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UNT Lesson Plan Template

Pre-service Teacher: Grade(s): School/Mentor Teacher (if applicable):

Jordan Coke 1st

Subject area(s): Unit Topic/Theme: Lesson Title:

Calendar/ Math Missing Numbers Counting Larger Amounts
Relevant TEKS: Relevant ELPS: Relevant TX CCRS:
111.3. Grade 1 4-5.10 IX. A.3
make accurate use of Use mathematics as a language for reasoning,
(5) Algebraic reasoning. The standard English to problem solving, making connections, and
student applies communicate in grade- generalizing.
mathematical process appropriate speech and
standards to identify and writing
apply number patterns
within properties of
numbers and operations in
order to describe
relationships. The student is
expected to:

(A) recite numbers

forward and
backward from any
given number
between 1 and 120;

Lesson Objective(s)/Performance Outcomes

Students will identify and use patterns in the sequence of number to 120.
Assessment (Description/Criteria)
Students will be assessed on the WS they turn in to go with the Missing Numbers game.
Materials and Resources
Document Camera
Smart Board
100s Chart
Missing Numbers Game
Calendar Math Materials
Management of the Instructional Environment
When needed students will be allowed to take mindful moments to rest their brains.
o May be required if students are getting stressed.
Brain breaks will be given when the entire class seems like they need a break.
Students will work at their desk
UNT Lesson Plan Template
Some discussion will be done on the carpet
Students will sit in their partner spots on the carpet for discussion

Technology Integration
We will use the active board and a document camera.
Once completing part of the math lesson students will be able to use ipads.
Diversity and Equity
Students who are not able to see the board will be able to move up closer
Many of the students require to be redirected to what they should be doing
Students love positive reinforcement and being asked to sign the chart

Go through Calendar Math as a class
Go through different math questions as a group on the carpet
As a class go through the journal page, workbook pages, and the worksheet
Independently students will work on their journal, workbook, and a worksheet
Students will work on page 46-48 in their work book
The teacher will introduce a new math game to the class, Missing Numbers
o One player uses pennies or cubes to cover five numbers on the 100 chart, while the other
players close their eyes.
o The other players look quietly at the 100 chart to decide which numbers they think are missing.
o Students will share with one another which numbers they think are missing and why. They
compare their work and then reveal the numbers under each penny.
Students will play Missing Numbers in small groups
The worksheet will be collected once completed
Reflections and Documentation/Evidence of Lesson Effectiveness
The lesson went really well, my students are great kids and dont need much redirection. My observation time
was only 45 minutes, so I was not able to complete teaching the new game during that time, but the overall
math timeslot did allow for it. This lesson was the end of the unit and all of my students were very successful
and engaged throughout the lesson. I love these kids and am going to miss them when the semester is over,
they are always great to work with and a eager to learn and grow.