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Children have different characteristics. How to handle to them was also different. At
the age of 6 to 10 years, is the transitional period from kindergarten to elementary school,
thus requiring creativity and great patience. At this age, children usually have started to focus
on the material provided, but in this case also we as a teacher or facilitator do not really give
the substance is too serious and monotonous, it will make the child badmood and become not
focus on the material.
Based on my experience, last year I taught children in the first grade of elementary
school. That became my challenge is how to make them like the English and build their
confidence to be able to speak English. So every week I make a schedule to include material
in English after teaching the subject matter is finished. In the first week, I give pictures of
animals, objects, etc and told them to color it. After their coloring, I give them 15 minutes to
memorize the animals or objects. After 15 minutes, I choose randomly and they answer it. If
true I give star cards to their, and if the star card has reached 8 pieces, may be replaced
with pencils, erasers, books, etc.
The second week, I give every day rote named "dream card". The contents of this
dream card is a verb, pronoun, noun. So every child every day memorizing 5 pieces of the
word. In the third week, I usually tell stories about the history of Indonesia and the inventors
in the world. After the storytelling, I asked about the fairy tale, and those who could answer,
then I give a small gift. And fourth week, usually I became a facilitator, where I only brought
a few games and they have to complete the missions of these games. In the first post they
must arrange the puzzle. Then the second post, they have to write down 5 pieces of words in
the English language. And in the last post, they must sing a song their group. When I became
a facilitator many children who tells personally about their lives and some are complaining
because his/her friend actions were fraudulent And these things continued for 1 year, and the
results are very satisfactory, the children were so eager to learn English.
Lessons I learned during the year is to increase creativity, always smiling, and
requires patience in understanding the characteristics of each of these children. So do not ever
give up and must always be confident in the ability of ourselves.

Atika Mega Chairina

EP from Indonesia, AIESEC LC UI