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Mary Parish Newsletter FALL 2017

Fr. Lawrence L. Hummer

In September of this year Pope Francis issued a motu proprio, called Magnum
Principium which means the Great Principle. In this papal letter or expression of his
own opinion which hereafter becomes part of Liturgical law, Pope Francis referred to the
great principle of Vatican II whereby the language of prayer did not have to continue on in
ISSUE 43 Latin, but may be adopted to the various language groups around the world. That was the
understanding of the bishops when they left Rome in 1965 and began to make the chang-
es in their various dioceses.
St. Marys Parish Staff This all changed during the pontificate of St. John Paul II when he authorized a
document eventually published by the Congregation for Divine Worship called Liturgiam
Fr. Lawrence L. Hummer
Authenticam (translated as authentic liturgy and identified herein as LA), and approved
for use in March, 2001. What this document did was to usurp the authority of the bishops
Joan DAntoni for implementing their own translations of liturgical texts and required any and all future
Finance Coordinator &
Newsletter Editor translations to be approved by the Roman congregation for Divine Worship. LA demand-
Katie Boesch ed, among other things, literal word for word translations of the Latin text into English,
Pastoral Assistant which has given us such strange wording in the recent (began using it on Nov.27, 2011.
Can it possibly be that long ago???) Third Typical Edition of the Roman Missal.
Betsy DeLong
Administrative Assistant The maneuvering behind the scenes that led to the issuance of LA, and became
Delma Rouleau the basis for the translation we are using now was political intrigue worthy of a novel. I
Director of Sacred Music have it on good authority that the English speaking approval was given by a Chicago
priest who had come over from the Congregation for the Faith and was purposely chosen
Elmer Palisbo
Maintenance to cut off discussion and prevent implementation of a number of attempts at translation
made by the American bishops, which that priest (and therefore, the Congregation itself)
rejected. As many of you know I was silenced from writing about the translation when it
was finally published and I have not.
Inside this issue:
The outcry against the present translation has been great throughout the United
Religious Ed & States and in much of the English speaking world, and Francis, who became Pope in Feb-
2 ruary, 2013 heard that outcry and by this document has changed the process which LA
Spiritual Life had put in place.

Music Ministry 2
Pope Francis has now made his contribution a permanent part of Canon Law. It
spells out that the bishops conferences in various lands are properly responsible for
providing suitable translations which are faithful to their native languages, respecting
Bishop Flaget School 3- grammatical usage and the like, in producing revised translations of liturgical texts so
News 4 that the faithful who pray in their own languages may better understand and become more
united in faith expressions that are part of the universal Church. We do not speak Latin
anymore so why should we pray in Latin. That was the basic principle and reason for the
Knights of Columbus 5 change into English and other modern languages at Vatican II, and it was brought forth by
the bishops themselves at the Council!
Family Life Committee 6-
The practical results of Pope Francis intervention will lead, we can hope, to a revi-
7 sion of the present translation. Some think a 1998 translation, which was never officially
approved, but which many scholars in the field of Liturgical studies, consider a vast im-
SVDP Report 8
provement over the present translation, might be a solution. And it could be used immedi-
ately since it is already complete. The possibilities are endless but it will be up to the US
bishops to decide whether they want to revisit the issue. Many hope they will.
Notes from the Office 9
With this edition of the newsletter we once again prepare to enter the season of
waiting during Advent, looking for the coming of the Lord. The wait is two-fold; we wait for
Christmas Mass Schedule 10
the Lord to return at the end of the age, but we also wait to celebrate his original coming
in human flesh in the feast of the Incarnation, at Christmas. May the light of Christ enlight-
en the dark and dreary days of December with the bright promise of making all things new
again. Every celebration of this feast is somehow eternally new, always bringing with it
hope for the future. May the Lord bless all of you with this same hope and give us all
abundant peace!
Fr. Hummer
St. Mary Parish Page 2
by Katie Boesch

Our Fall Programing has begun and off to a great start.

