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Centro De Estudio de Idiomas Culiacn

Bachelor in Arts in English Language Teaching
English V
The reading comprehension at academic levels in public Universities in
Module 2.
Transactional and Interactional English.

Jessica Flores Fernndez.
Fernando Ivn Garza Hernndez.
Joel Palazuelos.
September 12th, 2017.

The topic that we are going to discuss on this text, is the reading comprehension at university level,
making an emphasis on public universities, where students most of the time do not reach their goals
by acquiring language skills as they would like to or need to and fail on attempting because their lack
of reading comprehension strategies. Therefore it will impact in the way of finding a better job
opportunities when they finish their careers.


Fernando: Hi, jessi, how are you?

Jessi: Im fine, I am great, how are you?

Fernando: Im fine, well, um,

Let me start by presenting the topic that we are going to discuss on this chat, which is the reading
comprehension at on public university level, more specifically, making an emphasis where students Commented [B1]:
most of the time do not reach their goals by acquiring language skills as they would like to or need to
and fail on attempting to find a better job opportunities when they finish their careers. Commented [B2]: Two prepositions.grammar mistake.

So what are your appreciations about this topic?

Jessi: um, according to my experience, and my knowledge, it is a really good topic in which um, Commented [B3]: Backchannelling.
especially with Mexican students, it is a necessity or lack that our students have from, I think, the
main problem origins in high school, so thats why our students at the university they have many
difficulties for getting concentrated and also to have the comprehension after reading, any instruction, Commented [B4]: Not clear information. Not correct
now imagine if we are talking about English, then it is a little more complicated so, um, I think that the writing discourse.
role for teachers and students it is more.. Or I consider, in order to have, to accomplish the learning
and teaching process both either students and teachers should or must they must play each one the Commented [B5]: Discourse maker.
correct role; each one has to plan effective lesson plans in order to reach the lessons goal and Commented [B6]: Hesitation
students, they need to be attentive especially when talking in English, to acquire and understand the
instructions and the ideas and especially acquire the knowledge the teacher wants to transm it with
every single activity and strategy the teacher has planned before in the lesson plan. Commented [B7]: Did not especify who should plan the
lesson. Morphology mistake.
So, um, I told you, I gave you my opinion, but let me add you something else, in order to continue Commented [B8]: Could be the Word previously
with this topic, how important is for you the development of reading comprehension in public
universities, Mexican public universities for teaching English?. Commented [B9]: Filler and thinker discourse pause

Fernando: well, um, I believe this is a very important issue to develop the reading comprehension in Commented [B10]: Filler, silent pause
public universities um, most of all because most of the students have a lot to read on their careers,
on their areas of study, and if they lack of this skill there are going to poorly develop or acquire their Commented [B11]: Incorrect Word Reading
competencies that they need to acquire to accomplish in a regular basis course in a university level. Commented [B12]: Should be they are
Now, it is important for the teachers to apply the correct techniques and strategies to enhance this
ability or skill, so they can, in order to achieve one goal which is to reach and academic level of
reading and writing which are the receptive and productive skills, they have to develop the skills for Commented [B13]: confusing idea
reaching a level as the Marco comun says, right?, the common European framework says, right?, so,
I believe it very important for them because they need to read and they need to read a lot in Commented [B14]: discourse maker
universities and Commented [B15]: repetition

Jessi: have you ever put into practice to try to develop

Fernando: Sorry? Commented [B16]: self correction

Jessi: have you ever put into practice this, trying to develop that skill in your students?
Fernando: As a matter of fact I have I did, I have done a lot of activities where students have to read Commented [B17]: morphology mistake
for example texts that are related to their careers but I have to say that on this classes I was obligated
to adapt the class, and the level of the reading and text and read the text that they were about to
tread in the class so they were able to make a reading which was suitable for the level they were in
that time.

Jessi: do you believe our students could be once or in one time probably no rally far away, Commented [B18]: mispronounced. Phonology misatke
independent readers?

Fernando: Sorry, can you repeat the question please?

Jessi: do you believe our students could be once or in one time probably no rally far away, Commented [B19]: mispronounced- phonology mistake
independent readers?

