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Science Final Term Examination

Year 1
Name: Date:

A. Fill in the blanks with the correct answers

1. _____________ is a process of receiving, choosing, arranging and presenting

information or ideas verbally, in writing, tables or diagrams.

2. We should __________ and store the science apparatus used in the correct way.

3. ____________ is a process of gathering information about objects and

phenomena by using parts or all of the senses.

4. We should hold the live specimen like butterflies carefully and _____________.

5. We must ___________ the chairs and clean the activity area before exiting the
Science Room.

6. We cannot ____________ in the Science Room in order to prevent accidents

and injuries.

Communication run arrange

Observation safely clean

B. Complete the table

Parts of the plant Function

1. Makes food for the plant

2. Grows to become the seed and fruit

that play a part in reproduction.

3. Carries food that has been produced

by the leaf to all parts of plant
Carries nutrient and water from the
roots to the leaves.

4. Absorbs water and nutrients from the


C. Fill in the blanks with the correct answer.

Food Water Shelter Air Sunlight

1. All living things need ___________ to drink.

2. All living things require ____________ to live in.

3. All plants require ____________ to grow.

4. All living things need to breathe ____________.

5. All living things need to eat ______________.

D. Match the correct answer.

Tap root Fibrous root Parallel leaf veins Netted leaf veins

E. Write the shapes of the magnets below.






F. Match the importance of the material that can absorb water and cannot absorb water.

Absorb water

Cannot absorb water

G. Match the parts of human body with its sense.
H. Circle the tools that can help the sensory organ when it is not function properly.
I. Complete the table below by choosing the answer given in the box.

twigs stone small animals sand

waste material sediments leaf

Garden soil Sand Clay

J. The picture below shows the distance of paper clip attract by 3 different magnets.


1. Magnet ____________ is the strongest.

2. Magnet ____________ is the weakest.

This activity shows that:

The ________________ (strongest/weakest) magnet can attract paper clips from

_________________ (farthest /nearest) distance.

K. Fill in the blanks with correct answer.

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