In our RCIA program we have seven wonderful people seeking the Lord. If you would like to be a sponsor and
walk this journey with them please call the office I promise you that both of you will be changed and enriched.
This year we have a unique situation with our First Eucharist program. We have four children; however, they will
be celebrating this powerful sacrament on Holy Saturday due to the fact that they have family members in the RCIA pro-
gram. What a wonderful evening March 31st will be for the entire family.
We have five students celebrating Confirmation this year. They are all students at Bishop Flaget. We are the
hosting parish this year. Confirmation will be celebrated on Sunday, March 11, 2018 at the 11 am Mass.
Every woman 18 and older in the Diocese is a member of the Diocesan Council of Catholic Women. This No-
vember, I will be installed as the President of the Diocese Office. In August 2017, the DCCW instituted a new recognition
program and three well deserving members of St. Marys were nominated for recognition. This program is the St. Moth-
er Teresa Award. They were nominated because of their exemplary living the model of Mother Teresa. So congratulate
them when you see them at Mass or about the community..Marilyn Evans, Delma Rouleau, and Rosemary Zedalis.
Upcoming events: November 18, 2017 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help we are hosting an Advent Day of Reflection. You
can call the DCCW office or call me at our office if you would like to register. We are also seeking new board members .
The DCCW is primarily a service organization that has existed in the Columbus Diocese for over seventy five years. It is
a wonderful organization of which to belong forming lifelong friendships and working on projects that affect every
woman. If God is calling or urging you to do something new, come check us out or call me.


by Delma Rouleau

The season of Advent is fast approaching. New beginnings, hopeful expectations and opportunities for
renewal invite us to explore and reflect on our spiritual health.
Christ as a Shepherd King has been a theme that has punctuated our November liturgies. Shepherding and
kingship are two ideas that are out of touch with our day-to-day experience. Most of us are three or four genera-
tions removed from getting our hands dirty in field work. Most of us have no idea what is involved with livestock
care. As American Catholics, our closest experience of a monarchy is the papacy.
Musically, we will begin the new year with Advent carols, choral snapshots of Old Testament messianic
themes. Because the musical tone shifts during this season, I am preparing pew cards with all the sung respons-
es, so that we might participate more fully in our sung prayer.
If you would like to participate in the Christmas Choir, please let me know. The choir will be singing at the 9
pm midnight Mass on December 24th.
Your help with Christmas preparations or decorating for the Christmas Masses is greatly need-
ed. This year is particularly tricky, since the 4th week of Advent only lasts for about 7 hours on Sunday
December 24th. Think high speed liturgical set changes in the midst of getting family, presents and the
holiday dinner ready. Its a recipe for Sacred Stress! I am confident it will all come together. If you are
able to help in any way please me at 740-773-2678
May the Lord bless you this New Year in the life of the Church.
St. Mary Parish
Page 3


by Laura Corcoran

We are proud to report that Bishop Flaget has hit a 12 year high in enrollment with 207
students currently enrolled. This year we have two kindergarten and two first grade classes,
and we believe that there is continued growth on the horizon.
Thank you to the parish for your support of our school, not only through the parish
subsidy and Nolan funds, but also through the monthly envelopes. Last year, St. Marys pa-
rishioners alone provided BFS with over $22,000 in additional tuition assistance. This money
has been crucial to helping some families continue to provide their children with an education
in their faith.
Stop by the school for a class Mass to see the renovations in the school chapel. It is
amazing what new carpet and a new paint job can do! We still have a few finishing touches to
complete the chapel, but it already is providing us with a special area for faith and reflection.
Thanks to a grant from Monsanto, Bishop Flaget has a new greenhouse and will be able
to grow all kinds of flowers and plants and learn about botany in new ways this year. We are
excited to get in the greenhouse and play in the dirt. Any parishioner who has skills or exper-
tise in gardening who would like to share their knowledge with us, please give Mrs. Corcoran a
call at 740-774-2970.
The first part of our playground renovation is com-
plete. Thanks to the Knights of Columbus for their hard work
as well as many parents and community volunteers. We now
have equipment that our preschool and primary students can
safely play on each day at recess. Thank you also to all who
donated to the project, including The Catholic Foundation.
We hope to begin raising money for Phase 2 of the project

Thank you to everyone for help with our Dig for a Cure
fundraiser for Southern Ohio Survivors. We are thrilled that
we were able to raise over $1500 to help such a wonderful
organization which helps families in our community who are
dealing with devastating illness. Between our t-shirt sales,
Pink Pancake Palooza, and Pink Night Volleyball Games, we
are able to
play a small
part in all
the good
things that
SOS does for our community! Thank you for
your support of this great cause!

