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Counting by 7s Lesson Plan

Grade 5
Standards Missouri Learning Standard
Reading 2.C.c Develop and apply skills and
strategies to comprehend, analyze, and evaluate
fiction, poetry, and drama from a variety of
cultures and times. Read, infer, and draw
conclusions to: evaluate the critical impact of
sensory details, imagery, and figurative language.
Lesson Objectives/Goals - Students will be able to decode figurative
- Students will apply skills to evaluate
figurative language used in Counting by

Assessment - I will be walking around while they are

having discussions to listen in on the
types of figurative language they are
- Students will complete an exit slip
following their activity to show their
understanding of the 6 types of figurative

Lesson Structure/Procedures 1. Students will be given one of the 25 task

cards based on the book Counting by 7s
2. Students will have to review their cards
and determine the answers
3. After students have been given a minute
to think about their answers, they will
have to stand up and find a partner
4. There will be music playing in the
background, similar to musical chairs.
When the music is playing, they will be
walking around to find a partner. When
the music stops, they will have to be with
a partner and begin discussing their cards
5. Once students have found a partner, they
will be given 2-3 minutes to discuss their
cards they were given
6. I will then begin to play the music again
to cue them to walk around a find
another partner
7. They will repeat this 4 more times, so
that they will have had 5 different cards
by the end
8. At the end, they will return to the carpet
and have a discussion on the types of
figurative language they talked about
9. After about a 5-10 minute discussion on
the types of figurative language, they will
complete an exit slip identifying the 6
types of figurative language that were
displayed on the task cards

Materials Needed - 28 task cards found on teachers pay

teachers Finding the Meaning of
Figurative Language in Counting by 7s
- Smartboard
- Access to pandora (or some other music
- Blank notebook paper to serve as exit slip
- The book Counting by 7s

Additional Information - This book has been serving as the read

aloud, so students will already have a
pretty good understanding on the types
of language in this book
- Students will have a good understanding
and comprehension of this book, as this
will be about week 3 or 4 of the read