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NT 39

FIG. 13. Cladafu/iginosa (Ecuador, Arvidssoll el al- 7033, H). Scalc = 2 cm.

brown, sooo turning bfack. Conidiomata terminal, 7033 (OB, H, HO). hlBABURA: Ibarra, Cerro Colacachi and
black, 170 x 120 11m, containing hyaline sUme; Mira Valley, 3500--4900 m, 1955, Fernlldez /016 (BM),
conidia not se en. Apothecia terminal 00 uppct 2291 (BM, H, HO).
brancbcs, 0.3-0.5 mm diam., lccideioe, concave to PERU. AYAClJCIIO: Huanla, Tapuna Pass bClwcen
plane, red brown to dark brown; margins enre, Tambo and Ayna, 3800-3850 m, 1977, P & E. Hege:waid
persistent; spores no! seco. P3JI (H).
Chemistry. p~, K-. Divaricatic, nordivaricatic, C/adiafuliginosa is arare species in South America.
and usnic () acids. Usnic acid is absent in the It has an unusual distribution, namely Australasia and
Australasian populations. northwest South America. Ibis might cast doubt on the
Distribution (Fig. 14A). High Andes from Boyac taxonomic identity oftbe widely separated populations.
Dcpt., Colombia, south to Ayacucho Dept., Pero; also However, apart from tbe fact mat tbe American matl>
New Zcaland (Canterbury, Otago) and Australia (Ias rial contains a sroall amount 0fusnic acid, the two popu
mana, y,jctoria, New South Wales). On soil in lations secm to be indis~inguishablc, as earler stated
pramos, in Colombia in communities dominated by by Flson (1984). A similar species in Australasia, C.
Arcytopilyl/um nuidum. sulJivalf (Ml1er Argoviensis) W. Martin, which regu
larly contains usnie aeid, can be distinguished by its
Speeimens enmined. COLOMBIA. BoY,4.c: Pramo granulose cortex.
NW ofBeln, 3910 m. 1973, Cleef9718 (B); Pramo de La
Rusia, Laguna Negra, 3275-1935 m, 1972, deef 6996b
(COL), 7210 (B, NY), 7475 (B); Pramo de La Rusia, La 3. Cladia globosa Ahti, sp. nov. Type. Yenezuela.
guna Agua Clara. 4040 m, 1972, Cleef 7495b (COL); Pea
Bolvar: Oto. Piar, Macizo del Cbimalll, NE sec
Amical, N ofVado Hondo, 3605 m, 1973. C/eef9446 (B):
tion of Aeopn-tepui, 1950 m, 1985, Ahti, Huber
Pramo de Pisva, 2 km SSW of Laguna Batanera, 3740 m.
1972, Cleef 4718 (B). CUNDlS,"IARCA: Pramo de Palacio
& Pipo/y 45156 (holotypc, YEN, photo, H;
Ro Chuza rd., 3680 m, 1972, Cfeel5453 (B). isotypes, B, COL, DUKE, H, HOB, NY, US). Con
tains barbatic and 4-0-demerhylbarbatc acids
ECUADOR. Azu.w: Km 91 on Panarncrican Hwy. N
(ILC). Fig. 15
ofLoja, 2900 m, 1973,lInlm-Nielsell el al. 4868 (AAU, GB,
QCA); Parque Nac. Las Cajas, Laguna Toreadora, 3950 m, A e/odia aggregata pseudopodetiis densissime
1979, LfJj/1lant & Molall 14811 (AAU); do.. 37.5 km W of isotomicc ramosis, puJ"inos scmiglobosos forrnantibus
Cuenca on rd. lo Mollcluro, 4050 m, 1985. An'ids:wn el al. differt.