Bishop Flaget Council 1071 of the

Knights of Columbus sponsored Trunk or
Treat for the students of Bishop Flaget on
Sunday, October 29th. The Knights provided
hot dogs, chips, and drinks, and the families
provided decorated trunks and lots of candy!
Great fun!
FALL 2017 Page 4


by Laura Corcoran

Fall Sports Awards

Most Valuable Player: Abby Wiley & Carmen Corcoran

Sportsmanship Award: Elizabeth Henson

Rookie Award: Sophie Mickey

Most Improved Award: Olivia Beatty

Cross Country
Coachs Award: Molly Prochaska & James Beatty
Most Valuable Runner: Simone Fleurima & Danny Bentley
Rookie Award: Meredith Hirsch & Ryan Blum

Upcoming Dates
Thanksgiving Break, November 22-25
All School Mass December 8th at 10AM
Christmas Program, December 14th at 7PM

We are currently accepting applications for the Distinguished Alumni Award which is given each year
to a graduate of the Chillicothe Catholic School System who has distinguished him or herself. Nomi-
nations should be forwarded to Mrs. Corcoran at 740-774-2970 or lcorcora@cdeducation.org. Some
previous award winners have included Larry White, Frank Hirsch, Miss Elizabeth Weisenberger, Eileen
Lovensheimer, Mike Haller, Dave Byers, Regina Breiel, Donald Corcoran, John Corcoran, and Steve
St. Mary Parish Page 5


by Grand Knight Steve Madru

The Bishop Flaget Knights of Columbus Council 1071 has been very busy. On the first
Saturday of each month, co-chairs Shawn Rourke and Jerry Copley along with others have
been helping at Bishop Flaget with painting as well as school yard maintenance. It looks
Greg Davis chaired our family day at the Reds. We had food and pop on the bus. The
bus dropped us off right by the entrance gate and every one had a great time.
Mike Holz and Harold Price co-chaired our spring golf outing at the VA with plenty of fun,
food and drink.
Hank Malone chaired our beer and brats after 5 oclock mass in June. It was attended
by around 120 parishioners and friends. It was also well attended in September.
Chair Shawn Rourke and others served 46 people who are from a youth group at St. Killian
and St. Johns parish of Hartford Wisconsin. They are part of the Milwaukee Arch Diocese
and were headed to Cedar Grove West Virginia to help the needy with home improvements
including painting and handicap ramps.
We donated a new dishwasher, commercial microwave and an ice machine to the
Family Life Center at a cost of over $8,000.
We had an election in June and the new Officers are: Fr. Schilder (Chaplain) , Steve
Madru (Grand Knight) , Kevin Crock (Deputy Grand Knight) , Jerry Copley (Chancellor) ,
Kevin Honnold (Financial Secretary) , Hank Malone (Treasurer) , Bob Hess (Advocate) , Greg
Davis (Inside Guard) , Mike Holtz (Outside Guard) , Pete Pennington (3rd Year Trustee) , Bob
Fyffe (2nd Year Trustee) Marvin Riley (1st Year Trustee) , Al Hamburger (Warden) , Bret Reed
As the new Grand Knight, I would like to thank the immediate past Grand Knight, Pete
Pennington for his dedication and a job well done.
We are now officially donors to the Catholic Foundation and have invested over mon-
ey into a donor advised fund to insure that we can continue our donations to different chari-
ties in the future and also to an Endowment fund to insure the future of our organization
throughout the years.
We had a family night out at the Paints game chaired by Kevin Crock who has also
been in charge of our monthly mens outreach programs in the Parish Center.
The 150th anniversary Hog Roast celebration of St. Mary Church was another huge success
and Kevin Crock, Hank Malone, many other Brother Knights along with some spouses
helped with the prep, food, and clean up.
Community Activities Chairman, Devin Cousins coordinated Operation Sack Lunch
to provide food for the lunches given by the St. Vincent DePaul Society and a lot of food
was donated at our September meeting. During the November meeting, socks and gloves
were donated to the homeless shelter.
Greg Davis chaired the Fall Golf outing at the VA with 5 teams competing and food
and fun for all that attended.
The Knights sponsored a Spaghetti dinner fundraiser to help build a rectory for a
priest of the Cas Haga orphanage in Cordoba, Mexico. Thanks to Pete Pennington for pre-
paring the spaghetti and all that helped to make this a successful fundraiser.
Adam Honnold chaired and others helped at the Trunk or Treat project at Bishop Flaget
School, where I learned that hot dogs need to be cooked to 145 degrees! The Knights pro-
vided hot dogs, snacks, pop, water and candy. Everyone pitched in to help clean up.
Page 6
St. Mary Parish


by Karen Leeth

Please join us on the 3rd Sunday of every month for Coffee and Donuts. It is a great way to meet
new people, gather your family together and catch up with old friends.
Please Save the Date, The Mother Daughter Luncheon will be held on January 27th, 2017. Our
event will be held in our Family Life Center. We have a wonderful luncheon planned along with celebrat-
ing the woman of the parish! Invite your daughters, mothers, grandmothers, Aunts or any special wom-
an in your life. It is a great afternoon!


