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Name: Holly Maxwell

Student Learning Objective(s) and Related Assessment(s):

Read chapter 9 of The Giver.

Students will write questions based on our reading and will participate in a fishbowl
discussion activity.

Students will understand the nature of the community's rule that people may not tell lies
and why lying is such an important concept for Jonas.

1.2.a.iii. Pose questions that elicit elaboration and respond to others questions and
comments with relevant observations and ideas that bring the discussion back on topic as
needed. (CCSS: SL.7.1c)

2.1.a.iv. Recognize the influence of setting on other narrative elements.

The Giver
Writers notebooks
Presentation of writing prompts

Learning Activities:


(3 minutes) Welcome and review of learning targets.

(10 minutes) Writing Day: Students will respond to one of the following prompts:
1. Describe a time that you told a lie and regretted doing so.
2. What is something you would like to see invented that would make your life
3. As a kid, what job did you dream you would have as an adult? What job do
you dream of having now?
4. Pick your own writing prompt!

(2 minutes) Transition into reading time. Students should take out their copies of
The Giver.

Lesson Development:

(15 minutes) Read chapter nine of The Giver.

(7 minutes) Students will write a question they have about this section of the
novel. This question should yield well to discussion. Students may not write a
yes/no question or a question about what happened. Students should write
questions about why an event occurred or how Jonas is feeling.

(3 minutes) Transition into a fishbowl discussion. Students should arrange desks

into two circlesan inner and outer circle. The inner circle should have six desks
and all other students should be on the outside of the circle.

(40 minutes) Fishbowl Discussion. I will ask a question (from what the students
have written), and the inside circle will have a discussion based on the question.
As these students are speaking, the outside circle will be taking notes on the
discussion. Once a member of the inside circle has spoken, someone from the
outside circle may tap them out and join the inside circle. We will continue this
activity until all students have been on the inside of the circle.


(10 minutes) After the discussion has ended, students will write an exit slip,
answering the question they asked during this discussion. This will allow me to
see that students are engaging with our discussion and are learning from their
peers during class time.

Individuals Needing Differentiated Instruction:

ELL: I will provide writing prompts and discussion questions in both verbal and written
form. I will allow these students to take discussion notes in their preferred language if
they need to keep up with the discussion faster. However, I would ask these students to
translate their notes when they are able (if discussion slows down or if we have free time
at the end of class).

Special Needs: I will check in with these students during transition times and throughout
the fishbowl activity. These students may take a break during the discussion if they need
to walk around for a minute.