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Date: Saturday, April 15, 2017
Section: 1201 003
To: Prof. Meg Harkins
Kaylee Graham, Madison Siler, Hollyann Walker
From: Haidar Alhawaj

Subject: Whole Life Concept Project Final Report- Final Submittal

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4/15/2017 Whole Life Concept Project Final Report- Final Submittal
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In part 1 of the whole life concept project, I have identified and explained what is my passion. Passion is
the love that you have for the career that you chose and the determination to be the best you can at
what you do. For example, when I was a kid I began to solve mathematical problems outside the school.
I also was a fan of math games that I play with my father. Math always seemed clearer to me than other
topics in life. Over the years, math became my passion and that is why I choose to be an engineer. I
know that you must have more than just math skills to be an engineer, but my passion for math will help
a lot because a big part of being an engineer is to be excellent in math. When I finally start working in
the real world, I want to make an impact that will affect the people and the world around me every day.
I hope that one day I can use this passion to work as an engineer in a well-known company and be a part
of big and important projects. My goal for the next three to five years is to get as much knowledge and
skills as I can from the courses that I will take in this university. After ten years, my goal is to use all the
knowledge that I gained and put it to good use, and I will start by finding a job that interests me like
being an Electronics Technician or Field service technician, or a robotics control manager. If it didnt
work out with these jobs, I will try multiple jobs to find the best job for me.

The whole life concept project covers many topics related to an engineer in the present day. The topics
include guidelines or steps, which are: passion, knowledge, application, and impact. In this assignment, I
researched and thought about these steps to see where I can be in the future. The Whole Life concept
project accurately provides all the aspects that you need to think about to make up a successful and
long-lasting career for yourself. Each concept is a step that is necessary, if one is missing then the others
cannot develop. While I was doing and researching for the Whole Life Concept project, I realized that I
was right about choosing an electrical engineering as my major. I researched about my major and jobs,
and the more I researched the more I was convinced that I chose well for myself. The whole life project
helped me organize my thoughts and see what I want to become. Im more committed to my passion
and the whole life concept project is the reason behind that.

The purpose of this whole life concept Model is identifying your passion, gain enough knowledge about
it, find applications for it to use it in the real world, and finally making a good impact on the world
around you. The whole life concept model explains the four rings, which are: passion, Knowledge,
Application and impact. In simplified matter, the idea from the whole life concept Model is to find your
passion and choose the suitable major for your life. The whole life concept model helps not just to give
your life a meaning and find a dream to follow, but also you can use it in your interests and plan things
for the future. At this stage in my academic and professional life, this model turned out to be important
to me because first It shows me what I want to do with the rest of my life. I am in college, the point in
my life where I decide my future. What I want to do is my passion, without it, I would have no clue how
to pursue with my professional life. Once I knew that my passion is engineering, I can go and get the
necessary skills and find out what knowledge I must obtain in order to get my degree. Second, the
model either makes me have doubts about my choice or it makes me more sure about the choice that I
made. Third, the foundation of this model must be followed in order for a successful professional career.
This assignment taught me a lot about how to be a successful engineer. It made look to engineering
from different perspectives and it is useful to know every angle of the career that you chose for your
future. First, this assignment made me see that engineering is not an easy major that anyone can just
become an engineer. It is a long road full of setbacks and challenges that you need to face. Second, it
also showed me that a person must have multiple skills that are not teachable in school to become a
good engineer, like being flexible, the ability to work well with different kinds of people, being open-
mindedness, and the ability to gain respect and trust from the people who you work with. Third, the
influence of this assignment made me realize that being an engineer is to always have a plan to stay
ahead of things. Having a plan without a good way to manage your time to execute the plan is useless.
Everyone needs to find a good way to manage his time so the plan is executed and finished right.

I started off thinking of majors in high school and the choices that I had were a lot, but I settled on being
an engineer. After a lot of thinking and researching of things that I love, I choose to be an electrical
engineer. I researched this major very thoroughly and found that it is a very good major that suits me
well. I also researched for possible jobs for this major and I liked what I found. The research that I did for
the whole life concept project only made me realize that this is the right major for me. I identified my
major and now I know that I want to pursue a career in electrical engineering and eventually make a
positive impact on the world around me. In order to get a degree in electrical engineering and have a job
that fulfills my needs, a combination of courses must be taken to obtain the knowledge and skills
required to make it. The courses that you take for this major are different from each other, but they
must combine knowledge about mathematics, science, English, history, and engineering classes. Courses
that you take to develop your mathematics skills such as Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III. English
courses are significant like in UWRT-1101 and then move on to UWRT-1102, which improves and
develops your writing and reading skills. The basic information that you learn from science courses like
chemistry, biology, and physics are essential to add them to your skill set. History courses are not my
favorite courses, but it is vital to take them because in some cases, it is useful to know what went on in
the past to understand the present and whats to come in the future. All freshman engineering students
take the same engineering courses like ENGR-1201, introduction to engineering. In this class, you learn
the fundamental skills that all engineer should have. These courses are a start to develop my skills and
knowledge that I will need to reach my goals and plans for the future.

There are a lot of options that I can do to develop additional skills and knowledge beyond my degree. I
can take courses at the university to learn new skills like taking a course in the basics of Anthropology
(ANTH-1101). This course will provide me with the basics of different cultures around the world as well
as how to properly appreciate and participate in them. I might take a theater class called
LBST 1104 - The Arts and Society: Theater. This class will help me with public speaking and develop my
presentation skills. I think that I will enjoy this class because I believe that it would help me later in the
years to come because presenting is something that you do in a lot of jobs. This class is going to be a
good teaching tool for becoming more comfortable in front of people and an audience. It is important to
take a variety of courses so that, when you get a job, all the skills and knowledge you need is with you.
There is no job that only requires knowledge on one specific thing. Almost all jobs will require
communication of some sort and the ability to work and understand others. The more skills and
knowledge I know the more successful I will become. Another way to get additional skills is to
participate in programs outside of the university. I researched a lot of useful programs and here are
some of them that I considered joining, I liked ITT Technical Institute, a program called powerful
presentation, and a program called Building Team Success. In the ITT Technical Institutes, they help me
develop skills and knowledge to pursue opportunities in many of today's promising career fields,
including electronics, drafting and design, criminal justice, business, information technology, health
sciences and nursing. The powerful Presentations program is a training course that will help me improve
my presentation skills in every aspect. The Building Team Success programs is a training program that
makes you discover the abilities you have within a team. They teach you how to work more effectively
as one unit and with others in a team. The skills learned from these programs and the additional courses
will help me in achieving the impact that I want.

You can say that Im fully committed to my major in electrical engineering. The evidence is that Im not
from America and I traveled a long way from my home in Kuwait to study engineering. I left my family
and friends that I miss every day to focus on becoming an engineer and that clearly shows how much Im
committed to having a degree in engineering. After this assignment, I became more committed to my
major, because this assignment showed me how much I love this major and made me think of every
aspect of being an engineer. After everything was clear to me on how to become an engineer and the
difficulties that I will face, I didnt have doubt about my choice. All of this shows me that I made the right

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