We wrapped up our final festivities for St. Marys 150th Celebration of Our Church, Our Home. It
was the Anniversary of the laying of the cornerstone and building of our magnificent church. What a
special time enjoyed by all during our January thru August 2017 monthly celebrations!

We would like to THANK everyone who celebrated with us for

our final 150th celebration/Hog Roast. I am still in awe about the
Mass. Delma, thank you for putting together the most amazing Mass
I think I have ever attended at St. Mary. Thank you for inviting the
Lincoln Brass to celebrate with us. Did you know that Delma wrote
all the music for that Mass? Incredible! It was great to have Bishop
Campbell there to deliver the message and celebrate with us. Yes it
was his first ever hog roast. I loved seeing the faces of past priests,
Fr. Franks & Fr. Mario. Fr. Franks had a tear or two in his eyes as he
looked around the congregation. The music, the message, the love
was shining through us all that night. Just WOW!!! Thank you Victo-
ria Schafer for capturing a wonderful photo of all of us at the end of
that mass. We also had a video done of the mass so we can enjoy
that at a later date, and put into our archives.
The Party!! Best Hog Roast yet!! The food was amazing; first we would like to thank the Hog
Masters, Walt Arth, Chris Mickey, Mike Haller, Mike Lanning, and a HUGE thank you to Haller Funeral
Home for donating the pig for our roast. Kudos to the Knights of Columbus, Kevin Crock & Hank
Malone, along with Karen Corcoran and Kim Hirsch for preparing all the delicious food for the entire
parish. The FLC looked so cheerful decorated in blue, with a touch of daisies. Thanks to everyone who
showed up to help us put on the finishing touches. Jean Malone, decorated two beautiful cakes for us.
She even had a replica of the Bishop. We sure hope everyone enjoyed the carriage rides. Great job to
Ray Martin for coordinating and bringing the talented members of Alter Ego band to us again this year.
You guys sounded awesome! We appreciate you donating your time and talents. I know they kept us
dancing most of the night. And a final thank you to Kris Littler for always making sure the landscape
around the church is touched up and looks picturesque.
But most of all we need to thank the 150th committee members of Chrissy Kessler, Karen Leeth,
Joan DAntoni, Katie Boesch, Sue Blum, Marlene and Ned Boggs, Frank Hirsch, Diane Lewe, Linda Lit-
ter, Millie Tanner, Delma Rouleau and Sharon Wagner for not only the work on this final celebration, but
all the events that they brought to the parish over the last 10 months. Your tireless hours of preparing
for each of those events was great appreciated and enjoyed by all.
We will continue selling the ornaments and directories at the Nov/Dec coffee and
donuts (3rd Sunday) for $10.00 each. You may also pick those up at the Parish
office. These will make great family gifts for Christmas!
St. Mary Parish Page 7
by Karen Leeth


Celebration of 150th Anniversary Mass Photos by Victoria Schafer

St. Mary Parish Page 8


by Dave Lanning

Grant Received - The Society has received a $2,500 grant from the David Meade Massie Trust in support of
the general assistance which we provide those we serve in the form of food vouchers, clothing, utilities
etc. We have received their support since 2004. This has made it possible to assist more than 2000 fami-
lies over the years.

Microloan Program - We are pleased to announce that St. Mary and St. Peter Societies of St. Vincent de
Paul have partnered using the name SVDP Ross Microloan Program with the CHIVAHO Federal Credit Un-
ion, 190 North Bridge Street to make microloans with the low interest rate of 3 percent and no fees. The
credit union is doing this as part of its community service program.

The microloan program will be an alternative to predatory Pay Day or Title loans which tend to trap the bor-
rower in a cycle of loans with high interest rates and fees. Loans will be made for car repairs, educational
expenses, medical expenses and home repairs. Loans will not be for recurring expenses such as rent or
utilities. The loan will generally be for $500 or less with payments over a 12 month period. The one year
period is so they may improve their credit record. The national average pay day loan is for $380.

The Diocesan Council of Columbus Society of St. Vincent de Paul is underwriting our program with a
grant. The grant was made possible by a donation to the Society to support this program in the diocese. In
addition to Ross County, Licking and Franklin Counties have a microloan program.

When our local board of three members from the two parishes approve a loan following the borrower being
vetted the borrower will be referred to the CHIVAHO FCU which will do their regular vetting. Following a
loan being approved the credit union will put a lien/hold on our savings account for the amount of the loan
until the loan is paid in full or determined uncollectable. Prior to the loan a mentor will be assigned to the
borrower to coach and support them in developing financial skills. Upon successful repayment of the loan
the 3 percent interest will be deposited in the borrowers savings account.

