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TPACK Template

Subject Civics and Economics

Grade Level 8th Grade

Learning Objective STANDARD CE.3b

The student will demonstrate knowledge of citizenship and the
rights, duties, and responsibilities of citizens by b) describing the
First Amendment freedoms of religion, speech, press, assembly,
and petition, and the rights guaranteed by due process and
equal protection of the laws.
Activity Describe what the
learning activity will be. What will the
students and the teacher be doing?
Warm-Up: 5-10 Minutes
(This includes what they are doing Introduction warm-up to introduce students to The Bill of
with the technology).
Rights. Students will work independently to complete short
activities about basic knowledge of The Bill of Rights. After
time has run out, students will exchange answer sheets with a
neighboring classmate and the teacher will review answers.
Students will grade fellow classmates answers. A correct
answer will be marked by a red check mark. An incorrect
answer will be marked with a red x with the correct answer
written beside the x. Answer sheets are to be return to
students at the end of the warm-up and kept in binder under
the warm-up section for quiz review.

Technology Smart Exchange


Interactive Smart Board

Link to the example http://exchange.smarttech.com/details.html?id=c3a9fac5-8d30-
product 499f-a397-6d6090893b1d
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