sufficient labor pool (quality and quantity),
availability of office space, protection for property, patents, etc.?
Prepare a Financial Feasibility Analysis: evaluate start-up and other capital requirements,
your projected rate of return, and the overall attractiveness of the investment.
Estimate Sales on monthly and/or annual basis Do not count on promises; be
conservative; estimate sales using different methods and compare figures (both in units
and dollars).
Estimate Costs Identify both fixed costs and variable costs.
Estimate Break-even Point and Profitability

ILSC Business School BSBMKG416 Assessment V1 0117 21