Help Wanted - In our effort to effect systemic change in the lives of those we serve, we work at keeping
them informed of assistance that is available for them by posting it on a poster board in the front of the
waiting room. This contains information regarding time and place of soup kitchens and produce distribu-
tion points. It contains information concerning employment opportunities, where to obtain assistance to
quit smoking and assistance with tax preparation. There is such a large amount of information that it is
difficult to bring it to their attention. The individuals who interview and work directly with our clientele do
not have the time to do that. For these reasons we would like to have someone who would be dedicated
to navigating the clients through the information available. The working hours would be either Mondays or
Thursdays from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. Anyone interested in helping us may call David Lanning at 740-775-
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Collection Envelopes and Online Giving Information

FYI The 2018 contribution envelopes will be available in the coming weeks. Watch the bulletin for
more details. Please do not use them until January 1, 2018. Your 2017 contribution statements are mailed
upon request. We ask that you please wait until the second week of January to phone (740) 772-2061 or
email saintmary@roadrunner.com your request.
Help the Collection Counters do their job quicker. Please write the amount of your offering on the
front of the envelope. If you feel private about what you are donating, simply turn the envelope upside down
when you drop it in the collection basket. Collection Counters are volunteers whom we are so thankful for!
Lets make their job easier!
Online Giving has been operational for a year now and gives parishioners another option in the sup-
port of our parish. It is a really easy process! At the present time, we have 24 families regularly participating.
If you currently set up accounts online (through a newspaper, retail store, etc.), you will not have a problem
setting up your online giving account. So easy!! Think about it: You can sit down and assign your weekly
offering from the comfort of your own home, any time of the day or night! You can set up a one-time offering,
or set up several months of offering, or even the entire year! This way you wont have to deal with forgetting
your offertory envelopes for Mass. Who hasnt done that once or twice?
Go to St. Marys website: www.stmarychillicothe.com .On the left side of the screen, toward the bot-
tom, you will see a green button marked Online Giving. Click the link and it will take you to the sign-up
page of our Online Giving. Click the green button, lower right, marked Create a New Account. Follow the
prompts to set up your account. Then you are ready to contribute your offertory online. You will see each
fund available. You need to select Recurring or One Time for each offering you enter. You will also see
all of the special collections we have throughout the year. You may set up your account to draw your dona-
tion direct from your checking or bank account, or use your Master Card, VISA, or Discover Card to pay your
offering. We are charged about a 3% fee for the use of credit cards. It would be really helpful if you would
give an extra dollar, for your credit card offering, to help offset those fees. If you have any questions, please
call the parish office at 740-772-2061. We will be happy to help you!
MASS REQUESTS Most of the Mass Requests we have at this time are from Estate Bequests. If you would
like to have a Mass said for someone, just put $10 per Mass, in an envelope. Mark it Mass Request, who
the Mass is for and what possible dates you would like. We would suggest putting your name and phone
number on the envelope, in case we need to contact you. Simply drop the envelope into the Offertory Basket
during Mass. Multiple Masses can be requested at one time. The Mass stipend is customarily $10 per Mass.
The envelope will be forwarded to church staff for processing. Or, if you are out and about, you can drop off
your Mass request at the church office, and get the Mass scheduled right away. Generally Masses are sched-
uled out a month in advance. If it is a weekend Mass you are requesting, those are the Masses most request-
ed. They are sometimes scheduled out two months in advance.
CHANGE OF STATUS IN YOUR LIFE? - If you have moved, gotten rid of your land line phone, added children
to your familyCongratulations! Can you e-mail us at saintmary@roadrunner.com with your updated infor-
mation? We often find parishioners have changed their address and forgotten to let us know. This results in
an added expense for the church, for returned mail. Also when we try to contact parishioners, we are some-
times unable to contact you, because youve changed your phone number. Whether its going to all cell
phones and not using a land line any longer, or just a change of phone number. If youve had a change in
status in your family due to a birth of a child, marriage, divorce, etc. we dont know those changes until you
tell us. We dont rely on gossip or second-hand information to update your family information.
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Saturday, December 23rd - 5:00 pm
Sunday, December 24th - 10:00 am only


Sunday, December 24th Christmas Eve 6:00 & 9:00 pm
Monday, December 25th Christmas Day 10:00 am
The second collection at the Christmas Masses will aid Catholic
Charities and our St. Vincent de Paul Society.

Fr. Hummer and the staff of St. Marys Church wish

you a Blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!
St. Marys
circa 1905

What will St.

Marys look
like in 2016?
These are
St. Marys certainly
October 2015 historic and
exciting times
for our parish!