Fernando: yes, I believe that when students practice and develop the skill or reading first in Spanish Commented [B20]: taking turn
and then in the second language which is English they start to manage in the most comfortable way
some texts that are a little bit more complex that a normal text that a student reads when they are at
the first levels of English, right? But, um, it is a process, it is not something that happens all of the Commented [B21]: filler/ pause
sudden, teacher and students have to work side by side, one to enhance this skill and the other one
is developing intrinsic motivation to get to be and independent reader as a model of a university
students that is what I think about it.

Jessi: I completely agree with you and also, as additional information to this information you are Commented [B22]: correct useful phrase.
giving me, I think an independent student is a person or our students we could motivate our students
or foster them those strategies and the reading skill in order for them to be able to make conclusion Commented [B23]: confusing idea. Wrong subject.
about the reading they be able to find the main idea of the text also in one time our students will be Commented [B24]: Need a comma. Or pause.
ready for take or make visual images to represent the content of the reading and also by the time
they see the text they are going to find the supporting ideas and then when they feel ready they are
going to demonstrate it by describing the story and identifying every single part of the text by the time
they could express their ideas and opinions about the text in my experience I consider that students Commented [B25]: Period. Another idea.
and interdependent student, independent reader Im sorry. They also gonna make questions about
themselves and have their own conclusions about that. Commented [B26]: Self correction
Commented [B27]: ellipsis
Fernando: I share the some opinion with you this is a process and we have to work independently
on this process and also to develop the habit of reading because if we do not develop the habit of Commented [B28]: period needed.
reading as a behaviorist process then we are not going to develop it like just one course of one
semester or two semesters whether is high school level of university level so we have to enhance the
habit of reading and also to lose the fear they feel when facing texts longer that two or three lines Commented [B29]: Repetition.
that they have and also to learn to skim and scan they have to develop those two skills that are very
important and also we have to apply techniques that include making questions after reading and to
play listening also it is very important to play listening when they are reading because at the beginning
thats what makes them more comfortable and makes them more confident, so in this sense, I just Commented [B30]: Makes them to become or to be
want to ask you, what are the most important skills they have to develop when they start this activities more confident
when teacher is applying them, for example which techniques are the most important?
Commented [B31]: Discourse maker
Jessi: I think all techniques are important but to put them in practice depends on the level of the
reader you are some are good for skimming other for scanning it will depends the information you are
looking for

And the conversation continues some more

Video link:


By doing this activity I felt like my students. It was a challenge for me. Especially because of the use
of technology. It was a great activity in which we do not only socialize and interact but we learned a
lot and self-evaluate and analyze our discourse abilities. We noticed the great number of mistakes
we have while speaking, especially in this that is kind of informal discourse. There were many
hesitations, fillers, excessive use of backchannelling, discourse makers, speaker edited, ellipsis, and
repetition as the most important mistakes and some others. Therefore the most of the mistakes were
about morphology and phonology. I consider that the communicative problems are part of the kind of
the discourse we did, it was informal and relaxing. But they understand perfectly because we use
gestures, body language and intonation. The most important problems are about morphology and
phonology as I mentioned before. (Jessica)

It was an extremely strenuous and stressful exercise because even though we did not want to make
mistakes every time I felt I made a mistake, I felt the need to continue speaking in order to correct
that mistake. We realized the infinitesimal number of grammatical errors as well as the language used
in the conversation that, in fact, fluctuated from technical and academic language to colloquial and
informal language. We realized that we were very hesitant to speak, we used many repetitions and
repetition, we did not achieve the adjacency completely because of the nerves of the two, and
sometimes we interrupted each other, so I think the nature of our conversation was of an interactional
nature. Although we wanted to use useful phrases to link ideas and make transitions, by getting so
much into the ideas and the most important points of the conversation, we broke protocol and that
was when we were wrong. We managed to detect the deficiencies in the work to a greater extent in
the process of transcription of the conversation, where listening to us back we are aware of all of the
above. (Fernando)


Honestly I felt so anxious and stressed in the process of this activity. It was stressful for me to see
myself in front of the camera and speak. But this activity left me a lot of knowledge especially because
I identify my mistakes while speaking. I identify myself the way of being observing myself intimated
me and the words did not were produced as other times. Even though all of those obstacles, the
conversation was fluent because we put in practice de adjacency, ellipsis and some other discourses

By the end of the activity, I felt proud of myself because I noticed that I scaffolding my knowledge. It
was another goal to be accomplished and I really liked this activity to share with my students and
encourage them to practice their communicative ability as much as possible by having fun, interacting
and socializing each other.



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