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The Nyassa Newsletter

Glow Feb 2009

Our loyal customers have been asking us to start a newsletter for months now. So here we are, with the first
issue of Glow, the monthly online newsletter from Nyassa. We shall bring to you articles, news, tips, special
promotions, upcoming events and much more. And do spread the Glow.

Winter Skin Care Contents

When the chill sets in, it’s time to change your • Winter Skin Care
skin care routine. The cold months bring in a lot • Product of the Month
more than just the frigid air and chilly nights. • Upcoming Nyassa Events
Precisely, they bring in chapped, blotchy, itchy, • Valentine’s Day Promotion
flaky, and dry skin. Fortunately, we have some • Know Your Skin Type
simple tips for you to tide over this cold period. • Special Offer
• Did You Know?
Moisturize • A Nyassa Masterpiece
Nyassa Light Body Lotions (normal to dry skin) • Dealer of the Month
and Nyassa Body Butters (very dry skin) will take • Write to Us
care of all that nasty dryness. Use Nyassa Lip Balms to keeps your lips Editor - Prashant Pinge
beautiful. And the Nyassa Face Cream will keep your face looking as
youthful as ever.
Product of the Month
Use Nyassa salt body scrubs once or twice a week to exfoliate dead cells
from your body. And our scrubs also moisturize.

We also suggest using Nyassa Essential Oils. A few drops in your bath
will reduce the dryness of your skin. Or just soak your feet in a bucket
Berry Berry Soap
of water and feel your skin become soft and smooth. We recommend
Sweet romance with juicy,
Nyassa Lavender Oil. Watch your skin blues fade away as you relax!
luscious strawberries

Upcoming Nyassa Events Say ‘I love you’

• Kala Ghoda Festival - Nyassa will be at the Kala Ghoda this Valentine’s Day
festival from Feb 7 to 15 with a Nyassa gift
• Valentine’s Day event at the Nyassa store - Buy gifts of
love at great discounts on Feb 13 and 14 from 11 am to
9 pm only at the Nyassa store (Delta Houses, 18th Road, Sensuous heart shaped soaps...
Khar (W), Next to Laxminarayan Temple, Mumbai - 55) Special Valentine gift sets...
• Valentine’s Day event at Candies - Nyassa will be at
Exotic fragrances...
Candies on February 14 for a day long event from 11 am to
9 pm (Mac Ronells, %AA Pali Hill, Ext. St. Andrews Rd,
Next to Learner’s Academy School, Bandra (W)) Visit our Khar store (Mumbai)
Don’t miss them for the world! or go online at www.nyassa.in

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Know Your Skin Type
There are basically 5 skin types - normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. So
which is your skin type? Take this very simple test and find out. When you first
wake up in the morning, take a clean facial tissue and wipe your face.

• Normal Skin
If your skin is normal, there will not be any oil on the tissue and your face will not
feel tight or flaky.
• Dry Skin
If you have dry skin, the tissue will not have any oil and will be clean. However, Fun Fact
your skin will feel flaky, dry and tight after wiping it. The skin is the
• Oily Skin largest organ in
If your skin type is oily, there will be oil on the tissue which will appear as the body. A typical
transparent dots. It comes out usually from the nose, forehead and cheek parts. 150 pound (68
• Combination Skin kilograms) adult
If you have combination skin, the oil residue is only on the center part. In this male has skin that
case, the oil comes off from the forehead and nose parts but not from the cheeks. would cover 2 sq.
• Sensitive Skin yards and weigh
Sensitive skin is tight and blotchy. If you have sensitive skin, it will generally about 4 kilograms
react to new skin-care products and become red, inflamed or itchy.

Exotic Special Did

fragrances Offer You
in 1 soap - Rs. 95 Know?
3 soaps - Rs. 255
sensuous Nyassa’s Honey and Oats Soap has been
5 soaps - Rs. 450
heart shaped 10 soaps - Rs. 760 specially developed for sensitive skin.
soaps... It does not have any added colour or
Spreading love this February fragrance.

Dealer of the Month

A Eco Corner
L T Atria Mall, Worli, Mumbai
E R A quaint little store, Eco Corner, is all
E about environmentally friendly lifestyle
N and utility products. The brainchild of
T A Urvashi and Ameesh Modi, Eco Corner
I T has been active in spreading general
N S awareness about eco friendly products
and promoting the talents of rural
E artisans. Eco Corner has been a Nyassa
Only one of our several masterpieces... dealer since 2007.

Write to us
Send in your questions. Write a few suggestions. What did you like or dislike about our products? What
is your favourite fragrance? Send us a funny anecdote. We would love to hear from you at mail@nyassa.in
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